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50% off New Balance Online Store Using Code


Coupon for full priced items only.
Received this targeted email, but the code will work for anyone.
Free P+P for spend over $100 or (credit to bakerboo) use code NBSTAR30 seems to get free shipping for orders less than $100
Bit late in the day, but as several have mentioned (esp Woosah) - don't forget your 6.4% cashback
UPDATE 28/10 - several reporting that CashRewards and Pricepal no longer working

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  • +3

    Doesn't seem to work for items on sale

    • +14

      The code NBSTAR30 still seems to work on sale/clearance items. Also gives free shipping in case anyone needs it.

      • +2

        Can confirm the codes stack

        • +3

          Looks like BUPA+ 50% off, then NBSTAR30 gives free shipping.. not 30%+50%+free shipping. Still a saving though.

        • @Nametab: You are correct. I thought the nbstar30 was just for free shipping.

        • @Nickools: All good mate - was actually more to highlight for others, the other promocode says something like 'not applied' but it still does stack (kind of).

  • +21

    Works on the liverpool jersey too. Works out to be $60. Too bad it's liverpool :P

  • Couldn't apply on clearance items. Thanks for sharing anyway.

  • +2

    not sure if this trick still works to get free shipping for orders under $100
    'Sign up, log in, add item to cart, close browser, email arrives from NB saying 'free shipping on items in your cart if you purchase today'

    • It should work. See my detailed comment on the last post

      Idk how to get a direct link to a particular comment sorry

  • Not bad, Modern Classics 373 for $55 delivered.

    • +1

      or $45 if you use the free shipping…


      Edit: code is NBSTAR30

      • Can you stack codes?

        • Yep

    • Thanks mate. bought the exact model

    • Bought the Navy with Grey & Red ones last time they had the sale. Quality shoes and look great too!

    • I got some of these at $45 too. Hope they are decent!

      • +1

        Got them delivered yesterday and they're really fantastic for a $45 pair of shoes.

  • +1

    Collingwood outlet is doing 40% off already discounted price. There are lots of bargains there.

    • Just been. Only on lifestyle shoes.

  • +7

    Did the code come from Bupa? If so I don't think I'd take the risk after the Bupa sunglasses fiasco.

  • +7

    Dont forget to use cashback rewards peeps! 6.40% cashback

    • damn!

    • According to the General Cashback Guidelines on cashrewards

      "If you use a coupon code that is not listed on this site, rewards may not be payable."

  • +3

    Not bad for the cricket bats

    • Good call, cricket gear is well priced with 50% off.

      • Where are the bats? Sold out?

    • +1

      Yeh pretty good prices on the cricket gear overall. Thought about getting one last time the sale was on, but the problem is not knowing what you get. Grains, weight etc.

  • Good deal on some shoes, shame they don't have my size in anything I want!

  • +12

    Adding the code NBSTAR30 in addition to the Bupa+ code will get you free shipping for orders under $100. Doesn't seem to add the 30% off though

    • Thanks!!!! Just put this code and it also gave free shipping.

  • Wish it was free shipping :'(

    • it is, if you spend over the $100

      • +1

        Also bakerboo mentions this above

        Adding the code NBSTAR30 for shipping

        • +1

          Thank you sir, Hope you have a satisfying day.

      • Or if you read the comment 2 above.

  • Nice. Needed a new pair or runners. Last NB pair lasted almost three years. Great quality product and now a great price :) Thanks OP

    • +1

      Which one did you get? My Fresh Foams (Zante) soles wore down very quickly.

  • You are legend guys! OP & bakerboo

  • Pity they don't have cross-trainers in normal width, only 2E and larger.

  • +1

    Thanks, my credit card hates you, but my wife has the new runners she was about to pay $210 for!

  • +14

    Anyone read the fine print? Apparently the tread is changed on all the runners using this coupon to incorporate the BUPA logo. What a marketing gem!

    • +1

      Bahaha that is hilarious. I think we just got outplayed boys.

    • +3

      where is the fine print?

    • Saving me $185 - sure they can put some advert on the tread! Still the same shoe :)

      At the end of the day I purchase soccer/football jerseys with adverts right across the chest and it doesn't bother me!

    • +1

      wait what!

    • +2

      Link please?

      • -1

        So NB are apparently currently removing all tread on these new bought shoes to put on new tread whilst these shoes are now half price. Yeah ok.

    • +3

      Hi i received two shoes today(overnight extremely quickly!!) 373 plus 300 neither of which have any bupa logos on them anywhere…

      As far as im concerned, nothing to worry aboout. Maybe others got screwed over, but not me.

  • Thanks, just bought a walking shoe.

    • you bought a shoe?

      • +16

        Well, it was half price

        • might need to wait for a buy one get one free sale then

  • +1

    Great timing. Sick of walking around with wet socks. Cheers op.

    • Don't go out in the rain.

  • Just ordered, hope it gets processed without problem!

  • Thanks just got 2 pairs one black one white saved $140! http://www.newbalance.com.au/pd/fresh-foam-zante/88951644527…

  • I never owned NB shoes before so what country sizing do they have? I am size 10 AU/UK, but I don't know if these are in US/Euro sizes. Can anyone comment on that, please?

    • +2

      They do by US size, there should be sizing chart at the bottom of each shoe. A size 10 AU/UK is a size 10.5 US.

      NB are the best shoes I've owned, great for large feet. My feet is 11.5 US Men and the NB was a bit roomier compared to my Asics just for reference.

      • Thanks for the detailed info, ironplus.

      • So do you buy 11's because they are roomier or the 12s? They don't seem to do half sizes (I am 11.5 on some shoes too, but mostly buy 12s).

        • I'd buy 11 because one of my feet is smaller than the other… yep haha. The .5 is just for the width. I just suck it up because I know the shoes will expand over time.

      • Research the model first. The 1260v6 is now made in China and so has a tighternfit now.

    • +1

      They are US sizes.

  • Cheers mate. Just got a third pair of 574s. Comfiest (profanity) shoes.

    • -1

      you can swear on the internet bTW.

      • +3

        I did ha ha. Looks like ozb have an autofilter nowadays.

  • Amazing timing thank you! Got a pair of white leather shoes for my 6 year old son for $40 with free delivery.

    • +1

      i got the same shoes for my 7 yr old. he has been having foot problems so physio said to get a good shoe and he needed all white for school.

      thanks sooo much OP, just perfect timing!!

  • good deal

  • Thank you original poster. We bought 3 pairs for $195 dollars with 50% discount.

  • Got no clue about running shoes, which of these would people recommend?

    • +2

      I have tried a few different brands, nike, puma, brooks, and found that nb shoes felt most comfortable and best for my foot type and running style. I have a slight pronation, and the 1080s are the best running shoes i have found. I tried the 1260 and got constant blisters on inside of heels.

      Coming from someone who was always getting injured from running, one of the best things i did was get an assesment at active feet. They identified the 1080s as my best fit and no injuries since. I was even happy to pay their high prices….once. Now i just wait for these sales. Ordering another pair tonight.

      Hope this offers some assistance.

      • +1

        The salesperson at AF recommended a Saucony Guide or NB 1260 when I went for assessment. I didn't buy in the end as there weren't any sales on the time, so kinda tempted given it's half price now.

    • +5

      Very hard reccomending shoes to someone as your feet will be different to everyone else's. Price is not a good indicator as the more expensive shoes will start catering for those with particular shoe type. For example I run in asic kayanos but can't wear asic nimbus so even if they were free all I would get is sore feet.
      Might be worth going to athletes foot for a try on there thing that tells you what your gait is, talk to a salesman that can look at how you walk and tell you how you are or pay to see a podiatrist.
      What ever you do it's good to wear your shoes in first before going for a big run and don't use your running shoes for anything else to get the most from them.

  • Can someone clarify that the NBSTAR30 can be combined with the coupon Bupa sends it's new members?

    • +1

      i used both codes

    • +2

      It works for me. Enter BUPA+ and then NBSTAR30.

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