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Logitech M950 Performance Mouse - $63.99 Delivered From Dell


Not to sure if its another dodgy dell deal that no one will get but it looks pretty legit.

Prob ends 30 June….

edit. thanks Livert

Add the code W507GSC7QVHL96 to bring the price down to $63.99. Credit to macadamia referencing kennethk. http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/27310#comment-222897. Don’t forget moneybackco to further bring it down to $59.29.

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  • Add the code W507GSC7QVHL96 to bring the price down to $63.99. Credit to macadamia referencing kennethk. http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/27310#comment-222897. Don't forget moneybackco to further bring it down to $59.29.

    EDIT: Also, there's no "MX" in M950.

  • GUYS GRAB THIS DEAL NOW! i paid $130 for mine imported! THIS IS A GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT MOUSE u cant find any mouse better than this esp not at this price!

    • I was able to get OfficeWorks to price match mine to $100 some time ago. Agree, it's a great mouse - especially for ~$60.

  • Cool, thanks for the deal!

    I'm going to have to stop visiting or else I'm going to run out of money :D

  • Great deal, got one for myself. Thanks :)

  • What's the moneybackco?

  • Does anyone know whether is it possible for Dell to 'run out of stock' during promotional period? I want to buy but still need to scrape some money from somewhere. Lol.

  • And awaiting an email saying it was a typo

  • logitechshop cant do any better can it?

    btw dell has c905 for $75 for quite a while too

  • I thought moneybackco would not work if you used a coupon with a Dell purchase?


      Never received anything though moneybackco on two previous Dell purchases where I used a coupon, so I suspect you're right.

    • I read that as only epp or motoring coupons…

  • got order confirmation for both my orders, i had to order individually otherwise the coupons wouldnt apply to multiple items… awesome get, should make a great gift, thanks tuzii!

    "This is confirmation of your recent Dell order.
    Your Estimated Delivery Date for this order is on or before 06/07/2010"

  • Nice find tuzii!!

  • Is this the one that comes with the Cordless Wave Desktop Pro?

    And if I recall correctly, the USB cable can be plugged straight into the mouse so it doesn't have to be wireless?

  • Wicked deal! thanks OP and macadamia, was contemplating getting one from LTS but been hesitant as i couldn't part with that much money just for a mouse, this deal changed that and was an instant impulse buy! :P

  • Thanks Tuzii and livert.

    I really appreciate that this mouse uses replaceable AA batteries rather than revolution's fixed lithium. This should last me a good number of years then!

    • Hey Kimmik, are you saying that there's AA batteries under the mouse that we can replace it if the battery starts to fail (like laptop battery)?

      • Yeah, runs off a single AA Ni-MH battery. Can be easily replaced with another one. Mine came with a GS Yuasa 2000mAh batt. Battery compartment holds the receiver quite well too. Not sure if anyone else noticed this.

        • i see. has anyone here had to change their mouse's battery (i mean the rechargeble batt?). How much does it cost?

      • how long does the battery last per charge?

        • @ZaFrOoNaLdO: Ni-MH batteries are everywhere. Pack of 4 2450mAh Energizers at BigW for 20 bucks. I'm sure you'll be able to find them cheaper elsewhere.

          @garratt torlesse: I've been using it with my notebook for over a month now and has yet to be charged. Not really answering your question of "how long" but it should last a long time between charges.

  • Hey guys is this mouse good for games?

    Seems good for everyday use and can even work on glass :D

    • I use this mouse and it works fine with games with no lag issues. I think it's more comfortable to use compared to my G9x. Can't seem to adjust the DPI setting like the G range of mice though. Anyone know how to do this? The reason I ask is the battery charge indicator is also labeled "DPI".

      • Use Logitech's mouse software and you can assign one key to change sensitivity. Then you can have 2 different sensitivity settings and use that button to alternate between the two.

  • Argh, torn between this and the MX revolution….both seem to have equal pros and cons…only thing stopping me from getting m950 is that people say it's not as comfortable as the MX, other than that it's all good!

    let's hope LTS will come out with a smashing deal on either mouse to help my decision! :D

    • a friend is offering to sell me a 1.5 year old MX revolution for 40bucks…
      dyu reckon that's an ok deal compared to this? (I don't game, but I spend a fair bit of time in front of the computer reading docs, web browsing and editing photos etc)

      • in another 2years you'll be looking for a replacement battery for the mx. but for that price maybe not so bad.

  • Ordered :) I need a better mouse..

  • rofl dell - let's see if there wil be another roast about this deal.

  • My MX518 is still the best mouse in the world. Comparison?

  • Cheers, just ordered but hoping it'll go through.

  • awesome deal - just ordered 1 as well :D

  • Good find. Thanks!
    Shame I couldn't get moneybackco working (too many adware sites involved)

  • The coupon code says:

    Discount Details
    20% off any Logitech/ Microsoft hardware product     
    Expires : Monday, 05 July 2010   

    However with this particular deal .. the other part of the discount says:

    Get $69 Cash Off
    Expires on: Wednesday, 30 June 2010
  • Looks legit.
    Now does anyone know how long does it take to deliver to Sydney?
    I'm kinda in a hurry as I'll be going on a overseas holidays on the 28th June.

  • On some of the reviews for the M950, I've that you can't change the scroll wheel to auto change between hyperscrolling and click scrolling. Can anyone confirm if this is true or not? It' be deal breaker for me, which is sad as I really don't like my big MX Revolution receiver sticking out the side of my laptop.

    • Yeah, it's not auto. The button behind the wheel is the switch.

      • Cool, thanks for that and even in setpoint you can't change it I assume?

        Why do they keep taking buttons away from mice. I started of with a Logitech MediaPlay mouse that had like a gazillion buttons and was great. Unfortunately, mine died and I had to change to the MX Revolution which had less buttons but was still pretty decent. Now with the M950 compared to the MX Revolution they've removed 2 buttons, the one underneath the scroll button (as it's a dedicated button to change between hyperscroll and click scroll) and removed the right thumb wheel which was like 3 buttons.

        I actually use all the buttons on my mouse, especially with uberoptions, letting you set all the buttons. Oh well, with these discounts hopefully a new model is coming out and will have more buttons and auto switch on the scroll wheel.

  • Ordered one. Delivery should not take too long as goods should be already in oZ(?). Last time received my mon within a week or so.

  • Great find. Cheapest elsewhere is $80 shipped but without the 3-yr warranty.
    My Logitech MX700 mouse was purchased in 6/2003 and it lasted over 7 years despite heavy usage. Thus, I've just ordered a replacement. Thanks.

  • Thank you, Just order 1

  • This is a great price, I picked mine up for $85 and was quite happy with it.

    I have the MX Revolution (the previous one) as well as the Anywhere MX for the laptop and they are all great gaming mice. If you're a a macro/hotkey freak, these buttons will come in extra handy, the plug-and-charge is a great function so you'll never have to dig around for batteries if you run out (lost me quite a few games doing this)

  • Just ordered one.
    Hope I get it asap or within the week as I'll be leaving Aus soon for holidays.

  • Just ordered one.. Thanks for sharing

  • Just ordered one too!

  • thanks … my logitech mouse broken for 6 months .. looking for replacement but never found any good deal … until this :)

  • Thanks ordered one. The G7's batteries have been dying for a while.

    However with so many places discounting the M950, I'm thinking it's about to be replaced by a new model.

  • Man… I just brought the one from logitechshop, little bit pissed off now.

  • Nice find thanks dude!! Ive just ordered one now.

  • I really don't need one now but still ordered it anyway. You gotta admit ozbargain is good for the economy :)

  • Great find mate. A quick question though. What happens when the battery starts to eventually die. I'm guessing that sooner or later, that will happen. Can it be replaced or is the mouse useless after that?

    • Well the mouse uses a single rechargeable AA battery so presumably it should be replaceable with almost any rechargeable battery. Not 100% sure.what kind of battery it comes with though, I've read from a review that it comes with an eneloop. Can anyone who has one clarify?

      • read up old comments mate read up

        • Thanks for the heads up mate, but i've already had a look and i don't see anything about what specific kind of battery the mouse come with ie.eneloops- as i've read from other reviews.

          • @Easy Money: as per [Livert] 'runs off a single AA Ni-MH battery. Can be easily replaced with another one. Mine came with a GS Yuasa 2000mAh batt.'

  • Thanks.

  • Thank you for sharing. Just ordered one. Great deal!

  • Awesome deal, just ordered mine.

  • Ordered one. Thanks for your code.

  • Got the delivery date: 6th July. :O

  • Ordered mine, thanks!

  • Yay! Just ordered, thank you.

  • thanks, I just ordered one in the morning.

  • Awesome stuff, ordered 1 today. Thanks!

  • Just bought one for $85 from logitechshop
    1. Bought for $20+ more.
    2. Bought from Fluidtek.

  • Haha this is really good deal but I ended up buying a Logitech MK250 keyboard + mouse combo for $27 after using the 20% off coupon. I don't play game so I think that's good enough for me. For anyone interested this combo has 2.4ghz and 15mths (kb) and 6mths (mouse) battery life. Thanks Tuzii I did not know Dell also sell keyboards/mice cheap.

  • Pity I can only buy one with that discount coupon.

  • Same placing another order works right?

  • Nice, ordered mine :)

  • Just price matched officeworks for $60

    Excellent stuff right here

  • Thank you…. I was needing a new mouse after a real mouse has been eating away at the rubber on my mouse at night.

    • +3 votes

      Skin that mouse to replace the rubber on your computer mouse. Tell him "you eat it you pay for it".

  • Got an email from Dell telling me that the M950 that I have in my cart is running out.

  • me too.. I thought it was just the earlier order I made(which I 'ordered' just to try out to see whether it really works).

  • Waited 20 minutes but finally gotten Officeworks in Sydney CBD to price match as well. For those who wants to get it, you can easily do it today because I have just 'educated' them about their own policy. At least 4 employees know about this price match so I am sure they can do it for you in an instant.

    • "I have just ‘educated’ them about their own policy"

      haha good work. I just got mine, but i ordered it online

    • Hey, I went to Brisbane CBD OW today, they do not want to price match. They said because it includes cashback offer, so they won't pricematch. May I know what did u tell them?

  • Damn should have waited for you to "educate" them as it's probably gonna take a few weeks before it's delivered.
    Right now it shows "Order received" in the status on Dell.

  • Status: With Local Carrier.

  • Got mine! yippee!

    1500dpi darkfield laser awesomeness

  • Logitech M950 takes me many places hot places, cold places, accelerating places and other places because in life people only respect best performance even under extreme conditions and so do i.

    Logitech M950 is more than just mouse Its liquid engineering