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Qantas Earlybird Round The World Economy Sale from $2044 Including Taxes Book by 31 October


Great price for these earlybird Round The World fares. I gave them a call and there is PLENTY of availability! Good luck!

Qantas Economy RTW Airfare

Qantas has released a sensational earlybird RTW airfare, with a discount of over $1000 to their regular pricing at other times of the year. The ability to earn Qantas frequent flyer points and status credits and the generous baggage policy remain major draw cards of this deal. You can fly to London via the USA or Santiago, returning via Dubai [or vice versa]. Be quick to snap up this amazing sale fare, limited availability and peak season blackout dates apply.

Piece Together Your Preferred Route:

Choose a continent order then add destinations/stopovers in each continent:

Continent Orders:
Australia – UAE – London – North America – Australia
Australia – North America – London – UAE – Australia
Australia – UAE – London – South America – Australia
Australia – South America – London – UAE – Australia
Australia – Asia – UAE – London – North America – Australia
Australia – North America – London – UAE – Asia – Australia
Australia – Asia – UAE – London – South America – Australia
Australia – South America – London – UAE – Asia – Australia

Stopover/Destination Options:

Asia: Singapore, Bangkok.

UAE: Dubai.

Flights Between Americas and Europe: London
Flights Between Europe and Australia: Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Bologna, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Larnaca, London, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Venice, Zagreb, Zurich.

North American cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, NYC, St Louis, Orlando, Boston, Washington, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Phoenix & Montreal. Some destinations may require an overland segment between Qantas/Qantas codeshare destinations and BA ports.

South American cities: Santiago, Buenos Aires. If flying between Buenos Aires and London, own arrangements are made from Santiago-Buenos Aires.

Don’t waste hours with complicated self-management tools. Simply hit the button below and let us know what you’ve got planned, or head over to our round the world trip planner to easily piece together your preferred route and our experts will find you the best deal.

Airline: oneworld, Qantas
Destination: Round the World
Class: Economy

Seasons: Based on departure date. Low Season: 1May-31May, Shoulder: 1 April - 21April, 1 June - 14 June. 10 Jul - 30 Sep. High: 15Jun - 09 Jul. Blackout dates for Inbound Flights: 07JUL17 THROUGH 31JUL17, 28SEP17 THROUGH 19OCT17, 09DEC17 THROUGH 23DEC17. Flights can only be booked 11 months in advance.
Departure ports: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Alice Springs and more.
Book by: October 31, 2016
Deposit to book: 150.00
Full payment by: 5 days of reservation.
Change fee: 275.00
Lead in price: Based on low season ex-Melb to LA and London // Milan to Melbourne. Transit in Dubai, Own arrangements London - Milan. Additional stopovers and various routings will attract different fees and taxes, enquire for details for your preferred trip.
Baggage: 2 x 23kg on Qantas, 1 x 23kg bag on BA, additional piece possible for USD100/GBP65.

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  • So this isnt the Oneworld explorer continent deal?

    • +1

      I believe it is a mix of the Oneworld explorer deal, and Qantas, as you can fly Emirates on this ticket (QF codeshare). Emirates is unique of course as it's not part of Oneworld, however they have a partnership with Qantas.

      • +2

        No, it's a QF return fare to LHR, hence why you can fly on EK. The fare is a QF fare that allows carriage on other carriers, not a OneWorld fare. The example given is an open jaw on the basis that you do a land segment from LHR to MXP.

  • Amazing bargain

  • -1

    Looks like I'm better off selling my qantas points and book this instead of trying to redeem a oneworld rewards rtw 140K.

    • trying to redeem a oneworld rewards rtw 140K

      how do you do that ?

    • QF points sell for ~$0.01 per point (with the chance of account blacklisting).
      140,000 in points = $1,400.

      Even with taxes, how is this a better deal than the more flexible 140k RTW?

      • You will earn status credit and point on each sector?

        • +1

          For the once in a lifetime traveller how much are these statis credits worth?

        • +1


          Worthless unless you are going to fly frequently. For most people they would not accrue enough points (from flying) to make it to gold which is the lowest tier where you actually get a tangible benefit like lounge access and priority boarding, priority seating.

          Similarly a Qantas FF credit card earns you points that can be redeemed but not status credit.

        • @lancedefrance:

          I'm not a massive points collector but every 4 flex flights I take for work, I get my next one free (plus taxes). I don't use them for upgrades as I have no issues with flying economy, but it allows me to fly often for peanuts.

      • +1

        Also purchasing Qantas points is against the T&C off the FF program.

      • I assume the taxes and charges would be at least $1000 so $2400 is > $2044 and much easier to book.

        • +1

          I'm still not convinced this can actually be booked for the price advertised.

          Also, taxes can be cheaper than $1k for the RTW… But yes, between high tax routes and acquiring the points and status from this, it can work out in your favour.
          (Again though, as dazzywazzy points out, buying/selling points is against their T&Cs, and can end up with both accounts be nullified and blacklisted).

      • How much are the taxes on a 140k rtw explorer? and are the taxes the same on the 280k upgrade?

        • Completely depends on your routing. Avoid departing from London and the rest of the UK to save on their ridiculous APD tax, while places like Hong Kong and Bangkok have very little taxes. Similar taxes on the business RTW ticket, again depends on your routing, as some places charge higher taxes for non-economy travel (again, avoid departing from the UK).

        • +1

          So even with points being valued at one cent a point and assuming taxes are about $1000, then $3800 for a round the world ticket in Business is pretty damn good I think. Considering during a sale a return business class ticket to LAX with Qantas is around 6-7k. I think now I know why the points sell so well in the classified section on here!

      • +2

        QF points are for upgrade, more than 4 cents per point. It's a waste to pay economy ticket

    • Bit of a newbie here.
      But isnt a economy flight worth about 2.5k normally or 140k qff points.
      280k business class
      And how many for first class.

      The best value would be pay cash for economy and use pints to ugrade to business since business is usuaylly 3 to 5 times orice of economy.

      Howeber chances of getting a points uograde are very low so i was told just using 280k points is the best realistic option

  • +1

    This is great, but is there matching tours to get? or do we have to figure out ourselves?

  • +4

    The fine print doesn't make sense to me:

    Seasons: Based on departure date.
    Low Season: 1May-31May,
    Shoulder: 1 April - 21April, 1 June - 14 June. 10 Jul - 30 Sep.
    High: 15Jun - 09 Jul.
    Blackout dates for Inbound Flights: 07JUL17 THROUGH 31JUL17, 28SEP17 THROUGH 19OCT17, 09DEC17 THROUGH 23DEC17.
    Flights can only be booked 11 months in advance.

    1) The last line excludes most of the dates listed above.
    EG. Today + 11 months = Travel from August 2017.
    I can't even book the low season dates (which I'm guessing the price relates to).
    What is the price for shoulder or high season?

    2) Ignoring the above… The dates mentioned, are holier than the pope.
    EG. What season is it considered if I want to travel: The end of April? October? November? December? 2018?

    3) What is an 'Inbound flight' when completing a round the world?
    EG. Does it mean my final leg back to Australia can't be in the dates listed? Or is it another leg?

    4) The 'lead in price' example listed includes 'own means' from London to Milan…
    EG. It is purposefully avoiding the high departure tax from London to make this deal look better… So it excludes an entire flight leg from the journey. What is the actual cost to make it fully around the world?

    I'm not sure if it is just poorly detailed by accident, or they know it is a bait-and-switch (as the advertised fare is impossible to achieve without additional cost for the London departure tax, or 'own means' to another European airport).

    OP - Did you book this for the price advertised? Can you provide an itinerary of cities where this price was achievable?

    • +4

      I did not book mate, just got the email and passing on the love to you.

      All I did was called them and asked how much availability, they said currently there is plenty.


    • @BluBoy
      1. Flights can be booked up to 11 months in advance, QF only opens flights up for booking 11 months in advance. This means you can book flights up to and including August 2017. It's poorly worded by the travel agent.

      1. No idea on this one…. Would have to look at the fare rules specifically to be able to tell.

      2. Inbound flight here would more than likely mean the flight that leaves London as this is a return fare from MEL/SYD to London. Outbound meaning the flight(s) leaving the origin and inbound being the flight(s) leaving the destination.

      3. The fare they quoted is based on a return fare basis that allows an openjaw to accommodate a land segment from London to Milan. Yes this is more than likely the travel agent trying to make the fare appear cheaper, but it's not bait and switch.

      I'd be surprised if this dries up quickly as this fare books into O class, which is a cheap discount bucket and being this far out there's usually heaps of availability.

      • -2


        Ahh of course, I see… It is a London return ticket, with a stop over in both directions!

        I'm on the verge of reporting this for inaccurate pricing.
        It is $2,044 plus an unknown tax or 'own means sector. It is bait-and-switch if a round-the-world (which it isn't actually) ticket doesn't actually get you around the world.
        FWIW: Departure tax is a few hundred dollars extra… Why not just include this in the price then? Call it RTW for $2500.

    • +1

      That is a very good question, jv

  • Am I the only one having trouble accessing the website?

    • -2


  • +7

    jv 1 hour 1 min ago
    Including Taxes Book

    What is a Taxes Book ?

    Maybe that's only if you go via USA? You get a book if you visit Taxes…you know…where to go in Dallas, Houston Austin etc…

    • Sounds plausible. Especially since everything is bigger in Taxes.

  • Baggage: 2 x 23kg on Qantas, 1 x 23kg bag on BA, additional piece possible for USD100/GBP65

    Probably best to stick to one piece of luggage

    • BA allows 23kg for up to 2 cabin bags - see below for details

      Your journey 1 handbag/laptop bag 1 additional cabin bag
      Flights to and from Brazil Up to 45cm x 36cm x 20cm/18in x 14in x 8in Up to 56cm x 45cm x 25cm/22in x 18in x 10in

      All other flights Up to 40cm x 30cm x 15cm/16in x 12in x 6in Up to 56cm x 45cm x 25cm/22in x 18in x 10in
      •You must be able to fit your bags into the baggage gauge at check in, including handles, pockets and wheels.
      •You must be able to fit any duty free and airport purchases into this allowance.
      •The maximum weight per bag is up to 23kg/51lb and you must be able to lift it into the overhead locker by yourself.

  • Don't bother with their online planner, it won't give you a price. Is there any way to price a stack of different routes?

  • +7

    The real question is. Would you like to know if someone died on the planes ? 😛

    • FYI. If someone dies on the plane they just leave them where they lay/sit. They're legally not allowed to move the body. Best they can do is move surrounding passengers IF there are other seats.

      • That wasn't a question need answering :-/

  • QFF holders - what are the chances of buying the economy around the world and then using points to upgrade to business class ? Or is that even possible ?

    • Using points to upgrade is typically the 'best' value, 4-7c per point. Getting an upgrade via points to either premium economy or business (you can't upgrade to first from econ) is somewhat luck of the draw, priority is given to people of higher status, and upgrades are subject to availability. As gold or above status I've typically had good results on upgrades, whereas my parents who are bronze only got upgrades on ~25% of their most recent international flights.

  • +4

    So once you realise using a Qantas RTW fare is not exactly flexible in where and how you get to certain places, check out Lufthansa as they have partnerships all around the world with airlines to allow you to create your own truly flexible, around the world fare. Their fares don't change based on season too, only on availability (which, in high season will automatically be more scarce, but again you can choose your dates!)


    This file, while impossible to read if you're not in the travel industry, shows how you can get around the world for insanely cheap. The idea is: Europe is the furthest distance away from Australia and all routes require at least one stop to refuel. To get to Europe, you either fly through Asia, or you fly through the Americas, or you fly through Africa. Meaning, going to Europe you can stop by one of the three regions, and coming back from Europe you can stop by one of the other regions. Essentially that means with one 'return' Lufthansa fare, you can use their 'fare sheet' to construct a fare that takes you to 3 of the 4 major regions in the world. All you have to do is pay the published fare + taxes and you have a pseudo-RTW ticket. In fact, this is what all intelligent travel agents will sell you when you ask for a "round the world" ticket, because its cheaper for everyone.

    • It is possible to book online such ticket "going to Europe you can stop by one of the three regions, and coming back from Europe you can stop by one of the other regions"? What would be the cost of a normal average fare with one stop in NA and one stop in Asia? Thanks.

      • +2

        Its a bit hard to do it online unless you can see the booking classes available. You can make a rough itinerary and then ask a travel agent to do it for you (I can do it if you want). Basically a fare with one stop in NA and one stop in Asia, at the second cheapest booking class, would cost between $840 - $1340 (depends on the airlines you take) plus taxes of about $600-$800.

        As you can tell, the fares can vary quite a lot, but having a human do it for you helps get the cheapest possible option.

        • 1340+800 = more expensive.

        • @Duram: I listed the second cheapest to average price range of these flexi-RTW fares. The absolute cheapest it can go is $640 + $300~ in taxes, far below these Qantas fares. Plus, these Qantas fares are extremely restrictive. For example, from the Qantas deal page:

          Asian countries: Singapore and Bangkok. That's it. Is that really "round the world"?

          You need to understand that whenever an ad from the travel industry says "FROM $x" it means $x is the absolute lowest possible fare they have for sale. You will almost never get this price because travel dates and travel routes/itinerary. Trust me, if you can get a proper round the world for close to $2000 from this Qantas 'deal', I'll be your slave for a week.

        • @youngminii: hey can you enable private messages on your ozbargain profile?

        • @youngminii: around $2000 for a slave for a week… That's something you can't usually get, so sounds like a bargain to me. Please post

        • @youngminii Ditto regarding enabling private messages :)

        • +1

          @youngminii: Are you a travel agent by any chance?

          I know of a travel agent who priced up MEL-SYD-HNL-LAX-ORD-JFK-LHR // CDG-LHR-DXB-SIN-BKK-SYD-MEL for AUD$2093. Which nets 235 Status Credits. Not that you would ever fly that route, but just proves the fare is real and you can do it.

  • Thanks @dazzywazzy, a great way to get away from haunted house.

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