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Dyson DC43H $169 @ Harvey Norman QV (VIC)


May be this store promo only, at $169 was a stack of them

currnet hn website @ 225
previous cheapest on ozbargain was $199 @ 1/6/16 at HN
cheapest on ebay is 288 with 20% off

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • I think it is store promo as HN Maribyrnong is $199 in store. Good deal though for those in the market for a handheld.

  • Nice… think i'll pick up one of these tomorrow morning.

  • Will fly!

  • This is pretty heavily branded as a mattress vacuum.

    Can any Dyson experts out there tell me what differences there are to their normal handheld?
    Will this be fine as a general household handy vac?
    I'll never use it on a mattress, but this price for a Dyson seems amazing.

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      Well this version comes with the 'animal' mini-motorised head which is effective for cleaning upholstery and of course matresses. This version would be good for cleaning the car seat, mats and floor too.

      The mini/motorised is made to agitate particles from surfaces.

      What differentiates this version from the other handhelds is the 'wand' which is basically an extender. Also the other hand helds come with various head types to suit different floors.

      Of course this version should also come with a crevice tool and combination tool.

      As for the use it could be used as a superior hand held vacuum for localised cleaning but won't be suitable for cleaning entire surfaces.

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        and you can't buy those 'long pipes' separately.

        @hes221 i'd say just buy a dyson v6 stick vac as it will be more versatile, powerful and suitable to your needs

    • This is actually a super good price considering the car cleaning kit is $139 here and basically has all the same accessories. With this you have the vacuum plus the accessories.


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    Great price, these will be snapped up in a flash.
    These handhelds all look the same to me.. i.e same battery layout and most likely the same motor. I'd imagine it's not cost effective to design a new motor for each of the handhelds.
    Great work marketing a different purpose built cleaner, i.e one for the bed, one for spot jobs and one for the house. This gets triple the revenue for the item and for repairs …. for the handhelds same internals but different plastic moldings equals more profits. Easy….

    My Dc-35 when new only lasted about 5min on Turbo mode, normal mode is pretty average and won't pickup very well.
    I checked and the specs stated 5min on full, I honestly thought the batteries would last longer.
    The DC35 aint much chop for doing a full room or doing the whole car, so i sadly have to rely on my much older black n Decker handheld to do the car. ( No power downstairs.)
    Anyway, the DC-35 has clapped out on me now, battery circuit died and I discovered the charger blew up too…. Not sure which killed what but it will cost too much to fix so i might sell it off on Ebay. I must have worked it too hard….she'd done about 2 hours of sucking in total…. Yeah 2 hours max…that's pretty slack for what was a $400 cleaner.

    These are good enough for spot jobs or getting the cat hair off the lounge but I'm not convinced.

    I've owned 4 Dyson's, the old Dc03 cleans much better than the other 3, but still not as good as my old 2200W Panasonic beast or even the little Hoover. Yeah the beast is loud and its a bit smelly too now, but it's never had to go in for repairs like all of my Dysons and it didnt cost me a weeks salary either..
    To be honest not sure what all the hype is with these Dyson's, especially considering the initial cost, maintenance and the cost of parts. it's Killing me.
    Oh and I'm not a PAnasonic / Hoover rep if anyone's wondering. Just throwing in my 2c experiences.
    I'm sure most of you have had no problems with your Dyson, it's like bagging iphones in the Apple store, no one really cares much until you start smashing them up. God bless him, he must have had a shitty run…

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      I'm definitely one of the people that have had no problems with their Dyson! I own 2 (a DC45 and DC54 Animal) and they are both absolutely brilliant. Haven't had any need for repairs so far (coming up to 2 years of daily use on the DC45). The large majority of my family and friends all own Dyson's and they all rave about them too.

      At this price, it would be a no-brainer to pick one up if you are in the market for a handheld.

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      Yeah I don't get the Dyson thing either.

      I have a Dyson V6 Absolute and frankly it's disappointing. I've never touched so much dust in my life.

      The head unit failed quickly, the largely unresponsive call centre finally sent a new head unit which confirmed that these are irreparable. It was probably an electrical connection that failed. Who knows, I just threw it out.

      The battery life is probably OK but the head unit gets full quickly - get used to having to pull that apart to get all the dust out - hair is a real problem too.

      The collection unit / drum manages to collect dust in a way that makes it difficult to empty properly - I've found the long sticks 7/11 provide as stirrers are really the best way to dislodge dust from the upper reaches of the drum. You will need to understand how to dismantle the drum to properly clean it.

      I get the Dyson / Apple connection. All pretty devices but both a triumph of cute design over durability and usability. I've dumped Apple out of my house completely and wouldn't bother with Dyson again.

  • Does anyone know if other HN branches will price match to another state?

  • Just picked one up… 16 left at QV.

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    Can't believe the amount of positive comments and not a + among them.

    • That always surprises me. People saying they have grabbed one (or going to) then still not give a + vote.

  • Just picked one up as well. Only 2 left at QV.

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    Willing to sell one at cost. Decided don't need it anymore PM for details. Have invoice of course.