expired Pre-Order - OVH Dedicated Server in Sydney €89/Month (~AUD $130) Xeon E3-1245v5, 32GB DDR4, 2x 480GB SSD, 3TB Data


Saw this on LowEndTalk. OVH is a huge European hosting company / data centre that is famous for their cheap dedicated servers. They are launching an Australian DC in Sydney, and are offering some sweet dedicated server deals. Well, not as cheap as servers in France but very competitive against other Australian offerings.

Note that this is PRE-ORDER — Introductory offer, restricted to the first 750 participants. Estimated delivery date: 30th of October, 2016. For €89/month (~AUD$130) you get

  • Intel Xeon E3-1245v5 (4 Cores / 8 Threads 3.5 GHz / 3.9 GHz)
  • 32GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
  • 2x 480GB SSD
  • 3TB/Month (or upgrade to 100Mbps unmetred for extra €110/month)

There's 20% VAT but with Australian account you don't have to pay. Also note that a new account will require sending in 2 piece of documents to verify your account.


Related Store: ovh.ie

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    Impressive pricing.. What's their backend like? Virtualisation platform? Any other tech details?

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      What do you mean? it's a dedicated server, you can install most available distributions allowing you to virtualise with any tech.

      In France they have lots of other services, I think they are just exploring the Aussie market with dedicated servers first. Looks like they have limited bandwidth as well, I have rarely seen quotas… Or maybe they just adjusted for Aussies again. Who knows, maybe that expensive transit cost with Telstra & co is not a myth ;)


        Ok, so it's direct hardware.. How do you access/control it? And what is their backend like? Easy to use, much control?

        Compared to the likes of AWS, Azure, DO, etc. Obviously those aren't dedicated hardware, just wondering about management setup…

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          OVH uses in-house control panel to manage servers which is very good IMO and allows pretty much anything you could wish for. The caveat is sometimes you have to dig through a lot of info to workout the rare quirk such as assigning ips to virtual machines which mostly won't happen with off the shelf solutions that most other ISPs provide.

          AWS, Azure and whatever the (profanity) DO is are clouds providers, not dedicated servers. If you don't understand the difference I suggest you stay away from OVH until you are a little more knowledgable however it's not rocket science and you can google pretty much any problem.

          OVH do not offer managed services. Do not expect help unless your server is not functional and you have no messages from them. Downtime is extremely rare with OVH though and they will refund you pro-rata if they drop below their service level agreement. Do not expect help with connecting anything, operating systems unless it's specifically their Linux distros, how to do this, that yada yada. You should go to another provider (or one of the many, many OVH resellers).

          But if your able to do it yourself they are extremely good value for money sometimes and their SLA is awesome and kept to.

          Edit: actually now that i think about it part of OVH's awesome reliability is that they own the datacentre that the the servers you lease are in - so their staff is always on-premises to deal with problems. Wonder what they're doing in AU because surely they haven't built a 750 server DC and whether this will affect uptime and OVH peer to peer?


          You get a fairly simple control panel with monitoring, basic control (shutdown, restart etc), configuration and networking options. It's not going to be like AWS purely because there are much fewer options available for physical hardware.

          When you set the thing up, or re-provision, you get to choose the OS installed and there's quite a few to choose from: https://www.ovh.co.uk/dedicated_servers/distributions/

          Accessing the server depends on the OS you choose to install, SSH for *nix.


          Other than some basic management from their console, the rest is up to you and what you install on the machine. Personally I have ESXi on all my OVH boxes and have them all connected and managed via VCenter.

          They're generally a good company to work with and their servers have always been reliable. I'll certainly be checking this out.


          How do you know what machine it is?

          The link on the page takes me to this https://www.ovh.ie/dedicated_servers/os.xml?range=ENT (On the actual product listing) which some show Windows not being available?

          Im guessing as its dedicated I can BYO licensing?


          @Diji1: Well aware of the differences, was talking more about feature comparision. The price on this is great, but you're losing a lot in redundancy, flexibility, management, etc.

          I think I'll stick with the 'cloud providers' for now though.

          And DO = Digital Ocean.

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          @brent3000: No, you can not BYO license. As it's in a datacentre, you can only use Windows licensed under SPLA which is only available to hosting service providers.

          OVH Windows pricing is here: https://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/2014-windows-licenc...

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          @Kyanar: spla is only if the server is being used by external customers to you. If it's dedicated server for internal use by your organisation you use volume licensing


          I wasn't sure on the requirements under the word 'Dedicated' as if its a dedicated server unit (non shared compute) you can BYO licensing under SPLA providing you have dedicated compute under an IaaS model. If its actually shared compute then the Service Provider needs to supply the Windows Licensing.

          Based on that licensing it seems it should be dedicated compute there for BYO licensing under SPLA (possibly even VL or IUR) should be fine (if they allow the OS to be installed standalone from an ISO)

          Might want to re-check your MS licensing PUR as a refresher :)

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    This is an insanely good price for Australian hosting..

    To the people who haven't heard of OVH, as scotty said, they're a huge company, and are very well respected.


    Very good deal. I'm hoping their ID verification doesn't take too long since the deal is limited to 750 people.

    Will change from a BinaryLane VPS which has been great to this.

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    If anybody wants to use the Europe ones if you contact the Irish division they will set your account up without Vat on it for those too. Or you can use the Canadian side if you prefer dollars over euros.


    I wonder how accounts work… I already have an account for a Canadian server, am I supposed to create another?


      I have found that each division has it's own accounts, so if the whomever you got the Canadian one from start selling in the Aus DC you can buy with that account, otherwise you need another. Also OVH, SoYouStart and Kimsufi all have separate accounts too, despite all being part of the same company.


    Link for ovh.com customers: https://www.ovh.com/us/discover/australia.xml

    But it's $124.60 USD there, which is considerably more :(


    99.95% Availability (SLA) is interesting though.


      With what reimbursements?

      Some say "99.99% SLA", then simply refund for any time over 0.01% downtime. One day down = 1 extra days service or 1 days refund.


        OVH is usually 5% of the monthly price per hour of delay for network issues, though I think for incident support it's only for per hour over 3 hours (GIT + GRT).

        I've seen BHS power/network go down twice. The first time was a network outage for 4h 55m where I was credited 8 days (~25%). The second time was a limited power outage of 4.5 hours, where they credited an entire month. Both times I received an email informing me of the incident a few days after it happened, with a link to the claim page.

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          Isn't really enough. Industry standard is 10,000% SLA (100hrs per hr), 5% of monthly equals something like 3600% (36hrs per 1hr).

          Even at 100x I barely ever had enough to actually keep customers happy when I was reselling. It was just enough that if there was an hour or two outage I could afford to give everyone a week or two extra for free. I don't know how anyone could get away with giving a day or two for every hours outage, you'd have some unhappy customers…

          Edit: I should note, industry standard for higher end dedicated servers. Virtual servers usually don't really come with a guarantee, it's more you simply contact support and sort something out.


    I like this price, but what do I need one of these for? Buy now and figure it out later in true ozbargain style?


      I'd say this would probably one of those things that you don't apply the standard ozbargain #yolo philosophy to. Unless you plan to be hosting large sites or VM'ing it out to resell, $130 per month isn't exactly small change.


    Awesome news, thanks for sharing Scotty!

    OVH is arguably the biggest ISP in the world. Glad that they're launching in Aus!


    Firs of all, it's 31st Oct and both OVH.ie and OVH.com are still showing the discounted price (€89 & USD$99). Secondly, it's still saying Pre-Order but has no info on the expected delivery.

    Anyone got their dedicated server delivered?


      Nothing here, not even any news posts about it,

      I was going to give them until the end of the month completely before I started asking,

      I did place a support ticket however just to see if they come back to me before it comes up,


      Apparently delayed a few weeks based on the hardware deployment, they said def before end of month but expected in the next week or two


    From LowEndTalk:


    Thank you for contacting OVH! We apologize, we've had some delay. I just received confirmation that the servers will start being delivered in our Sydney data center on the 14th of this month.

    Kind regards,

    Eric Fransen OVH Sales Department

    2 weeks delay, while holding onto up to €89 x 750 = €66,750 of fund… Well that's OVH for you.


    Just received an email:


    You recently pre-ordered a dedicated server from our introductory offers for our new Asia-Pacific zone. We regret to inform you that we are currently encountering some constraints in setting up these servers. In order to ensure the best level of service possible, we must push back the delivery date of these servers to November 30, 2016.

    To compensate you for this inconvenience, we would like to offer you a free month of service. This gesture will automatically be applied upon delivery of your server with the expiration date being extended by one month.

    If you no longer wish to benefit from this introductory offer, you may cancel your pre-order. This can be done from the invoice that you received in your order confirmation email. If you cancel your pre-order you will be fully refunded.

    We thank you for your understanding and once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    Thank you for your trust.

    OVH Team

    Well. Server deployment delayed by a month but you get a free month of hosting. Lucky I don't need that server urgently.

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      Yeah I also got this, not too bad considering what they are doing. Getting 750 servers setup along with the rest of the kit is bound to have some issued or bumps :)

      Means the deal is still on for Pre Orders tho :P

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