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€10 off €50 Spend @ Amazon France/Italy e.g. Crucial MX300 525GB SSD €102.59 (~AU $148) Delivered


Both Amazon France and Italy have €10 off €50 Spend code that ends 10am tomorrow, let the bargain hunting begin. Code only applies if the seller is Amazon (not third party sellers)

Credit to dealabs

Crucial MX300 525GB SATA 2.5" SSD €102.59 (~$148)

Rated 4.6/5 stars on Amazon US with 500+ reviews

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  • Is this €10 off every €50 spent?

    • No, minimum spend is €50 for a discount of €10

      • OK just trying to work out the OP's deal..

        If that's the case, then the MX300 525GB would come down to €109.95 (AU$158.88) even before postage?


        • VAT is removed at checkout I believe, think OP forgot to mention this.

        • @moneybaby:

          VAT in France is 20% so the price would come down from €109.95 to €87.96 (AU$127.03) before postage…so I'm guessing that postage is around AU$20.

        • @interfreak: Discount is applied at the end not at the beginning. So the SSD without VAT is €99.96 and delivery is €12.63 which totals to €112.59 and then you apply the vouch for a €10 discount. Hope that makes sense.

        • @moneybaby: i don't think you're right here… i'm being shown a final price of EUR 112.59 or AUD 168.96 if I let amazon charge in AUD… it also says down the bottom…

          "Applied promotions:
          10 € offered"

          so unless some magic happens on hitting the order button I'm pretty sure you're charged 112.59EUR

          If i'm wrong, awesome, but it is far from clear… if I hit order/pay for something and then its suddenly less it doesn't make much sense

          also with the VAT thing… if 119.95 is with VAT… it'd be 95.96 without… not 99.96…

        • @KRiSX: Which coupon did you use? Works for me, here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/t4HUXa8.png

        • @moneybaby: ok just had another go… you're right… i must have stuffed up somewhere… getting it to show the same price as you now :) all good! :D

        • @KRiSX: so its evene cheaper than OP's listed price?

          can u select pounds for even cheaper?

        • @furythree: OP's listed price is €102.59 which is what KRiSX got it down to if you read their post carefully. Also no, you can only select your credit card currency (which is most likely AUD) or EUR.

  • Grazie mille (1000) !

    • You should send your thanks to lyl not to 1000. Who is this 1000 you mention?

      Just kidding :) I know the phrase.

  • 1TB MX300 works out about ~$318 AUD shipped.

    Think that's about as cheap a 1TB SSD ive seen….

  • Game of Thrones Season 1-6 Bluray Preorder = ~$122 delivered (vs. JBHIFI $169). Looks like the cover and menus will be in French but the discs have an English language option. The description indicates that it is not region-locked but you may want to do more research.

  • I'd rather a deal on a non-crucial drive. Won't buy from them again after the last warranty debacle.

    • What happened? Can you enlighten us pls.

      • Drive died within warranty period. Was a 250gb drive, they replaced with a 240gb drive instead of their latest 256gb drive, which I don't really agree with but would have accepted if the 240gb drive had been brand new and not a refurb! Had to send overseas with registered post, was around $25 if I remember correctly and was not reimbursed.

  • I'm buying cases for my soon to arrive s7 edge. Do you think going through amazon france is a good idea?

    I've only bought one case in the history of my life. Was a 5 dollar crystal ebay case for a glass backed phone and it has been on the phone for 2.5 years.

  • Oh by the way is there a button to convert french to english or do you need to translate via chrome each page?

  • Bleh nothing I wanted was allowed to be shipped to Australia from amazon.fr :|