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Large Slurpee - $1 @ 7-Eleven


Hi all ozbargains.

Get large slurpee for a dollar, normally around 3.60?


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  • Diabetes was never this cheap!

  • Hungry Jacks and Mcdonald always $1

  • A large 7-Eleven Cola Slurpee contains 84g (21 teaspoons) sugar

    all i need is some cheap cigarettes and some transfat fries (add msg for flavour) and salt em up for taste.

    • Over double your daily recommended sugar intake if you're male (9 teaspoons) or triple (6 teaspoons) if you're female.

    • you have to wonder why they don't put warning labels on these foods. just like cigarettes

      • It's the power of politics and special interests. Plus societal awareness and social policy always lags the science. Like it did with cigarettes and black lung. Chronically couching up blood and work in a coal mine? Unrelated, must be a lifestyle cause. Right now, you ask the average person and they will say if you exercise then you can eat whatever you want and not gain weight, or that only fat people get diabetes. Once the obesity / diabetes epidemic starts to hit critical mass there will probably be more meaningful action.

        Problem is, that too, may get watered down. Under the table funding of researchers by the sugar lobby in the US is how the western world ended up with products that cut fat (because they thought it was the major cause of Coronary Heart Disease) but then simply substituted it with sugar. Agricultural lobbying is how we ended up with a food pyramid that prioritises grains over fruits & vegetables.

        Also, obligatory reference - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBnniua6-oM

        • I love you red sky. I really do try to be healthy but its hard given all these messages around…

        • @Faithgrrl:

          Honestly, I think the confluence of competing interests / information makes it seem complicated, but it's all really straightforward. Primarily lean meat & vegetable / vegetable derived products with some fruits. Minimise / avoid anything processed or with added sugar.

          At least some regular exercise and some weight (at least body weight) training. From my own experience it's always the initial step that's the hardest, i.e. weaning yourself off carb / sugar addiction, building a habit of exercise. After a while the junk food cravings go away, and if anything you get addicted to the endorphin rush of exercise and it becomes compulsive.

        • @RedSky: Thanks red sky. I am paleoish AIP due to eczema and minimise my intake of the processed stuff. But yes the endorphin rush that comes from picking up junk food does not help at all, and having it around (and on sale) can be annoying.

          I am going to change the balance and start posting health related bargins! Starting with the mind body spirit thingy…and other things I come across…

    • that's the same amount as a Rockstar Energy drink.

    • In the interests of public health expenditure…

  • About time they caught up with the competition. with KFC joining the marketplace too (Frozen Pepsi and Frozen Mountain Dew), all with the convenience of the drive thru, they can not hold out any longer. Does this have an expiry?

    • Frozen Mountain Dew?

      distant airhorn noises

    • Nope. Email states:

      The weather’s changing for the better, and so are our Slurpee prices.
      This isn’t a limited time thing. This is forever - like from now until the end of time.

      • sorry - are we talking about Slurpee prices, or employee wages? I just wanted to confirm

  • +5 votes

    Small 80c
    Large $1
    Super $2
    Mega $3 ($2 with ATM voucher)

  • cheap, cold, nice and sugary.

  • I heard on the radio "now and always, $1 large"- sounds quite permanent to me

  • Oh god, it's one of these days again. Well, atleast it isn't "bring your own cup" day.

    A few years ago, they had one of those. I went to 3 different 7-eleven and every one of these had their slurpee sold out. I was informed by a friend that one in the middle of nowhere still had some slurpee, so we drove there. When we pulled up, we saw another car pulled up with us, and he was holding a bucket.

    Then another car pulled up as we were leaving the driveway. Those kids went in with those tin trashcans that you find in school playgrounds.

  • Sugar is evil

  • Btw, this is permanent. They are staying this price.

  • how easily some people forget 1 year on.