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Samsonite Sale 40% off + 10% at Checkout + Free Shipping over $49.95 @ Bagworld


Discount code from previous thread applied to current sale.(oz is the code) Lots of other stuff on discount at the site. This is just the Samsonite brand feel free to comment on other things found.

The Story:
Need a good leather laptop bag for the business.
Went to Myer due to their 40% sale on their in-house brand.
Even with 40% off prices = F@&K YOU AND YOUR MOMMA!!! Brotha ain't paying THAT!
Walked over to Samsonite area in Myer. Found a satchel type bag that would be perfect for swapping the Surface Pro 4 and Dell Laptop when needed.

$299! Full RRP!!!! GOOD LAWD that's expensive! (See previous copulation comments)

Hit up Google when I got home. Found the Bagworld Sale.
Searched Ozbargain…OH! Look! Extra 10% off!
Great Googly Mooglie! An extra 14.95 off!

Final price 134.10 for a leather satchel with free shipping.
Hopefully others can find some Samsonite gear for a good price.

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    Love the summary :D


    has anyone ever paid RRP on Samsonite?


    Nice - might need to look into this - the last sale on the targus 15.6" citigear backpacks from staples has finally started to tear near the straps/top part of bag.

    Just a question though - for someone looking for a bag like the Targus that can act as both a bag to cart to work on a normal day, and for home/private use when you want to pack up your laptop int the bag, some magazines, notepads, pens, and other pockets holding battery packs etc (the whole bang) and that still will feel padded/comfortable to your shoulders and back - what would one recommend brand wise? There's Samsonite on their but I always see 'high sierra' bags. Otherwise I might stick with Targus - not sure how quality is on the other brands.

    Gets pretty heavy when you have a laptop and it's chargers, extension cord etc. so finding something $50-80 I would love any suggestions (durable and good quality)

    edit: assume that they aren't on cash rewards?


      Would recommend a good 'mobile office' or a rolling laptop bag rather than a backpack.

      Mobile office type bags look like a small carry-on baggage suitcase except they have a section for holding a laptop. You can also hold a change of clothes in the main compartment or… Your mags books, cables etc. Suggest independent 4 wheel bags as they are much easier to handle when walking.



        Thanks, I'll check it out, the only issue is a rolling laptop bag seems alot bulkier and the only issue is it can' tbe used as a normal backpack when the laptop isn't packed? Which is one good multi-task part of my curent targus?

        I do note that i've seen some wheeled laptop bags, or even hand luggage bags that come built with functions now such as an usb port and battery pack etc…. probably abit gimmicky over just carrying your own independent battery packs and the like, but cool idea.

        If backpack wise, would there be an alternative suggestion on something affordable for everyday use to/from work yet able to pack the laptop and lug it around without stitching and joints ripping easily? Current targus bag was great bar the fraying of material between the shoulder backpack straps and the first pocket immediately behind. Guess it's the tension/pulling by the weight of the laptop, but I found the outter shell starting to frey and open up, so trying to find something real sturdy and comfortable on the back/shoulders when weighted by a 1-2.5kg laptop, chargers, your magazines and books/notepads etc.

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