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LG Google Nexus 5X H791 (Unlocked) 16GB $270.30, 32GB $316.20 | Huawei Nexus 6P 32GB $482.8, 64GB $541.4 (HK) @ DWI Digital eBay


Amazingly now even cheaper than the last deal. All items shipped free from Hong Kong, allow about 7-10 days for delivery. Includes 1 year local warranty - details here. In addition to your warranty DWI provides a 14 days Money Back Guarantee.

These will probably sell out pretty quickly:

LG Google Nexus 5X 16GB Ice Blue $273.79 $276.25 ($2.50 price rise 20/9)
LG Google Nexus 5X 16GB White $270.30 $275.40 ($5.10 price rise 20/9)
LG Google Nexus 5X 16GB Black $276.25 ($4.25 price rise 19/9) Out of stock

LG Google Nexus 5X 32GB Ice Blue $311.10 $316.20 ($5.10 price rise 20/9)
LG Google Nexus 5X 32GB White $318.75
LG Google Nexus 5X 32GB Black $317.05 ($3.50 price rise 20/9)

Huawei Google Nexus 6P 32GB Black $479.40 $501.50 ($22 price rise 6:50pm)
Huawei Google Nexus 6P 32GB Silver $482.80

Huawei Google Nexus 6P 64GB Silver $546.55
Huawei Google Nexus 6P 64GB White $541.45

Previous Nexus 6P deals. Cheaper than previous grey import deals by a fair chunk.

Original 15% off eBay deal

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  • Damn it! Bought a black 5X/32GB for $329 last week which I thought was a great deal… and now it's $311. Guessing DWI won't be interested in refunding the difference?

    Btw, I purchased last Tuesday, and the phone arrive on Friday morning. Third phone I have bought from DWI, and all arrived in a similar time frame! It's awesome!

    • +2

      I think the chance of them doing that is pretty much 0 since their price has remained the same, the extra 5% off is just from the eBay code.

      Glad to hear you received it so quickly.

    • Would be eBay who are responsible for the discounts.

    • I bought a Nexus 5X Ice Blue from them for my mum and I'm so tempted to buy one for myself haha.

  • How is the camera of the 5X, is it as good as LG4 or LG5?

    Otherwise how is the camera of 6P is it as good as Huawei P9?

    • 5X and 6P have the same camera, not sure how it compares against those phones though.

      • OK, they are made by LG and Huawei just wondering are they using the same camera from LG and Huawei.

    • +2

      The camera is fantastic in the 6P. It easily fights alongside the other flagship phones. Check out this review to hear more about it: https://youtu.be/Xc5fFvp8le4.

      The HDR+ has sped up over time, but it's still a tad slow at processing the image. It's optional to have it on, but it does make the pictures stand out when you do have it on. Low light performance is good, better than other phones, video records up to 4K, but does not have OIS, however videos are quite stable at 1080p, thanks to the EIS, which has been improved over updates. Burst mode and lens blur are pretty cool, as well as the Photosphere mode, where you can take a 360 picture around you. Slow motion can also record up to 240FPS at 1080p, leading to some awesome videos. I'm super happy with the phone and at that price, it's a steal.

    • +1

      The camera on the 5X I bought last week is fantastic (I bought it for my mother in law - so she can take nice photos of the grandkids).

      I took a few snaps with it in a dark room before handing it over, and it is many many many times better than my (ageing) OnePlus One. Very clear photos and HDR is very quick also.

      I think I'll have to ditch the OPO now that I've seen the 5X camera…

    • LG5 is better. Got dual cameras, which is now trending after iphone 7 plus

      • I am a bit worry the bootloop issue.

    • Huawei P9 probably has the best camera as it has Leica lens. My friend has one and the photos are stunning.

      • Is the P9 Lite the same camera?

        • Doubt it

  • +7

    Excellent price. It makes you wonder why people spend >$1000 on smart phones when you can get this little beast for <$300.

    • Well it is not really comparable to devices like the iphone 7 or galaxy s7. Obviously amazing for the price though.

      • +1

        I have a 5X and iPhone 6S and the 5X is better in every way.

      • +1

        i think they are !

        • Maybe in terms of ui if you like stock android. S7 has much better camera, waterproof, much more power, amoled display etc.

        • -2


          Except it doesn't have a 'much better camera', and more power is questionable. The 6P can hold more apps in memory with 3GB compared to the Edge's 4GB.

        • +1

          Can't really be bothered arguing this but he was talking about the 5x given he said phones under $300. And yes the s7 and iphone have better cameras than the 6p according to real world tests. Snapdragon 810 is also substantially worse performance wise e.g. in games.

    • I bought an $80 phone last week than makes you wonder why people will spend $300.

      • +15

        I bought a $50 phone last week and now I know why people spend $300…

        • Ha, I am replacing a $60 Telstra buzz with this. In the eigth months I've had it it has been replaced once and is starting to fail again.(Least the Monster headphones are still working!)

      • +1

        As someone who hates wasting money, I've tried ultra-cheap phones. E.g. I got 2 free Android phones ( from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/235529 ), and they're so awful it's genuinely comical (it's funny rather than annoying because I paid nothing for them). Random characters & key-presses being phantom typed when it's in my pocket, awful camera, painfully slow to respond, almost no storage, and ancient version of Android with no updates.

        Equally the few Android phones that I've tried costing <= $99 have all felt quite painful to use (unresponsive, tiny storage, bad camera, etc). So I have reluctantly increased the amount I was willing to pay beyond this price range.

        Personally, I feel that $220 to $420 (out-of-pocket after discounts/cash-backs/etc) is the sweet spot for Android phones, where you get the most bang-for-buck, i.e. a phone that does not drive you insane using it, is responsive, has 4G, nice screen, etc. Most of the price variation within that range then comes primarily from the quality of the camera, and then "nice" features like NFC / Band 28 support / more RAM / faster processor, and so forth.

        Then above that, you're generally paying a combination of: brand name premium (especially if it's Apple or Samsung), and a flagship premium (for the cachet of having the latest and greatest phone), a time premium (having the latest and greatest now rather than waiting until there's something better on the market), a feature premium (especially for latest CPUs, and waterproofing). Most of those things decay quite rapidly with time.

  • Ah I lost the Ozbargain lotto, picked up a OnePlus 3 last week, could have saved an exta $30 this week >.<

    Worth noting DWI's 14 day return policy only works if the item wasn't packaged properly or wasn't as described. Change of mind etc will result in a restocking fee that adds up.

  • The blue 5x is hardly blue. More of a mint green in my opinion.

  • Super cheap for the 6P! Just picked up the S7 though.. 32gb + micro sd is what won me over.

    Still the $120 saving makes this very worth it for the decrease in capacity.

  • Looking for advice with a minimal amount of tech speak. In short I am currently using an old iPhone 5c. I love the size and it has the apps I want ..ie banking, Pokemon, a game for my kids, weather and Internet… That's all I really want. Will I like the Nexus 5x 32g if I get it?
    I have never used android. Have used iPhone since the iPhone 3 came out.

    • The N5X is significantly ahead of the iPhone 5c in almost all aspects. The physical size is also bigger though so make sure you check it out in-store first.

      My personal opinion is get it while stock lasts. 32G @ $311 is unreal.

  • +5

    Damn it OzB, you're doing your best to get me to upgrade from my Nexus 5.

    But no dice. The N5 is still going strong and I wouldn't be a true OzBargainer if I spent a few hundred on upgrading when I don't need to.

    Holy shit it's a good deal though, hats off for finding it OP.

    • Haha same position :)

      I just have to keep reading your comment.

      Must resist… Temptation… Band 28… Camera…

    • I wouldn't be a true OzBargainer if I spent a few hundred on upgrading when I don't need to.

      I thought it was buy now think later

    • In the same boat. Nexus 5 has been strong for the past few years.

    • Ditto, N5 user.

      • Me too. I was really keen to get a 6p when mobileciti had their deal going but now I've seen the new pixel phones the 6p doesn't seem appealing anymore. Only thing is, that bloody pricing! >$1k. Shiiiiiii….

  • iPhone 5s broken so will give the 5X 32GB a try. Been with Apple for 10 years and still have MacBooks, mini Macs and iPads.
    Even if I am fairly well off I think the iPhone prices are ridiculous. If this is terrible I will just have to get the iPhone 8 in a year.
    With email, calendar, reminders etc already with Google I see the only downside being iMessage and all my passwords in Keychain. Will find a way.

    • 5x 32GB Black SOLD OUT

    • As co-user of Android and Apple I think you will find better VALUE in this phone.

  • I'm tossing up between the Nexus 6P 32GB or the Oneplus Three. Can anyone help me decide?

    • If raw performance is your top priority get the 1+3. If you want beautiful photos in low light then N6P is a no brainer.

  • do these have all Australian bands? i have heard that they dont have true band 28

    • Yes, including Band 28. It's H791 (international model). See details here

      Also from http://willmyphonework.net :

      LG Nexus 5X H791 (Global) Carrier Frequencies Australia Telstra

      2G Network: 900MHz

      3G Network: 850MHz, 2100MHz

      4G LTE Network: Band28-700MHz, Band8-900MHz, Band3-1800MHz, Band7-2600MHz

  • I got a Nexus tablet a few years back or around $100 IIRC. Everything seems to be around $300+ these days. Are there any decent tablets around at the $100 mark?

    • I think the short answer is no. If you don't mind looking on Gumtree there may be deals to be had, but you will be hard pressed to find a good tablet for ~$100

      • 😐

  • Damn, ordered a 6P 64GB last night. Have messaged DWI to see if I can cancel the order.

  • Any thoughts on if its worth the upgrade from LG G3 to the 6P?
    Looking for:
    1. Better camera
    2. Better battery
    3. Snappy response
    Other suggestions would be appreciated as well. :)

    • No micro sd in the 6p

      • None of Nexus phones ever had an SD card slot. Think Google didn't want this feature due to security? They routinely release latest OTA Android versions not typically available to 3rd party phones).

        • +1

          I don't think it's about security, rather they want you to pay for cloud storage. If it were a security thing, they wouldn't make their phones so easy to root.

  • Thanks op. Been a big fan of Nexus phones from 2012 (used 4 and 5 models). Needed to buy a new as the screen of the old Nexus 5 just broke.

    • I've still got my Nexus S ;-)

      Nexus Android phones are the best and get any updates first. WooHoo!

  • Need an upgrade path from Samsung Note 4… Feeling sluggish now. Is the 5x or 6p much better in comparison? N5 and N7 exploding means I'm steering away from the latest but I want strong Batt performance most importantly so either of these an option as an upgrade or is it sidegrade?

    • +1

      Back in stock, just ordered for 272. Says 7 left.

      • I ended up requesting a refund as I realised I don't need to replace my Nexus 5 just yet. Yes, it has the ghost touch bug when charging but I can work around that for a while longer.

        Forgive me OzB, for I have not impulsed.

  • Nexus 5x 32GB Quarta White appears to be out of stock..? Won't let me checkout for some reason?

  • Guys, eBay is not allowing me to enter the voucher code. How do I do that?? Thanks in advance!

    • What error do you get? Ensure you are paying by an Australian PayPal account and haven't used the code already.

      • Finally it worked. But the stocks are all gone :) Thanks mate. Will wait and see.

        • No probs, everything is in stock right now apart from the Nexus 5X 16GB Black. The 32GB's came back in stock for now.

  • +2

    The 5X 32GB White is back in stock http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/321975878705 however $3 more to buy..still good deal!

    Edit: All of the phones listed as out of stock are back in stock however a few dollars more expensive, but they are still great prices

  • Ok, pulled the trigger on the 5x.
    At that price how could I say no.

    Thanks for posting.

  • 16gb white out of stock

    • +1

      Refresh now, seems they've added more units.

      • Damn it bought ice blue, gonna ask seller to swap to a white.

        • let me know if they reply back. no luck here

  • ice blue it is! ;-)
    Thanks OP

  • any thought on warranty if buying phone from DWI?

  • Long time iPhone user here and I just purchased the 5x. Apple are just not doing it for me lately, so figured I would see what all the Android fuss is about. At this price its a pretty cheap experiment.

  • Curious - Was going to get a Nexus 6P. But the price is coming up as Orignal Price - $590. After the 15% discount - $501.50. not at $479.40 - Have they increased prices or is this typo from OP..?

    • +1

      Argh looks like some prices have increased, click 'sold' and you'll see what the original price was previously. I'll have a closer look and fix up/expire any shortly.

    • +1

      Fixed up now thanks, Black 6P 32GB increased by $22.10. The silver is still the same price $482.80 (I had it in the deal as white, fixed that up).

      All back in stock now though.

  • Any comments on the battery life of the 5X for light users? My wife would have a SOT of less than 30 minutes a day, her Huawei Y550 goes for a week+ without charge, but I'd like to get her an upgrade. I was going to get her a Moto G since mine goes for a week without charge too, but the 5X might be better as she does not need an SD card.

  • Thank you, Just bought one 6P for my girl. Should I purchase the case also from eBay? I didn't see many of them around here in Melbourne. She likes simplicity, any suggestions, please?

  • Why doesn't the seller accept credit cards, now I have to wait for the transfer of money from my Bank Account to Paypal, I hope this won't take long.

    • Why not just link it?

      • that's what I did after creating another thread

  • I'm honestly disappointed with dwi I grabbed the nexus 6p 32gb in graphite for $507.60 last week because I thought $600 for the 64gb model was still too steep now they've dropped the price on the 64gb by at least $50 so annoyed.

    • Dwi are listing the phone for $643, with the final $546 due to ebay's 15% discount? dwi haven't dropped the price as far as I can see?

      • For the 32gb?

    • Last week with during the 10% off sale, it was $556 after discount so it's only $15 cheaper now.

  • I am new to this how many days does it take to get an email with the tracking details wit DWI.

  • am i meant to see the purchase on the cashrewards site? did i get jibbed again? stupid site!

    • Seems to take about 5-6 days for eBay cash rewards to show up

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one for myself to experience the pure android

  • Awww… the new Google phones are rumored to come out in a couple of weeks time… these phones will go down even more…

    • If the Pixel devices are 'premium priced' as rumoured, I'm inlined to think these will actually have a small price increase. Especially in the second hand market.

  • It looks like the 5X just got a bootloop issue. Be cautious when you upgrade to nougat.

    • are you the one who suffer?

    • Yep same boat here random restarts / bootloops after 1-4 days. Got worse and worse until device is completely unusable. I have RMAed lets see if they send me another from the the same batch / manufacture date :( Not fun :(

  • +1

    got an email about a delay in shipping.

  • Received email at 10PM AEST


    We are contacting you regarding your recent purchase of the subject item.

    We have confirmed that there's an unexpected delay on the shipment of orders due to the sudden increase in demand of the item. We're expecting to receive the new batch of stocks from our supplier within next week. We are hoping that you'll be able to wait, so that we can complete your order.

    As a gesture of goodwill, we will include the following items into your order as free gifts to make up for the trouble:

    • Mini Bluetooth Speaker
    • Nexus 5X Case

    If in case this is not workable, you have the option to cancel the order and get a full refund of payment back to your account.

    Kindly let us know of your decision on this matter.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

  • They lied they are out of stock, and haven't actually replenished their stock level.

  • Anyone who bought LG Google Nexus 5X 32GB Black and paid AU $369.00 or more before discount received theirs yet?

    • +1

      I bought the Nexus 5x 32GB white. It's due for delivery today with DHL.

      • Thank you myotherac

        20 hours ago I have received second email updating about the phone


        We wish to update you regarding the subject item.

        The stocks are scheduled to arrive later today. Hence, all pending orders will be shipped out by tomorrow onwards. The tracking information will be forwarded to you as soon as it's available.

        We sincerely appreciate your patience and look forward to complete your order soon.

        • +1

          Received mine just then. To me it looks like Australian stock rather than a grey import. Original Australian power plug in unopened box. Also had a plastic bag for recycling old phone to LG with Australian address and No postage required if in Australia. Late, but happy.

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