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Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (Xbox One) Free Weekend


It's currently free on the US microsoft store for the Xbox One. I have read it may be a part of the free weekend but there are posts online saying you can just download it and it's yours to keep. Might be a pricing error.
I just signed in to my AUS account and it appears to have worked too. I don't even own an Xbone.

Mod 28/10: The bundle is free for the weekend only, multiplayer is also free for non gold members.

Further info here - Multiplayer All-Access Event + Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Free From 27-30 October On Xbox - thanks Ryballs

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  • I just jumped on there and claimed it - don't have a US account. Now let me send it to my xbox before they take it away!

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      You don't need to. Just got it with my Aussie account

  • Reddit discussion

    "Guys it just popped into my ready to install list without me prompting it or using this link. It's just a free weekend deal."

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  • So the handsome collection is on sale for $24 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/borderlands-the-hand... and the unlock bundle is free. strange..

  • Just got it with my aussie account, I think. it tells me I own it now, but won't know until I get home…

    That would be my third last reason I still own a PS3. Once I finish Last of Us and the new Tekken comes out…

  • Installing it now, no idea whether it's permanent or not, but "The Handsome Collection" is appearing twice on the store on the console, so not sure what that means.

  • Pricing error surely? if not this is awesome. Have looked at it a few times in last few weeks.

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    nice find OP, almost pulled the trigger on the game 2 weeks ago then changed my mind. So glad i didnt buy it now its free / price error :)

    downloading now on my xbox one s

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    grabbed it, thanks OP

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    Bought, even I don't have XBox One.

    • Same here

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        Hope they have 360 version.

    • Same, now am thinking of buying a Xbox One using Big W's deal.

  • PS4 user here and I bought it…muahahah…!

    Edit: I think MS is trying to fix this, I got "Microsoft unexpectedly closed the connection" message a couple of times before it finally went through.

  • Thanks OP. Just grabbed it - worked fine for me

  • Got excited. I read

    Xbox one for free

  • Thanks OP

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    Free weekend - will be removed from your account come Monday.

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      This. Don't know why everyones getting excited. It'll pop up in your que, just like every other "free for the weekend" game.

      • FWIW, the free weekenders don't automatically add themselves to my queue…

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      That's a shame. I've cancelled the download, the 56k modem NBNCo and Malcolm Turnbull supplied me with makes it pointless.

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    Thanks OP.
    The Aussie link had an error message but the US link worked fine for me.

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    There is some discussion on Reddit that this might be a free trial which will remove the game from your account at the end of the weekend.

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    • Apparently everyone got $10 credit afterwards though so win anyway.

      • Yeah. And its was $10us

      • +1

        I got $13.10 :p

        I bought it through the US store, but they credited my Aus account.

  • great post. thanks OP

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks Sir. I nabbed it and so is my brother.

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    Do you have to be handsome to take advantage of this offer?

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      That would explain why Microsoft wouldn't let me download.

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        Just wait til they bring out the But he's got a great personality collection…

  • Great thanks. Already owned the disc version but now no longer need to insert to play. Cheers

  • Thanks OP I'll try it but not too fussed if it's just a free trial weekend

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    Quick Google an hour or two ago when the missus showed me this found it was defo another "play for a couple days" kind of deal, should have seen the disappointment in my face.

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    if it is a weekend trial then youcan always unhook your xb1 netconnection on sunday night

  • Thanks op now if only I could get a free x1….

  • Thanks Op, nice find pushed it to 200 votes :)

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    Nice! If really a free trial, just go offline until you're finished with the game!

  • Thanks OP, anyone know how to install from USB, no internet :(

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      I don't think you can with XBOX.

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      You can plug an external HDD into a friends XB1 and download to that, then copy onto your XB1?

      • yes should be able to.
        wont play unless u have the licence tho which obviusly is currently free

        • Even if you do this, it wont work without an internet connection, it will ask for the disk.

  • Cheers

  • Thanks heaps OP!

    • its only for the weekend not to keep

  • Dumb question but how do I download this on my xbone ?

    • Purchased it? Goto your Games and Apps and it'll be in the list of things to install.

  • I am a little confused ,
    looked in my ready to download folder and saw these sitting there and thought "WTF OK cool"
    then I saw this post and went and added them to my account just in case :)

  • got it. thanks.

  • Am near the end of the month and still have heaps of download quota. May as well grab this - no loss if it get deactivated after the weekend.

  • -2

    im disappointed its only for xbox one wouldv be alot cooler if it was for pc/windows

  • Is there a way to check online / via a website what Xbox One games you have (ie: not via the console)?

    Pretty sure I must have a semi decent catalogue happening after getting quite a few Games with Gold and random freebies, but how can I check?

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    Confirmed that it's a part of free play days, meaning you won't have it after the weekend


      • its funny even the xbox rep gets it wrong as its free to play for anyone not just gold members

        • -2

          A lot of users will be pissed off about this since MS haven't been completely transparent & allowed them to waste time & bandwidth downloading it in good faith thinking it's a real game, not a trial.

        • -1

          @StewBalls: Here's the official announcement, pretty clear to me.


        • +1

          @Rusty4: Not every user checks Majornelson mate, just time to apply a bit of commonsense here…it's not unreasonable to expect that it should be clearly stated on the Xbox site that people are getting it from as well.

        • +1

          @StewBalls: It's stated on xbox wire (read: xbox site), and xbox twitter accounts etc. the only people who would be confused are people who just happened to try and buy the collection while this is active (although they would find the paid link, as this is a special one for the weekend deal), or people who go through posts like this, in which case I believe it's the OPs responsibility to provide all the information. I made a "duplicate" deal for this as I didn't realise it was already here, and it had ALL the info and links, including the fact that it was for the weekend only. That is how it should be.

        • @StewBalls:

          This again. You still at it.

  • Hey OP, you should put the official announcement link in the deal: https://majornelson.com/2016/10/27/multiplayer-all-access-ev...

    (Major Nelson is Xbox's PR bloke, he announces stuff like this)

  • So is this free to keep or only for the weekend ?

    • Only for the weekend.

      • ah dam

        • wish it were free to keep

  • Handsome? ha! This is the only thing I don't need to waste money in OZB.

  • Still playing it Monday 11.48am! How long till the weekend in USA ends? Lol

  • The two games are no longer on the "Ready to Install" list.

    • Yeah … didn't list under My Games anymore … lol ..

  • Unplugged network cable on Sunday and the games are still working. Two days not enough to play those silly games esp when have other things to do…

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