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Bupa Sunglasses Sale: Ray-Ban Justin $48.00 Free Shipping (RRP $160) + More


Ray-Ban Justin 0RB4165 Sunglasses
Matte Grey Frame with Grey Gradient Lens

  • Composite/Plastic Frame
  • Synthetic lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • 100% UV protective coating
  • Lens width: 54 mm
  • Lens height: 42.3 mm
  • Bridge: 16 mm
  • Arm: 145 mm

Lots of other brands on sale including Oakley, Marc, Orton, TAG Heuer, Bill Bass etc,

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  • Only credit payment option?

  • Prescription less than 24 months? I don't get it

    • Older than 24months requires a new eyes test?

    • Means your prescription cannot be more than 2 years old. If it is you need to have your eyes tested again

  • What if I don't wear glasses…

    • +5

      Haha was a serious question

      • +1

        i know i would like to know as well too - not like the OP said these glasses are for prescription only people

      • Tinted contact lenses more up your ally?

  • +11

    Pitty they are non-polarised :(

    • +14

      yeah for $50 and no polarisation? no thanks.

    • There is polarized sunnies for sale.

    • Buy Local Supply, awesome sunnies and nicer than these IMO.

    • Unless you are sailing a maxi yacht I don't see the point

      • Fishing or skiing too. Mirror tint helps reduce glare anyway.

        Polarised shouldn't be worn driving or riding because you can't see puddles and slicks. Dangerous.

  • +1

    gg didnt really need them but eh

  • Would be nice if they do on black as well ..

  • Bought thanks OP.

  • +1

    Good price. More than $100 to buy from Amazon.

  • -2

    it didn't work for me
    ould you please help me out cheers

    • -1


      • -3

        Its just doesn't work I have been trying already 10 times

        • -1

          have a neg

    • +1

      There there (tap tap) … :/

    • +5

      Post your credit card details and expiry date here and we'll process the order manually for you

  • +1

    lol looks like the site's being hammered

  • +4

    Site crapping itself for anyone else?

    • +2

      Tried around 13 times and it worked.

    • yeah same here

  • +1

    Thanks OP, my OPSM order got cancelled so I snapped up something else through this deal. Fingers crossed it gets fulfilled LOL.

    • Exactly what happened to me!
      I'll be spewing if the same happens for sharing this deal :)

      • what happened to the opsm deal ,was about to order

        • A lot of orders were cancelled (not all). You can still go ahead and order. Check the thread for comments.

        • ta ,got burned once with the david jones rockport deal so just checking

  • 2010 clicks in less than half an hour, site is not going so well XD

  • -2

    Someone please help me to understand this….I am with BUPA on "Budget Hospital with $500 Excess and Bronze Extras" cover where I have $150 per person, $300 per membership for Optical. I have Prescription from them 3months before.

    If I Order above Ray-Ban 0RB4165 Wayfarer Sunglasses, do I just put the claim to BUPA for refund or they directly bulk bill to my Bupa yearly membership? Looking at price Ray-Ban Wayfarer $48.00 and my cover, does that mean its fully covered ( no need to pay from pocket)?

    • Does your coverage include: "$50 Bupa Optical voucher", one per person per year, usable in the Bupa optical store? Maybe if you log in it will let you know how to use it.

      • Just asking, we can use this on top of the deal?

        • +1

          Sorry, I'm actually not sure, maybe made a mistake. Bupa has some vouchers that are for in store purchases only. Not sure what prices are available in store but it does say on bupaoptical, "Offer only available for online purchases."

          And when you click through to the item it says, "* Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or benefit from any source Discount is only off selected styles and only while stock lasts. Offer only available for online purchases."

  • +21

    They aren't Ray Ban Wayfarers, they're Ray Ban Justins.

    Wayfarers are RB2140

    Justins are RB4165

    Completely different styles. I thought OzBargainers had more attention to detail than this!!

  • Thanks OP, bought 1 pair - going to replace my scratched Oakleys as the daily use pair for the commute to uni/work.

    • +1

      replace the lenses?

      • Wasn't worth it as it was a hand-me-down

  • can't get the damn checkout to load….

  • +4

    tried and after a few times finally got through - ordered a pair Oakley Jupiter Squared and ray bans!

    Although I hate giving money to the monopoly that is luxottica..

  • Great, thanks OP. Purchased!

  • Thanks. Late Christmas present for myself :)

  • Damn lol their site is getting hammered.

  • Got my confirmation at 6:24pm . Lets see who gets it and who doesn't!

    • Mine is 6:22PM QLD time

  • +1

    Is this the official OZb sunnies?

    • +2

      NO. The official ones come free with your 3D TV.

  • +1

    55 shade of Matte Grey….

    • +1

      I work with a guy who's name is Matt Grey, fo sho

  • Purchased, thanks OP. But after the OPSM shenanigans…I'm skeptical.

    • +2

      Yeah I'm a bit concerned they don't have a stock count… we'll find out soon enough
      Suggest people look at the good deals on other brands

      • Time to play the waiting game…

        • +1

          Hopefully everything becomes clearer soon. If there's a problem, we hope they'd contact us soon.

          I'll see myself out…

        • @Michael15286:


  • Wouldn't mind a pair of RB4165's in 51mm, but 54mm would be a touch too big. I have a medium size face.

  • Awesome! Grabbed the Oakley Holbrooks for $54 (rrp $180)

    • Is Oakley Holbrooks for men or ladies? OR Unisex?

      • +1


        • +1

          Thanks for quick reply

    • Me too. Hope they have enough in stock.

  • Website is dying a slow death

  • +1

    I ordered them but didn't see anywhere to enter my prescription details. Did I miss a step?

    • +2

      I doubt you'll get powered glass with this price!
      Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone?

      • You're probably right, but then why the tick box at the end about prescription length?

  • +1

    what a rockin' first deal by the OP! good job!

  • Cheap birthday presents sorted, including myself. Thanks OP!

    • +6
      • lol, nice one! I thought for sure it was going to be the "slightly larger glasses" episode. :-)

  • +2

    Your order will be dispatched and delivered to you in the next 14 business days.

    3 weeks?! Yikes. Where are they being shipped from?

    • 14 days. Where are you getting 3 weeks from?

      • +2

        14 business days

        • +1

          ahhh 3 weeks!

  • Bombed out on the OPSM sale, hopefully not so this time.

    Thanks OP!

  • I will pray for this to be genuine offer and not another incorrect price or oversold offers. FYI - I didn't buy one cause didn't need it.

  • Gees it took a while but finally got the order through. Thanks OP

  • Thanks for the deal… Bought something that i did not have a need for. Oh well a New Year gift for myself!

    • Bought something that i did not have a need for.

      Well done, that is the true OzB way :D

  • so who does the cheapest powered lens :D ive got my presciption and glasses ordered so now just need a good cheap lens provider preferably with bupa claim back :P

    and what is bupa optical provider number?

  • +3

    Ray-Ban RB 4165 Justin Sunglasses Review

  • +2

    Any Polarised list?

  • Great deal thanks OP

  • Ok bought,, 1RayBan & 1Oakley…. thanks OP… now time to think why i need them

    • +1

      That large ball of fire in the sky may provide a hint or two..

  • -1

    So there's an option to choose prescriptions?

  • My bank shows the money was deducted, but i could not see confirmation page or receive any email.

    • I just recieved the email confirmation, I had taken a screen shot just in case.

    • Checkout failed once for me, money showing as deducted on my 28 Degrees card.

      Went through second time - so showing same transaction twice.

      Hopefully first transaction holding the amount will be cancelled.

      My orders page showing only one transaction confirmed.

      • They charged me 4 times!
        Purchase athuorisations, they hopefully better drop off

        • I was only charged twice!

      • Same thing happened to me with Myer. 'Failed' the first time but still managed to charge so now I have the same amount twice on my card. Quite annoyed as they haven't responded to my email I sent yesterday.

  • Polarised chinese clones for under $10 - http://www.aliexpress.com/item/4105-Unisex-fashion-vintage-P…

    • +2

      Personally I don't trust any UV ratings on those cheap Chinese knockoffs. And sunglasses without proper UV protection will give your retina's a hard time.

      • -3

        As opposed to $50 ones with none? :D

        • Are you saying these Raybans have no UV protection?

        • Same lenses on OPSM site specifies high sunglare and UV protection:


        • +1

          Ooops! No, i got UV and polarised mixed up. I own brand name sunnies and cheapies and still tend to wear cheapies more often. At $50 for these particular style of ray bans i still think they are not really worth it but hey to each there own.

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