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Free Upgrade to Premium for Web to-Do List Cloudpad


Hi guys we posted this on reddit yesterday - seems to be pretty popular at the moment - lots of comments and over 200 new signups.

may as well signup to get future premium updates free!

Doesn't have an expiry date as we are currently just trying to get people on the site!

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    you can also post your new cloudpad username here if you don't have reddit and I'll update your account!

    • Thanks looks good, hope it takes off. My username is doublezero1.

      • Thanks doublezero1 all done!

    • Thanks mate,

      My username is turnlastpage

      • +1

        Thanks AmiDh all done!

    • Unsurprisingly, my username is danielbaird

      Good luck, startuping is hard..

      • Thanks DanielBaird for signing up and for the luck ;)

    • My username is ultraboyz63. I hope this takes off because it looks really cool.

  • Thanks guys! sauron256 is my username

    • +1

      Thanks sauron256 hope you enjoy it

  • Looks good…. username dln85

    • Thanks daven1985 you are upgraded!

  • Always happy to support our Adelaidians.
    Username is jemichae
    Can beta test android if needed.
    Looks great, good luck!

    • Thanks jemichae - great the android beta app is coming very soon, will definitely notify you :)

  • Thanks! username is dooey

    • +1

      Thanks dooey all done!

  • Thanks guys
    Username: michaelsj

    • Thanks noair all done!

  • Great to see more such Australian apps coming. Good luck.

    Username: maverick

    • Thanks maverick you are upgraded!

  • Thanks muchly! My username is gamedjin

    • Thanks gamedjin hope you enjoy it!

  • Looking good, my username is the same as here

    • Thanks luckylittle all done :)

  • Great. My username is siraitken

    • Thanks siraitken all done for you!

  • Can I import my notes from Evernote?

    Can it be used for regular notes without a day/calendar association?

    • Hi Waynes world - at this stage you can't import notes from evernote but we are looking into it for future versions!
      And yes, you can make pads along the bottom row for notes without a day/calendar association - each pad you make can be named for whatever project or list you're working on.

  • Sounds cool, op… and you're not a Japanese road cyclist perchance are you? lol

    Username: kudoz

    • +1

      Thanks kudoz you are all upgraded - and no he's not haha

      • +1

        Haha I wish kudoz - but no I am just a big fan of him!!

  • Thanks! My username is choanita

    • +1

      Thanks choanita all done!

  • Usernames of me and friends in one comment to make it easier for you ^_^


    • Thanks abdelrahman-amer, you are all updated hope you enjoy :)

  • Thanks! my username is turbodude. I tried twice to login but get error message "Error: could not connect to socket.
    Reloading in 10 seconds
    Try https://app.cloudpad.me:50443/socket.io/socket.io.js
    If you are logged out, try logging in using login"

    • Hi turbodude - are you on a firewall at your workplace or similar??

      very strange as we've got 100's of users and you're the first to report this..

      Did you end up getting back in?


      • Yes it is at work but I don't know what the IT infrastructure is. I would assume there is a firewall but don't know how to tell. I still get the same error today. Get the same error in Chrome & IE.

  • Thanks!

    My username is justjaken

    • Thanks justjaken all done :)

  • Thanks :)
    Username is loyalwings

    • Thanks loyalwings all done hope you enjoy!

  • please, username; adrianjt


    • Thanks adrianjt all done!

  • Thank you. My username is michaelvanderveeke

    • Thanks michaelvanderveeke all done :)

  • Thanks for this - username is wewalkalone

    • Thank you wewalkalone - all done for you!

  • Thanks - username is teamhickey

    • Thanks teamhickey hope you enjoy!

  • Sounds great! my user name is papercrane.

    • Thanks papercrane hope you enjoy it!

  • Looks really nice and sleek, and quite minimalistic, am excited. Username is salem.

    • Thanks salem all done :)

      • thanks for the kind feedback sysalem! cheers

  • Looks cool thanks, been looking for a good to-do app. Username is currynut

    • Thanks currynut hope you enjoy it!

  • please update usernames skky and marina

    • Thanks skky both are done hope you enjoy it :)

  • Looks like a responsive service, thanks! Username is hengman. Can beta test iOS, Android and Windows Laptop

    • Thanks hengman all done for you!

      • My account is still listed as ''free''

        • Hi hengman is it still listed as free? Do you have access to all the themes? Thanks!

        • @stephorwood: Yes I do, but it says my subscription is free

  • Looks interesting - username is crumbo85

    • Thanks crumbo85 all done!

  • This looks really good. Thanks.
    Username: alank

    • Thanks alank hope you like it!

  • Thank you - username is coopers78

    • Thanks pshumi all done :)

  • speedyaus

    • Thanks speedyaus all done!

  • Thanks fumiyukibeppu looks really cool. I look forward to trying it out. My username is runplaywin

    • Thanks runplaywin hope you like it!

  • Hi and thank you. My username is oohrenji

    • Thanks oohrenji all done :)

  • Thanks - and my username is blindwilly71

    • Thanks blindwilly all done!

      • Sweet - many thanks.

  • Looks good. My username is rohgupta

    • done rohpta many thanks!

  • I downloaded the app, entered my email and a password, selected 'SIGN IN OR REGISTET' and get a message 'login incorrect'. So I guess its really jusR a 'SIGN IN' button.

    • Thanks Waynes world I've put this as a to-do to fix! Thanks for the feedback!

      • FYI. On my Samsung Galaxy TAB S2

  • thanks.
    username: integrate-network-specialists

    • thanks davidjohn383 - upgraded! thanks!

  • username: matt-shep

    • hi matt-shep all done!! thanks!

  • Thanks, username: proteus-y

    • Hi proteus-y thanks for support! all done!

  • Username: toyinb

    Would you mind changing my username to just 'Toyin' please? Cheers!

    Looks like a cool service.

    • +1

      Hi Toyinb! thanks for that!

      I have upgraded you and changed username as requested :)


      • Thanks for changing my username.

        Looks like the account is still listed as 'current plan: free' though.

        • Hi Toyin - you should have all the premium features even though it is still listed as free - do you have access to all the themes? Thanks, Steph

        • Ah I see. Yes, I seem to have access to the themes. Thanks!

  • thanks, username is sponks

    • Thanks sponks all done!

  • username: bunnybash

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