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Nexus 6P 32GB (Aluminium) - $457.60 @ DickSmith/Kogan eBay


Grey stock from DSE/Kogan. Includes delivery. I believe this is the lowest price I've seen for the 32gb. Didn't post earlier as they ran out of stock, but now appears to have been restocked.

Original 20% off Bing Lee & Dick Smith on eBay Deal Post

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  • +5

    Great price for an amazing phone which I still love to bits!

    Grey stock but for that price…meh

    Also Andriod 7.0 just dropped so you can enjoy googles latest offerings without the samsung/lg wait

    • -8

      Too bad it pales in comparison in terms of hardware, which is what is important.

      • +5

        The LG G5 was a complete faceplant and samsungs latest offering come with free visits to your local ED. Very pale :-P

  • Wow nice price!
    Hows the camera performance on 6p?

    • +1

      It's a low light beast, and overall a very good camera. No OIS though. I have owned the 6P, and I currently have the 5x (same camera as 6P).

      • How does the performance of the 5x compare to the 6p? Also the battery life?

        • +3

          With my usage, the 5x gets me 3 - 4 hours SOT. The 6P used to get me 4 - 5 hours SOT from memory.

          Performance wise, they're fairly similar when it comes to less intensive tasks like web browsing, video streaming etc. I don't play mobile games at all, which is probably a better indicator of performance.

          I have definitely noticed only having 2gb RAM in the 5x compared to 3gb in the 6P, as far as apps needing to refresh.

      • +1

        How/why did you go from a 6P to a 5X?

        • +7

          Haha, valid question. I have a problem when it comes to phones. I get the urge to change every few months when I see a bargain pop up here. Since the 6P, I've had the Note 5 and Galaxy s7. I then realised how much I missed the software updates of Nexus devices, and what do you know? 5X popped up on ozbargain for $300. Sigh…

        • +5


          Hats off to you sir! You are a true Ozber

        • @aja12: government sanctioned or not government sanctioned drugs get you a better high for cheaper dude.

        • +1

          @MuadDib: Na, it actually doesn't cost me that much. The last phone, the S7, sold for $26 less than what I paid for it. That's four schooners. So, meh.

  • Should I get this or Iphone se 64gb at $569?

    • +9

      I don't even know why you're asking. No comparison

    • This

    • +4

      Nexus is slightly thinner 7.6mm vs 7.3mm
      Nexus is larger 4" vs 5.7"
      Nexus has higher res 640x1136 vs 1140x2560
      Nexus has higher DPI 326 vs 518
      Nexus has slightly better rear camera 12 vs 12.3mp
      Nexus has much better front camera 1.2 vs 8mp
      Nexus has bigger battery 1624 vs 3450mAh
      No point in comparing CPU and RAM as it not that straight forward

      Details breakdown in here


      I think there is no doubt the 6P is a superior piece of hardware, it all depends on your OS preference

      • +2

        Nexus has slightly better rear camera 12 vs 12.3mp

        You can't determine the quality of the cameras by just looking at megapixel count.

        No point in comparing CPU and RAM as it not that straight forward

        Same for some of the other specs you have posted. You can't determine things like screen quality on the bases of just looking at the resolution/pixel density specs, and the same goes with battery life, you can't determine this just on the size of the battery used in the phones. :)

        • Yes you’re right on the camera as there are many other factors that come into play but very hard to put that on paper.

          As for the res in this case the 6P hand down sh*ts all over the iPhone (I use an iPhone for work and 6P for personal)

          As for battery again your right it’s not just a numbers game as the 6P needs more juice to run that god damn beautiful screen but my 6P long outlasts my iPhone.

          Regardless, as someone else stated trying to compare iPhone and androids is pointless. It’s not apples for apples……see what I did there!!! :-P

    • Do you already have other products in the Apple ecosystem that your (potential) new SE would integrate nicely into? In the context of modern phones, the SE and 6P are on the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of phone size too - the SE has a 4-inch screen size, and the 6P 5.7 inches. That said, I don't either, so your best bet is to see what other people with one of them (or both) have to say. Here's a link to a reddit thread - https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/4mdbra/iphone_se_vs_….

      • Reason I want the SE is because I am too invested in the Apple ecosystem. Plus I prefer the small form factor.

        • So why are you asking here?

        • +2

          So you answered your own question???

        • If you want a smaller phone just get a Nexus 5x.

        • @chewkl:

          I still like Nexus because of all the other points mentioned above

        • I don't think they are really comparable, they fit in different niches of the market. Ones a phablet, the other is a small phone catered for users that prefer smaller devices.I guess people just comparing them because they are similar prices, but apart from that there's big differences between the two.

  • What's everyones opinion on, given that I don't want to spend $1000 on my next phone (currently got a note 4), get this? Or wait and see what the google pixel is like?

    • +4

      I've had no complaints, flagship phone at a great price.

    • +3

      Well I was thinking of waiting too, but it's not like the 6P is a bad phone. Its got a great camera and is fast. Yes it has the SD 810, but still runs like a champ. I was going to get a note 7, but now with this sale, I'm just going to try the 6P.

    • +3

      Love mine. Only thing that would force me to move could be the new Pixel XL due to be announced Oct 4th (its the new nexus)

  • +3

    Just got one. Thanks, OP! I already have one and love it, but bought another for the hubby. Great price!!

    For others who want to get this too - don't forget to go via Cash Rewards to get cash back on top of this.

  • +3

    Anyone who picks one up this is a great case!


    • Looks very nice! And only $22 from http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/111844482573

      • Yeah I love it

        I would love to go caseless but I can get a bit droppy.

        Case adds minimal bulk and is very light

        • If you get a bit droppy wouldn't you ideally aim for a case that will protect the screen?

        • @Agret:
          Its done a good job up until now. Also don't want a hulking piece of crap wrapped around my phone :p

  • +1

    Wish this supported expandable memory tho :/

    • This was a issue for me but to TBH i havent come close to fillin up my 64Gb yet. With the likes of streaming and cloud storage high local storage is becoming less of an issue

      Music = Google Play
      Movie = Netflix
      Photos = Google Photos

      • +1

        but this model is only 32GB..?

        • Im currently sitting on 14.74GB of 53.67 used

  • Very good gadget. works very well

  • Can anyone comment on the invoice you receive with purchases from DS? I'm asking in regards to grabbing tax refund, as I'm going overseas in oct. If I remember correctly - Kogan's invoice states that the phone comes from HK so we weren't able to claim the refund from when we bought the 5X a few months ago. Thanks!

    • +1

      A quick google brings up this which sounds pretty accurate

      Exhibit A: Kogan

      If you buy a Kogan-branded product the "merchant" is Kogan Australia, GST is paid and you get a GST tax invoice and you can claim TRS if you go overseas.

      If you buy a Kogan-sold-but-other-branded product, like an iPhone, then the "merchant" is Kogan HK, you are importing direct from HK as a "private importer", no GST is paid, you do not receive a GST invoice and you cannot claim TRS if you go overseas.

      • +1

        Thanks Britta,
        So thats a big no for TRS then. Darn. Oh how I want that extra stingy 9%

  • The black 32gb sold out super fast.

  • Pulled the trigger on this. I was looking forward to the pixel to see what it offers vs price…but seems there is no way im super paying premium prices for a phone. They are not worth it at all. Bought my nexus4 when nexus5 was released. so the 400-500 price mark is all i am willing to pay. Willing to pay more for stock android experience and long life support, but phones are not worth what they are asking. And its mind boggling that people upgrade every bloody year, and these are the users that do nothing spectacular with the phone and hardly know ho to use email. Now i hope the size is not too big too handle. Iv said this once before and it has been too big too handle…Not easy to get rid of a used bad dragon..

  • For anyone that hasn't bought from DSE/Kogan before, they are pretty quick to ship, but they are terrible at updating the shipping status. I bought a 5X from Kogan eBay in June, and it arrived at my front door before they had even marked it as shipped on eBay. It was marked shipped and a tracking number forwarded to me the day after I received the phone :/

    • +1

      I was about to ask this quesion, ordered it and now getting impatient on the status. How quickly did you get it ? 3-4 days or more ?

  • Does anyone know about anything related to the warranty/returns if faulty or something is wrong with it when under warranty? I'm a little out of date about the whole DickSmith returns thing.

    • good point, i forgot about that.

      • Unfortunately it is hey, only thing stopping me from buying. From other threads doesnt seem dick smith is that good on the returns/shipping front. Would rather spend the extra $20 from somewhere where I know will do good by that.

      • Now what good is prescience if you can't remember anything :P


        ..Sorry just had to.

        • ;) i sense it coming tomorrow.

  • +1

    Personally I am waiting to see what the new phones from Google has to offer. I rather pay a bit more for better phones.

    • +2

      I thought the same. But, everything indicates that both Pixel phones are going to launch at higher prices that last year's Nexus devices did, which would put the larger 5.5 inch XL at $900 - $1000.

      Even if the XL launches at the same price point the 6P did last year, which it almost certainly won't, it would still cost 2/3 more than this deal.

      • Yeah, I'm holding out for the Pixel announcements. In the hope that current Nexus' (Nexii?) phones will drop.

        I think this is a good precursor, I wonder how low they can go.

        • +1

          i doubt a couple more weeks will do much to drop the price further. The 6p comes this low all thanks to the generous 20% discount otherwise it'd still be a $600 phone. A lot of people hate on kogan but im genuinely thankful that I can get some amazing current techs at a vast discount

      • Higher prices might be worth it if the phone is better, I think 6P is just too big to hold.

  • 32gb is very small. No sd card slot in these?

    • +1

      If you're asking about expandable memory in a Nexus device, you shouldn't be here :)

  • Been thinking of getting the 6P also - though it looks like its only supported until Sep2017. http://www.androidauthority.com/google-nexus-end-of-life-eol…

    • Yep, we've kind of known that from the start. 2 years of major updates and 3 years of security updates from release date.

  • +1

    back on stock, scored one… for $450 I will be happy with it as long as it last until next iphone comes out…

  • +2

    Great price for an awesome phone! And it even has a headphone jack :P Thanks OP

  • I got shipping notification last night and its being sent via Australia Post, which suggests the stock is being sent from within Australia. Could DS still have had a tonne of Australian stock in a warehouse somewhere when they were bought by Kogan? I didn't think Kogan held too much stock locally, and it all came from Hong Kong? Could be nothing.

  • cool thanks just bought one, any suggestions for best glass screen protector and case?

  • Ordered on last Thursday when then sale started. Still not shipped after 5 days..? Anyone else have the same problem?

    • I bought it on Saturday. Sent an ebay message and got a reply saying that it will be shipped within next 24 hours.

      • Did it get shipped within the next 24 hours? :) I have emailed DS but still not reply…

        • Not yet.

        • +1

          @cyclone22: Got a reply from DS

          We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.
          We will submit a follow up to our Senior Sales Team to check with our warehouse for the status of the dispatch of your Huawei Google Nexus 6P (32GB, Aluminium).
          They will look into this and assist you via email as soon as possible.
          We appreciate your continued patience, and look forward to assisting you further.

          Yep so probably not getting it by the end of this week… :(

        • +1

          @stuhtb: Don't sweat it man, mine was dispatched on the 23rd and there's now way I'm getting mine this week either.

      • Similar with me…I ordered the 128GB on thursday night.

        No tracking number as yet.

        • Damn, I ordered mine on Saturday, sent Kogan/Dick Smith a message yesterday but still no response.

          First time buying off Kogan. I guess people really aren't exaggerating when they say Kogan are slow to dispatch orders.

          I just want a tracking number so I know the order is at least in progress… :(

  • I got a tracking number last night….it's coming from Melbourne itself.

    AusPost is slow as molasses though…

  • got mine today. has anyone noticed their screen has a yellow tinge?

    • I reckon you got lucky if the screen is uniform and there are no other issues.

      • guess i'm not lucky then :(

        • You're not alone. Neither am I :S

    • Hey man, its quite common on the 6P (actually, amoled screens in general, not just the 6P). Watch this video https://youtu.be/hfmcwVAFhq8 and give the app a try, see if that helps.

      • I did end up trying this and it did help. Pretty annoying still

        • Have you owned a phone with an amoled screen before?

        • @aja12: No, I'm thinking now I'm probably just being fussy, from what i can tell now amoleds are a bit warmer in colour.

  • Hope that it isn't a refurb.

    • I doubt it, but if it is you will be entitled to a refund as the condition was listed as "brand new".

      • Damn straight. Reports so far have been good though.

  • +1

    Well, mine finally arrived. Kogan packaging, zero bubble wrap or protection. H1512 model from the Netherlands by the looks of things.

  • Got an email it was dispatched last Friday on the 30/09 as well as the tracking details form Aus Post… no update since then…? Anyone have the same problem? :)

    • Edit: All good now, AusPost updated the status and it should arrive in 2 days

  • Also received my today. Looks like Netherland version. Spent the last two hours just updating Android OS. So many updates. And no headphone

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