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Optus 4G Wi-Fi Modem $29 (8GB Data/14 Day). Optus $30 Starter Kit $10 @ Australia Post


Optus 4G WiFi Modem (E5573) $29 (Includes 4GB + 4GB Bonus Data/14 Day Expiry)
Optus Prepaid Mobile $30 SIM Starter Kit $10

Double Start-up Data: Customers who activate a 4G Mobile Broadband device before 6 April 2016 will receive double their standard start-up data inclusion on activation. Included data expires in 14 days, unless data rollover applies

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  • Same price at Coles from 30th March (FYI)

  • Is this the sim card i can activate $2 unlimited data? As i will away to tassie and need prepaid internet access preferred unlimited.

    • No Aladdin.

      No unlimited data for you.

      (discontinued ages ago that "deal")

      $2 gives you 500MB data a day,can be added to 1024MB (so $4 a day all up)

      NB : That said this deal (oz post) gives you 8 GB in 14 days)

      Cannot comment on Tassie with Optus tho never been there…may not work well away from main towns ?

    • Optus seems to be OK in Tassie, at least the places I went. Definitely not Vodafone.

    • +2 votes

      How are you getting to Tasmania Aladdin?

  • Is it unlocked?

  • Can i use Vodafone Sim on this device/

  • Potentially a cheap 4gx device if unlocked and used with telstra. No 3G 850 though

    • 14 days, 8GB data, and just in time for the school holidays.

      I have 2 wifi modems ….. great when travelling as you can can pop in s a sim and let the kids go for broke until it runs out …. do it on train trips often. I get about 5 hours of use out of each one (battery). When travelling it's safer than tethering from the phone and flattening the phone battery. Also good when working at offices where the guest wifi is slowwww.

      If you are an optus user, you can also put in one of their data share sims later ($5 once off … we split my 10GB plan between 3 devices, my phone, my sons dual sim phone and a wifi modem ).

      Unlock was $5 on eBay,

      • I use cheap android phones as well for that purpose, the Alco-tel pixi 4.5 which goes on sale every so often for $29 does the trick, cost about a buck to unlock, cheaper if you're keen to find the unlock. As a phone its horrible, the touch screen is shit, but i treat it as a super-intelligent hotspot :) Also supports T$ 3g 850.

        The posted deal isnt bad though as you get a little bit of data to play with as well as a device.

    • Re BargainKen: No, this modem DOES cover 850MHZ 3G.

    • So who is correct here regarding the 850MHz 3G band???? Yes or No???

    • On the box:
      4G B1/B3/B7/B28/B40
      3G B1/B5/B8

      B5 is 850MHz

  • i bought one not long ago
    excellent speeds but battery life is not the best.
    For the price its definitely worth it

    • Problem is all the Myfi devices are like that. Not even phones last all that long when used as a hotspot.

      The only way the 8Gb over 14 days (!!!) is acceptable is if you recharge for 3 or more months on their std. plans to roll over the data.

  • Can I use the 30$ on the starter kit on the Play Store?

  • Thanks Trent86
    Price matched Huawei E5573 $27.55 at officeworks
    They accepted from catalogue
    Lots of stock around Sydney


    AP aren't open today are they?

  • I checked the data plans and it looks like you can extend the expiry for a week by purchasing a 1GB for $10 recharge. Not very economically viable but that will give me 9GB which including the recharge will cover me whilst I am away on holidays in mid April. Can't see any cheaper way of doing it to cover me for the whole time I am away.

    • Just buy 2 lol.

      Same total price, activate the 2nd SIM when you're close to running out of credit on the first SIM.

      I keep a pile of these discounted SIMs (both Telstra & Optus) for when I'm on the road, just have to be wary of the expiry dates.

  • Hi all,
    From the comments above, it is quite confuse that the device is/is not locked….
    Does anyone can confirm the real situation of this device Huawei E5573 is unlocked??
    Thank you very much!!

    • To those wondering if these are network locked, I am posting this right now using the Optus E5573 with a Telstra prepaid SIM over 4G.
      The device shows connected on LTE Band 28 (4GX)
      Update: I powered it down and now posting using it on a Vodafone SIM, however on Vodafone it connects on H+ which I assume is the 850MHz 3G
      So, unless it cuts you off after a certain period or something I have yet to experience, it would appear this Optus branded device is network unlocked.

      I imagine these devices will get some serious testing on the Telstra free data day.

    • Agree with pete2.

      This 4G Optus branded Huawei E5573 is unlocked. Definitely. Absolutely. No Doubt.
      (posted using Telstra SIM in above purchased Huawei E5573 from Officeworks)

      Incidentally, Officeworks have now lowered price to $29:

    • Bought one from australia post today. Unlocked.

  • I TOLD you it was unlocked.

  • Hi,

    I bought one by using Officework price beat by 5% off from the above price.
    Just activated it and noticed there is only 4G data given at the moment.
    Perhaps someone might need to clarify where do I get another 4GB bonus data as mentioned in the above description?

  • Just curious can you tether this to a computer?

    I notice in the specs it include a USB cable, obvious for recharging, my curiosity is can it be used for tethering

    • It connects via the computers wifi no need to use USB. If you want to connect directly to a PC without wifi you are better off with a 4G USB dongle.

      • home broadband currently sucks real bad, I'm guessing nearby roadworks

        So tethered to the desktop - which I never thought to get a wifi card for when it was being built.

        No big deal just realised I can tether my phone…zzzz

  • Does the included SIM come with $30 credit? If so, could you activate it on the Daily Plus plan for up to 500 MB for $2 per day for 15 days (up to 7.5 GB total) anytime instead of by 6 April for use within 14 consecutive days?

    EDIT: You wouldn't get data roll-over accumulation but you'd get unlimited SMS and calls. The options for adding data/time are:

    $10     $30     $50     $130
    1GB     4GB     7GB     22GB
  • I just spent an insane twenty minutes on the phone with Optus. After buying and activating the modem and SIM, it only showed 4GB in my account (instead of the 8GB).

    In short, the prepaid department didn't know about the double data, and nor did the marketing department. I was reading out loud off the actual Optus website and they still struggled to believe me. After guiding them through a specific Google search (which had to be accessed by a supervisor) they finally found it and thanked me for 'helping them'. They're going to call me within the next two days to apply the extra 4GB.

    • Given the trouble, I'm considering holding on to the included SIM which doesn't expire until 2016-12-01. The modem is already working with another/different SIM.

    • Was in the same situation. Just thought it wasn't worth the time to contact them over 4GB. Wouldn't have this problem if the data got applied in the first place.

      • Did they fix this issue?
        I had same problem when I activated today, they said the bonus 4GB should hit my account tomorrow

        • Not yet. I have to either call them or visit a Optus store. Don't have the time for both options.

        • Still waiting. The 48 hour limit for calling me and adding the data ends tomorrow morning. I'm honestly expecting nothing given how unofficial and unaware it all sounded.

        • @humphrey623:

          FINAL UPDATE:

          No one called me, and it went past the 48 hours, but I did find the extra 4GB added to my account this afternoon.

          Resolved for me.

    • I call them first but not fixed. Then chat with them and he said bonus gig would applied within 24 hours.
      But not!!
      They always tell me a lie.
      I will send this case to TIO. I think this is the best solution.

      • Finally solved.
        4GB data has credited after complain to TIO.
        They asked me how much did I pay for this.

  • Also having the same issue getting the extra 4gb applied. Thank god I never really have to deal with this mob.

  • I just signed up. I wasn't sure if the offer expired yesterday or today and they only gave me 4gb. I went on live chat and was told that my extra 4gb would be on my account within 7 days. I was given a reference number and emailed the transcript of the chat. I was also told the 14 day expiry for the bonus 4gb will be from the date I receive it.

  • Thanks OP, bought one last week in Officework, today I put in Telstra data sim, it works, so confirm unlocked.