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[Steam] Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition ~$1.75 AU ($1.33 US) @ Amazon US


US amazon account required. Steam code. Normal price $19.99 US

Recommend checking out this guide to make the game much more playable on Windows 7 and up.

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    Better Fallout game than Fallout 3 + 4 put together.

    • I dunno if it is "better" than FO4.. but definitely on par in storyline and mechanics of the game. FO4 tops it in graphics though.

      • +4

        Definitely above FO4 in terms of storyline. The conversation trees are much deeper in NV

    • My problem with NV, and I do love all the Fallouts, is that the quest sequence can be quite easily broken. I love exploring the wasteland, but sometimes it became obvious that I'd triggered a quest that I really shouldn't have had access to at that time. This meant that the storyline didn't really make sense to me. I think FO4 was better able to control this quest progression, but I guess this is an inherent problem in these sorts of open world games.

      The other thing I preferred about FO4 to NV was that many of the decisions didn't have a clear morally right or wrong answer.

      BUT, FO4 also had that ridiculous "I have another settlement that needs your attention…" jazz.

  • +1

    Amazing game at an excellent price.

  • +2

    There was never a man…..

  • Awesome price. Anything else on special?

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  • How do i create a US account?

    • +1

      You need to have a valid US address as your default address. I'm pretty sure you can just change the default address of an Australian account.

  • Great game. Got it on a steam sale when fallout 4 was released same as this with all dlcs and fallout 3 with all dlcs.

  • +1

    Damn this is cheap. Time for a PC playthrough with mods this time :)

    • The Superhot mod makes it hella fun

  • +1

    Currently Unavailable :(

  • So can you change ur account to a US account then change it back?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, I picked it up. Haven't played the DLC for this game, that ought to be fun.

  • The Best Fallout game

  • what a shame it has expired :'(

  • Downloaded - game keeps crashing on starting a new game right after the intro movie. Followed the steps on the reddit guide, still not working.

    • OK hang on I think I had this issue. Are all your drivers up to date? Also, try running the game without your AV running (including resident protection from MS Essentials).

    • +1

      Do you have Windows 10? If so, maybe try this post.

      • +2

        Cheers guys. Yeah running Windows 10 with latest drivers. Rolled back to an older graphics driver and it worked. Still crashes when I quit the game, but at least I can play it now.

  • +1

    Just missed it!!!!

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