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AmEx Offers - Accor: Spend $200 Get $100 Back, Marriott: Spend $300 Get $150 Back


as per title

cash back for hotels stay till 22nd Dec. Direct booking with hotel website only.

perhaps with merger of SPG and marriott chain, those who has got SPG gold can get instant marriott gold match which will give free breakfast at marriotts hotel.

Accor Link

Marriott Link

Only Available at the following locations - Melbourne Marriott, Courtyard Marriott North Ryde, Sydney Harbour Marriott, Surfers Paradise Marriott, Pier One Sydney Harbour.

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Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
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    • Only Available at the following locations - Melbourne Marriott, Courtyard Marriott North Ryde, Sydney Harbour Marriott, Surfers Paradise Marriott & Pier One Sydney Harbour.

    • Excludes Marriott Toowong location, Marriott Vacation Club locations and SPG Starwood Preferred Guest locations

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    Might want to fix title - it is Accor not Accord.

    Also appears to be for direct bookings only.

  • I assume this is just for proper Amex cards and not Amex cards with banks like CBA, NAB etc?

    • +3

      Just did it with an ANZ issued card and it worked.

      • So did you guys get the money back or do you have to call Amex or the bank to manually apply the credit?

    • Worked with NAB amex.

  • Do I have to stay before December 22 or only book before that?

    • I think the card payment has to be done online or in person before 22 Dec. but online order won't debit your card until after you stay or day before your stay (after the cancellation time no longer applies). So therefore must stay before 22 Dec. if somehow you can get them to take payment before 22 Dec, I think it will be ok

  • From Accor details:

    "Gift Cards purchases and pre-paid online bookings are excluded." - Does this mean you can't book the cheaper, non-refundable rooms?

    • Yup, by the looks of it. Only booked directly through their (often more expensive) sites, for payment at the hotel.

    • 'Payment to the hotel' bookings are more expensive but sometimes have inclusions such as breakfast. Credit card surcharge of 1.5% usually applies. Still a very good deal.

  • I'm staying at an expensive Accor resort for a few days from tomorrow. Already prebooked though, bugger.

    I wonder though, if I charge food/etc on the room and it goes over $200 whether the settlement at checkout will achieve cashback…

    • +1

      I'm quite sure that would work provided you charge the food / etc to your room and pay for it at check-out. There's no way for AMEX to know what you actually paid for, but please confirm after your stay :)

    • +1

      Don't think so - food, etc, spend counts, but it says you need to register, book, then spend, in that order.

      Couldn't hurt to try though if you will likely be spending that much at the resort.

    • Qualifying purchases include accommodation, food and beverages and other incidentals during your stay which are paid at the hotel front desk at the time of check-out.

  • +1

    Accor currently have a great offer of up to 15,000 bonus le club points for 5x two night stays
    1st 2 night stay bonus 500 points
    2nd 2 night stay bonus 2500 points
    3rd 2 night stay bonus 3000 points
    4th 2 night stay bonus 4000 points
    5th 2 night stay bonus 5000 points
    This equates to over $400 back in points plus an easy way to get to platinum before it becomes harder next year.
    Must register beforehand. More info and link here http://loyaltylobby.com/2015/04/28/le-club-accorhotels-up-to...

    • The link you provided contains out-of-date info. Is this promo still on right now?

      • +5
        • I'd review the comments on that link if I was you! That site is so full of invalid junk these days - the guy does no fact checking.

        • @Gav: ignore the junk and just click on the le club links to register.

        • @shiningstars: Errr no. READ the comments - not stackable. The whole site is mostly regurgitated stuff with affiliate links.

        • +1

          @Gav: Just FYI there are two bonus points promos at the moment - one can get you 10k points and another can get you 15k points. The not stackable comment just refers to not being able to get 25k points by registering for both. The points promo is definitely on - I've already received my first bonus…. You should be able to register for one of these and also get the separate amex cashback.

        • @PlasticSpaceman:

          Did you register for the 15k offer or 10k offer or both? Not sure if have to be China resident for 15k offer..

        • @lilkid28: I registered for the 10k offer as the 15k offer took too long to load - by the time it did (and all in Chinese btw), I had registered for the 10k. So I tried my luck with the 15k offer, tried to register and got this: You are not entitled to this offer. Please contact customer service.

    • I think this is an expired offer?

      • The first link is incorrect please try the second link- must book prior to 10/10/16

  • +2

    Has anyone made a pre-paid booking and still received the cashback confirmation email?

    • I think prepaid online booking is excluded, but would like to know if it works.

    • Surely this would work? Anyone tried ?

  • +2

    Going to Canberra with the cheap Citylink ticket offer. Now saves heaps on accommodation. Thanks.

  • Perfect timing!! Travelling for work to Sydney

    • +5

      This is an even better deal if you can claim the total amount back for work.

  • I can't sign up to the deal. Anyone having the same trouble?

    • I had problems on my phone but no problem on pc

      • Thanks. Worked on the iPad, but not on the phone like you said.

  • Might note that an Accor forum thread suggests their 40-ish% off sale might be starting in early October, so could be a good combination.

    • +1

      40% off sales are nearly always prepaid rates so not illegible.

      • what d you mean by prepaid rates?

        • Prepaid is when you have to pay immediately upon booking and not at the hotel.
          Amex offer is valid only for the payments that you make at the hotel.

        • @bob19:
          Thanks for the info. So I guess promo codes which givenu free parking n breakfast are OK because u still pay after checkout.

  • thanks.

  • No love for WA

    • There is for Perth via Accor, or am I reading it wrong, several choices?

  • I have cba Amex card and I did not get small shop credits between 16-18 this month, can anyone suggest what shall I do?

    • +1

      I have cba card as well and I can confirm that I got it…
      I hope that u had registered that specific card correctly and have got confirmation mail for registration as well.
      If that's the case, then take it with Amex directly…

    • +1

      I had similar problem with Amex and also ANZ Amex cards. And I made contact with them.
      I got a fast & positive result for both contacts. For ANZ I sent a message through Amex Connects, and for Amex Platinum I sent a 'secure message' after logging into my Amex Plat. account.

  • Can this be combined with Cash rewards?

    • Yes of course - and you would earn the cashback on the total spend before the $100 rebate :)

  • +1

    Hmm, need something for Christmas period… these finish a bit too early

    • paying the reservation in full online may work..

      • Gift Card purchases and pre-paid online bookings are excluded.

    • Wait for the October 40-50% off sale.

  • Anyone getting this offer to save on their Amex issued cards? I can't find it on my account. And can't find the manual links in Amex connect website. The ones in the OP didn't work for me.

    Edit. Sorry the link worked now.

  • +1

    I wonder if I could register multiple Amex cards and ask the hotel to charge multiple cards on checkout.

    • +1

      You can definitely register multiple cards and of course the hotel will be able to split the charge across multiple cards on checkout.

    • Exactly what I was thinking; four cards registered, thinking about a trip to Adelaide anyway (gotta use those free flights on my credit cards anyway).

  • +2

    Top Cashback pay 6% on Accor direct bookings.
    Two Accor stays I have booked tracked OK from Top Cashback.
    Cash back was paid by Top Cashback within four weeks of the Accor stay completion. Way before any other hotel cashback sites have used.

    • Can i use it in conjunction with cashrewards?

      • No. Only one cashback site can be linked to a web purchase when you buy.

        Money back from both AMEX and one cash back site will work.

  • Does anyone know if you could pay over the phone for a friend's / partner's stay? I could pass them my credit card but the hotel might think they stole the card despite knowing the PIN number.

    • As pre-paid rates are not eligible for the promo - at least according to the T&Cs - are you seriously suggesting you give your friends your credit card number AND your PIN? I don't think AMEX would be too impressed, that's also going to be hard to explain for them if they are questioned at check-out…

      • Hence asking the question - not advocating it. I don't know if it would be possible to pay over the phone when they checkout at the hotel front desk - you are technically not prepaying , but neither are you present in person.

  • With the Accor booking can it be at any of their locations ?

    • Excludes Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains MGallery by Sofitel, ibis Budget Melbourne Airport, ibis Styles Adelaide Grosvenor, ibis Styles Ballarat, ibis Styles Harrington, Mercure Gladstone, Swissotel Sydney, The Links Lady Bay Accor Vacation Club Apartments, The Sebel Creswick Forest Resort, The Sebel Swan Valley The Vines locations, Grand Mercure The Links, AVC Apartments, ibis styles Ballarat, Fairmont and Swissotel locations.

  • Wondering if payment at the hotel can be splited between 2 or 3 cards

  • My AMEX card (not account) has expired. Can i pay with Amex details without having to show them my Amex card itself?

    • nope..

  • Sorry if its a stupid question but how do you book for the hotel without prepaying online? I was about to book hotel and it asked for credit card details so I backed off. Any answers would be appreciated.

    • You just provide them your card details, they don't charge you anything until you present your card at check out or they will charge the amount to your card if you cancel the booking after the deadline (usually 1 day before arrival) in the confirmation email.

      • Thanks mate, is this from your recent experience with booking with accor? I only ask because I've booked many hotels before and the payment has always been upfront.

        • I don't know Accor hotels but what I've told you above is my recent booking with Marriott Sydney

        • +1

          @divious: I thought I just ring the hotel. Bookings that can not be cancelled (cheap rates) are prepaid and bookings that can be cancelled (full rate) are paid at the hotel. So you pretty much have to pay full rate price to get the amex discount.

  • So the catch seems to be that you have to book through the hotel and pay full price in order to get this, as cheaper online prices are apparently prepaid (even when booked via the accor site?). Is there any way around that?

    • Additional small catch - "Credit card payments relating to Australian hotels incur a merchant service fee of 1.3% in addition to the total amount payable. Prepaid rates are excluded from the merchant fee."

    • Any chance that you could prepay on another card, then get them to refund an pay again on check out?

    • that's not correct, when you book through Accor, it will tell you if it's prepaid or pay at hotel.

      it depends on the hotel and as you mentioned the rate but it is not always full price

      • Thanks; yes, I guess the rates might still be discounted, it's just that the top prices are always paid at the hotel and the prepaid ones are always cheaper. Given that, this would only work out cheaper (for the dates I've looked at) by splitting across multiple cards, otherwise the increased rate would be more than the card refund.

  • I've booked recently with the Marriott for a stay at the end of October and haven't been charged (not pre-paid) but likewise haven't received any confirmation from AMEX. would the credit only come through after payment? Also wasn't aware cashrewards was an option when I booked this! Should I take the risk and cancel to start over? And has anyone received any confirmation from AMEX following a phone booking?

    • +1

      AMEX won't be able to send you a confirmation until AFTER you pay for your stay at the hotel…

  • Can anyone suggest hotels in Sydney? Prefer mid range.

    Was looking at the HARBOUR ROCKS SYDNEY MGALLERY BY SOFITEL and Marriott at Sydney Harbour.

    • Pullman Sydney Hyde Park is quite nice, especially if you can get a good deal for a club room that includes breakfast and evening cocktails…

      • Thank you for the suggestion, I have a young child so would prefer a bit closer to the circular quay area.

  • "cash back for hotels stay till 22nd Dec"… too bad…

  • +1

    Surely the online payment would go through aswell ie pre paid as it would come up the same details as paying at the hotel? Anyone tried this yet?

  • does this work with accor hotels in NZ??

  • Would this work with Fine Resorts & Hotel bookings?

  • +1

    So the terms say direct booking only.

    But some websites (eg. booking.com/hotels.com) tell you to pay at the hotel.

    Anyone know if this would still be eligible for the cashback?

    • +2

      Yes id say so as long as you pay at reception would be fine we did a 3 way split today and got emails

      • Sorry do you mean you got the hotel to accept 3 different cards for payment?

        • +1

          Yep no prob

        • @TheStahh: cheers. So are all these cards under your name? I'm thinking of using supplementary cards but some hotels don't allow it. It has to be the card under same person that is checking in the room

        • @Jared17: me and wife cards they didnt really check just gotto sign

        • @TheStahh:

      • so you just handed your credit cards to the reception and asked them to charge the amount to different credit cards?

      • I just rang IBIS Sydney and they told me that I need to tell them at the check-in to split the bill, not at the checkout

        • Yes i paid at check in… ask for split payment shouldnt be a problem

      • atlas asked the same thing I came here to ask. About to book a place on booking.com which says to pay at hotel - but how will amex know how we booked it (directly or via another website)?

        Even though prepaying saves $100 I figure if I can get $200 back (2xamex cards) then I'm still ahead.

  • +1

    Just wanted to say that I booked the Mecure Therry St in Melbourne (Accor) online via the private sale link from previous deal ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/263065 ) and I got the amex tracking email after spending online. Will see if the $ actually appears but good sign!

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