Abusive eBay seller - should I follow through with purchase?

Yesterday I was the winning bidder on an eBay item.

While requesting the total from the I seller, I added a polite message asking if the the item could be posted in an AP Prepaid Satchel. The postage figure in the listing was $30 for standard postage + tracking, however the item only weighs 1kg and could easily fit into a 3kg satchel, which is still tracked.

Anyway, the seller later sends through the total without replying to my message, and the shipping is still $30.

Perhaps they didn't see my message, so I re-request the total, but also send a separate message mentioning the original note in the "total request", and adding that the shipping amount requested is double what it should cost, and suggesting $20 as more reasonable (which is still well over what it should cost, packaging included).

Seller sends through total again, postage is still $30, and they still haven't replied to anything I've written to them.

So I use the "contact seller" option, and write, "Do you always ignore messages from your buyers?"

Soon after I get two abusive messages from the the seller. The first describes me (and other buyers like me) as "so bloody difficult" and that postage was clearly stated so "bloody pay for it and if not ill file an unpaid item for on you and that's that"

The second says I'm a "pain in the ass with your fn rudeness"

Now I've bought and sold hundreds of items on eBay over more than a decade, I'm a good eBay citizen and only bid on items I intend to actually purchase, and if they'd replied with some reasonable explanation for the significantly higher postage (e.g. "I'm sending in a big strong box with lots of padding so it arrives safely") I'd happily pay and move on.

However to receive these sorts of messages from someone I'm now guessing is actually just trying to gouge some extra profit, I'm actually tempted to just not pay and take an unpaid item strike (my first!), just on principal.

Perhaps I'm overreacting though - would others here just pay up, or this unreasonable behaviour from the seller?


I seem to have not explained myself too well.

It's not the inflated postage cost I object to here - my maximum bid took the $30 postage figure into account, and I still won the auction for less than I was willing to pay.

I object to a seller first not bothering to reply to a polite request, and then abusing me when pulled up about it and being challenged about the postage fee.

Many private sellers I've purchased from have quoted a nominal "round figure" postage fee to cover all bases, and then adjust that depending on the postcode of the buyer's shipping address. Often I'll message before an auction to clarify this, sometimes it's after I've won an item that I've asked "could you update the shipping total for postcode XXXX". It's a fairly normal question for me to ask, and to the best of my recollection I've never had a seller a) ignore me or b) abuse me about it - this guy is the first.

I stumbled onto this auction a few minutes before it was due to end, and there wasn't time to check this details, so I put in a slightly lower bid in case the $30 was what he expected to be paid, but also mindful that this might be another case where a figure closer to the actual postage charge might be charged, as would be in keeping in line with eBay's policy on these things.

So don't go judging me for wanting to renege on a sale because of a high postage charge…no no no…I'm considering reneging on the sale because the seller has acted like an a** to a buyer trying to make a reasonable request and being ignored then abused in reply. There's a difference…

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      and then i hope the seller sends you some dog poo in the mail

      • He's already complained that a simple question had wasted his time. Why would he then go to the trouble of finding some dog poo, packaging it and posting it at the post office?

  • It's eBay, pay up and shut up. Enjoy your goods

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    You simply asked a question, he should have the decency to provide a reasonable answer. He's wasted more of his own time being a rude idiot than he would just answering the question.
    No way would I give this (profanity) money now. Report his abuse to eBay.
    The problem with society is we accept and expect people to be assholes and the assholes are so arrogant that they believe that's the best way to be. They don't realise that common decency makes things a lot easier.

  • Should OP go through with the purchase? If the price (including the inflated postage) is still a good deal to you, you can still go through with it.

    Without the full detail of the item and the postage, it is hard to really offer an objective view. Did the seller basically try to use the postage charge to cover feeBay and PayPal fees or it is simply inflated postage?

    However, personally, when selling, I prefer to make sure the postage is exactly what I paid (and I am willing to charge a bit lower than what I paid). I don't charge for the box and packaging materials. For eBay, the buyer has a lot of power so I think the seller is either brave or selling a lot (where one sub-par or negative feedback doesn't matter to him/her). Also, lately, I've noticed that most buyers don't really leave feedback (part of it is the recent eBay interface change, where it seems to make it easier for buyer to troubleshoot purchase issues, rather than leaving a feedback).

    As a buyer, make sure you are happy with the postage when bidding / purchasing items with obvious inflated postage. If not, just avoid bidding / purchasing it. Please do understand that a seller generally prefers the winning bidder to quickly pay and get the transaction finalised. In a way, OP is changing his/her mind after winning the bid.

  • Many people hike the postage and lower the item price (or starting price) to make the Auction appealing, so when you ask for a discount on the postage the seller is not happy.

    • This -

      I've seen plenty of items listed on ebay well below the 'going' rate for similar or identical items only to see that once the postage cost is added in the total the final price is about the same. I'm not sure if it's legally allowed as a means of increasing revenue but it's certainly not uncommon on eBay.

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    You knew what the listed postage price and packaging cost was
    Pay up. Seller has no obligation to discount it
    And yes you are a PITA buyer

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      Seller has no obligation to discount it

      The OP never said the seller had any obligation to lower any price, all he asked was that the seller be courteous and reply to the question he asked with a yes or no instead of being a jackarse.

      • Seller sent the invoice multiple times.
        Yes the seller could have sent a simple no, but he's probably had people like this stuff him/her around so many times.

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          but he's probably had people like this stuff him/her around so many times.

          That doesn't give anyone the right to be a jerk to the next guy.

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    In principal the seller is absolutely correct. Negotiations should occur BEFORE you place a bid. However given their abusive reaction I would refuse to complete the transaction and file a complaint with eBay.

    • +1

      I'd like to make the point again that my first message mentioned nothing about the P&H price and actually only asked if they could send in a pre-paid satchel (as the listing only stated "Standard Postage"). I put the cost of the satchel in brackets after mentioning it, as experience has shown not all sellers are familiar with them, but didn't ask for his P&H charge to be changed at all.

      I wasn't trying to negotiate the P&H charge - my bid for the item was lower than it might otherwise have been in account of the higher P&H in the listing.

      • +2

        I put the cost of the satchel in brackets after mentioning it

        Why do this if, as you say, I wasn't trying to negotiate the P&H charge

        • Because as I stated above, there are sellers not familiar with the fixed pricing of the pre-paid satchels.

          Once again, I've had previous occasions where I've asked a seller if they can send an item in a satchel, they haven't been been aware that Aus Post have them, and they've saved a few bucks over using the larger than necessary box that happened to have sitting at home.

          I appreciate your passion in trying to refute everything I say and "prove" I was trying to negotiate postage, but you're wrong on that point and there's no big conspiracy here. You obviously disagree with my point of view - great, you've made your point - perhaps you can now direct your energy into other threads?

        • @dm01:

          I appreciate your passion in trying to refute everything I say and "prove" I was trying to negotiate postage

          Call it what you want, but you were trying to pay less than what you agreed to.

        • @ozhunter: I'm not calling it anything - it's you mis-interpreting things. I know exactly what was in my mind at the time. Say what you want - you think I'm wrong, but I know that you are.

          Honestly, what's your motivation in trying to refute this? I really would like to understand what you're trying to achieve.

        • @dm01:

          I really would like to understand what you're trying to achieve.

          For you to see the logic of it lol.

          As I said in other comments. Both people were wrong, but moreso you.

        • @ozhunter: The logic of what?!? (lol)

    • OP is still a customer. Giving a simple one word answer would have been more courteous than ignoring the first message and expressing grief on the second.

      The seller has gone out of his way to be rude. If OP is having so much trouble at checkout, I cannot imagine the seller will be anything but a thug when potential issues arise such as inadequately packaged parcel resulting in damaged goods.

  • it happened to me that the seller stated buy more than one to request for discount postage, the seller under estimate the postage to WA and the request for total actually equal to no discount, he kindly ask me consider to pay without discount and I did, so not to disadvantage him (at the end he offered the Aust post receipt which i did not request for on it - so no handling fee it - although a bit disappointed without postage discount)

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    The total amount is whatever the price that u won + the postage. Isnt it obvious? The seller point of view is just want the buyer to pay the total amount and get it over done with.

    So its not just about the postage amount, how about if he lives 20km from the post office ? Who gonna cover the petrol ?

    Just pay and get it over done with, regardless the seller is rude or not, in a way i can understand how frustated to be a seller sometime.

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    Op, I think this is a coming of age for yourself.

    Look, People are generally jerks and there's very little standing in the way of physically attacking each other. It's any wonder anything ets done given our violent history and propensity.

    My brother pads out postage too. He says he makes more money of the postage than the items he sells.

    Ther reasons u were ignored is coz this is the sellers game too. When u questioned him you challenged him and exposed his tactics. He didn't have a good enough reason and instead he lashed out.

    The world is going to hell in a hand basket. U won't get much sympathy from this site that caters to the ultra right wing cheap skates either.

    IMO. There are more important things than money. Like being civil and courteous to each other.

    I stay away from eBay and PayPal in general. It's just too scummy. Feedback system is crap with everyone pressured to give top scores which means you can't actually make a decision if some is a good seller or not. There very little justice.

    You were abused but it's not illegal what he did. There is no compensation except to move on sadly.

    Have a nice day.

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      The world is going to hell in a hand basket. U won't get much sympathy from this site that caters to the ultra right wing cheap skates either.

      Interesting comment. I though OzB would sympathise with his request for cheaper postage. I guess you never know aye!

      • Most are buying cheap then on selling it on eBay for profit.

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    when i sell on ebay, i always add a bit more for freight costs, probably an extra $10-20 for each item.

    I have never had any issues, as my items are 'buy it now' so they accept costs, and i still have 5 star rating!

    My reasons to go a little higher is i work full time, and Ebay items need to be packaged and shipped in my own time, so my time is worth money(if i put a price even $20/hr for my own time and it takes 1/2 hour to process, package and post, that's pretty cheap!) I'd allow $5 per item for packaging. I buy bulk packaging supplies at a rough cost of $200 every 3 months or so too, why should i pay for it

    Its not hard to add the costs of items.

    Also, ebay takes a cut of the postage fee's, my petrol to drive to the post office or courier depot,

    • Up to $20 per item?

      I'm curious, what's your name on eBay? Just for reference for who not to buy from.

      • +1

        I just explained why I charge more.

        Out of that $20, ebay takes 9.9%, I would use half an hour to 1 hour per job, items are either glass or fragile so plenty of bubble wrap included, sometimes a box purchased costs $20 alone & I always request signature, that's $2.95 too.

        If you offer excellent service, packaging, follow ups, then price isn't an issue for my clients.

        • That's interesting, berger - you've obviously got everything well costed out. May I ask what a typical sell price is for the sort of items you're selling? Are we talking a couple of hundred dollar minimum?

        • +1


          My items generally start from around $300 but I guess average sale is $2-3k

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    You both got problem. The seller is rude, and you are being difficult.

  • I recommend you just neutral/neg and move on.

    I bought something a while ago, it had $25 dollars postage on it. I figured it was a bit inflated and paid (not having much idea how much domestic postage was), but when it arrived, the package stated they'd spent something like $7 dollars on postage. I was charged more than double.

    I was pretty annoyed- I could understand if they'd charged $10-15 postage for fees and handling (although it had no special/extra packaging) etc, or if they'd used a higher fee to send it sign on delivery, or expedited, but they hadn't done those things. They'd taken the cheapest option and charged more than double what postage actually cost? If it were me, I would have refunded some of the difference when it's that significant. Instead, they made over $15 dollars on me on postage— and it's not like they were losing money on the sale. It was a BIN and the item was actually being resold for about 200% profit from COTD (I had bought this item from COTD originally, lost it, and wanted a replacement— ebay was the only place that still had it. I sucked it up and got it anyway. They actually used the same exact box COTD sent my original in, so it was obvious it was being resold from there for much higher profit. But even though that was crappy, I didn't mind paying $30 dollars for what I originally paid $5 for— it was 2x postage overcharge that added insult to injury.

    It sucked, but their account took a hit for it. And unless they're massive Chinese sellers, then feedback like that makes a real difference to them.

    • +1

      I sucked it up and got it anyway.

      because it was still cheaper, right?

      • +1

        No, it wasn't cheaper. It was ridiculously more expensive. I originally paid something like $3 dollars (and $10 shipping, but I bought more than just that from COTD when I bought it, so it was a bit less) for the item. When I re-bought it was over $30-35 dollars, and then the $25 shipping on top of that. There were other sellers selling it at that price, so this person still wasn't really 'the cheapest' at the time either, they were all around the same price, and there were a few people I was looking at.

        So no, it wasn't cheaper. This person was/is a bargain reseller— think a Broden — someone who goes through and gets bargains in bulk and holds onto them, then marks them up and resells them on Ebay. I sucked it up and got it anyway because I wanted another and COTD only sells things in cycles and didn't have it any more.

        Besides, the item markup wasn't the problem, I wanted the item, I was willing to pay way more to get it again, thems the breaks. The problem was the shipping —which I would have been fine with had they actually spent even close to $20 dollars to ship, or sent it tracked or expedited or something, or sent it in nice, deluxe packaging (it wasn't, it was still in its original COTD box, with no outer packaging!). And I'm fine paying $5-10 dollars to cover seller fees. Even with $10 dollars extra, it would have been $17. Instead they used the cheapest possible shipping, and making it the lowest possible weight, to further increase the already ridiculous inflation on an item already way way way overpriced and make more money.

        Charge whatever you want for shipping, but if you use the shipping to make a profit, your buyers will notice and leave feedback accordingly. That's the whole point of feedback.

        And I originally chose that seller because they were in Australia but there were other people overseas charging close to the same price — I would rather have bought from them and waited longer for it, honestly. And if I had been aware that the seller I used was marking postage up to that degree, I wouldn't have used them in the first place, so there's that too.

        • People do sell on ebay to make a profit. I mean cheaper than anywhere else at the time you bought it. Or maybe you paid more for local stock/ faster delivery. Either way you still chose to buy it from him for some reason regardless of the postage fees.

  • +1

    You should have asked the question even before bidding.

    The seller is not obliged to change the shipping fee after you won the auction (and effectively agreed to the $30 postage). He could have simply said no to your request though instead of acting like an a**.

    • Mt first message didn't request a different shipping fee…only a slightly different shipping method.

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    Its easy to evaluate if the postage has been inflated and you just have to factor that into the purchase. To whinge about it after the fact is a bit pathetic.

    • If you'd read my post properly, you would know I'm not "whinging" about the postage amount, but at the reaction I received from the seller when I made a polite request to adjust the shipping method. You would also know that I lowered my max bid as I was factoring in the inflated postage amount.

      • +1

        Ur intent was to get it cheaper right? Same diff bro

      • I read your post and it was clear that you ignored the automatic payment reminder and x2 responses from the buyer requesting the correct amount. You basically bombarded the seller with your revised total and appeared surprised that he was abusive in response. Then you come on here crying and seem to expect some sympathy. If you lowered your max bid to factor in the inflated postage amount, why pester and chisel away at the seller after??

        • Bombarded the seller with my three messages? You're a laugh.

        • +2

          And you're a tit.

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    Op you must be joking. JUst cancel if you dont wanna it

    • -1

      I'm not joking - the seller really did abuse me…

      • +1

        U mean insult.

  • +3

    If you had an issue with the postage, raise it up before making a bid, don't raise it up after it's done and dusted and then expect the seller to be accommodating.

    • -2

      Didn't have time before the auction ended - only came across it a few minutes before ending. I didn't expect the seller to be accomodating, I simply asked if it could be sent in a satchel.

      • +1

        You had as you previously stated, enough time to lower your max bid to factor in the inflated postage amount (see above).

        • Yes it took less than of a second to calculate in my head that if there's $30 shipping on an item I'd be happy to pay, say, $200 for, I'd best keep my bid below $170.

        • Sure.

  • +1

    I think we tend to expect people to treat us the same way we'd treat others by default, so it's surprising when others have a completely different mindset. When I was an eBay seller, I'd regularly work out the cheapest method of postage for people and refund them the difference without them asking.

    Later I won a series of auctions from a one-time seller, and I took it for granted that they would treat me the same way. A reasonable person would think they'd just charge the rough cost of sending the items won. Instead, they tried to get me to pay more than $60 postage for 2 shirts and a pair of jeans. It would have cost them a fraction of that to send (this was in the UK). Basically they bitched that they had car payments to make or something. Greedy.

  • Dude you said you have sold on eBay before. Everyone knows postage don't get charged as much commission by eBay so seller has to inflate postage to pay less eBay commission fees.

    • +1

      I think it's same now. So whether you sell the item for $10 and $5 postage or vice versa, I'm pretty sure ebay gets the same commission.

      • +1

        Yes, commission is the same for both.

  • +2

    I don't see how people can still side with you.

    I understand the other person is rude and trying to overcharge you with postage fee. However, you clearly stated that you already bid with that in mind and it still ended up cheaper than what you would have happily paid for. The you decided to take a shot if you could take the price further down. It is not matter of principle, it is matter of you being cheap and having a second thought.

    I know you feel abused, but do you know there are more than 1 person with the same thought process and the penchant to ask those questions. What if he had dealt with one too many and could not take it anymore. I don't know why you could not just chill and be happy to pay since you already got it cheaper. I am a quite accommodating person on ebay, but I already get alarmed when people ask questions post-sale. It could very well be legitimate, but it shows that you either bid for it too late, it might have been an after thought or an impulse and now you want to change it.

    • -2

      Firstly, I don't expect anyone to side with me - I'm curious as to people's thoughts on the seller acting the way they did.

      Secondly, if there is a cheaper but equivalent (tracking etc) method for shipping the item, why not try and use it and not pay as much to Aus Post. for their sloppy service. The seller might make a few more dollars, perhaps they might or perhaps they might not pass some of that saving on to the buyer, but what is the harm in asking?

  • +3

    I don't really think this thread is going anywhere. Any comment that disagrees with the OP is argued against.

    I really think OP has just come here for others to agree with them, that's all.

    • Isn't that the point of a forum - an exchange of opinions?

      • +1

        somewhat. until it breaks down into a melee of meaningless minuscule arguments that have little to do with the original topic.

    • +1

      That and I've used up all my negs…

      • Not on me I hope lol

    • +1

      Any comment that disagrees with the OP is argued against.

      I really think OP has just come here for others to agree with them, that's all.

      And that's different from you lot… how, exactly? Any comment agreeing with OP is argued against and downvoted. No one is willing to give on their opinions. Don't pretend like you're any better.

  • +2

    As a seller I don't like buyers who asks too much questions. The best are the one who have no hassles and make it pain in the ass free

    • I agree with the sellers side

      Postage was clearly written. If you didnt accept it then why bid and waste the guys time?

      What makes you think $30 is just postage cost? Sellers factor in time and packing costs into this as well as a % of potential return costs + 12.5% paypal and ebay fees on average.

      If the item was faulty on arrival. Who do you think pays for return postage? its not you. Its the poor seller

      • I did accept the postage cost, as I've now stated a few times, but that doesn't mean I can't ask about making a change in the packaging or postage method.

        P&H is most definitely not meant to cover return costs, paypal or eBay fees - eBay has clear policies on this.

        If an item is faulty on arrival, doesn't that imply the seller either described it incorrectly, or didn't pack it properly? Why shouldn't they be responsible for the return costs in that case?

    • +1

      The seller should still be respectful and reply instead of ignoring and then getting abusive. How is the buyer meant to know if he doesn't reply at all? Communication is important.

      • I do reply sometimes, but when time waster questions are asked then I just ignore them unless they already bought from me as I don't really want to risk getting another negative.

        I dont even reply if I see a question asking if they can get a discount if they buy in bulk.

  • +1

    My $0.02, tell the seller to Foxtrot Oscar. Yes you won the item and yes the postage cost was shown however if the seller is an abusive dick then that's that. End of association. Report him to ebay and look for another item elsewhere.

  • +1

    I would pay for the requested postage and report his or abusive messages to eBay. Nothing else more you can do really. If you don't agree on the postage, don't bid at all. I feel you though. I once was interested in a t-shirt but after seeing the postage which was $50 I gave up.
    Hope you feel better now after seeing all the replies.

    • Thanks for your reply, gcdollar. Yes, I reported the messages to eBay and have paid the seller.

      Most of the replies on here have been critical of my part in the transaction, but at least some people can understand my POV.


  • +1

    We know OP is OzBargainer :)

  • +7

    Kid: Mum can I have some chocolate?
    Mum: (silence)
    Kid: Mum, Can I Have Some Chocolate?!
    Mum: (silence and annoyed)

    You're the kid.

    • -1

      I've given you a +1 for at least being creative, despite it being a terrible analogy.

      • +4

        It's subtle. See the kid knows he shouldn't be having chocolate, especially not close to dinner, but no matter how nice he asks his mother he's not getting any AP Prepaid Satchels. The fruit is the original postage, which you both agreed is better for you, especially when grown organically.

        • +4

          Its a good analogy, something we can all relate to either when we were kids or as parents. Perhaps OP has trouble reading between the lines, hence seller needing to repeat his response twice and needing the kid analogy explained.

        • -2

          Sounds like mum's a non-communicative bitch…no wonder dad left her for that other woman, and now mum is sad all day and cries a lot.

        • +1

          @dm01: What the f OP…

        • +1

          Op reply is being rude/ abusive? He did learn fast from the seller

  • +6

    So pretty much you were rude yourself by wasting their time (three times yes?) trying to get a discount on postage of which you had already agreed to pay? (they did take the time to re-sent the invoice as requested and you still need a clearer answer to your conundrum?) You also freely admit you bid less (in a comment you made) due to the "excessive postage".. So due to your own admissions you 'bid less' on the item due to postage costs.. ? It's obvious from your comment's that if postage was actually lower - say $15 - then you would have bid higher. Possibly to $165 and I can only assume in that instance would have been 100% happy to pay the same final amount that you state you had already factored in to your price.

    I hope you realise that wasting sellers time like you did is a rude thing to do. I can tell from your comments you either don't see it that way or don't care about being rude yourself but either way it doesn't mean what you did was the 'right thing to do' and definitely doesn't mean that your persistent requests were not rude in and of themselves. Due to your own admissions you paid less for the item due to postage cost, knowing this fact as a seller its easy to see how you (yes you) were being quite rude in this instance trying to get 'even more' money off it after the sale!! Its also amusing you think a seller somehow "wins" when he gives a discount on postage after a sale.. It'd be nice to get a explanation from you of how a seller wins in this type of situation you have put forward? I think we can all agree that literally 100% of other bidders BID LESS ON THE ITEM DUE TO FACTORING IN THE POSTAGE so tell me how does a seller win here!!!!??? They don't, I think you know seller looses and buyer wins but it seems you simply don't care or cannot comprehend this fact.

    Wasting sellers time after completing a sale trying to get out of money you never intended paying anyway is wrong and no wonder he got impatient with you. I also sell lots of stuff on ebay and although I would never respond like you purport they did I certainly DO understand their frustration as I think any reasonable person would. (yourself excluded apparently but Just look at the majority of comments siding with the seller even though everyone thinks he was so 'rude')! Do you wonder why this is?

    You commended MULTIPLE times your "NOT" actually upset about the price at all and would like us to believe it is 'all about the way the seller handled it' but your statements are somewhat contradictory to this .. Go and re-read your first post and you might see why I think this;
    (e.g. "I'm sending in a big strong box with lots of padding so it arrives safely") I'd happily pay and move on."
    " I'm now guessing is actually just trying to gouge some extra profit"

    • -3

      Hi cheapchap,

      I think yours is the most nonsensical comment I've read on here so far. You've obviously failed to comprehend a couple of simple things I've said, and have written a rambling essay at 5am about something that doesn't have any bearing on you.

      It's obvious from your comment's that if postage was actually lower - say $15 - then you would have bid higher.

      No kidding - I've said exactly that. Of course, my maximum bid had no bearing on the outcome of the auction anyway, since the price I paid was actually determined by the maximum bid of the guy that that came second. But the difference between winning at $150 with $30 P&H and winning at $165 with $15 P&H is that in the first instance the seller has artificially inflated a component of the cost that is actually meant to correspond roughly to their incurred cost, while the second is simply a result of market forces.

      Wasting sellers time after completing a sale trying to get out of money you never intended paying anyway

      As I've stated numerous time, I only bid if I intend to pay (and have done so) - nice try, mate.

      You commended MULTIPLE times your "NOT" actually upset about the price

      That's right, and I'll state it again for you since you still don't get it…I'm not bothered about the price - the total is lower than I was willing to pay. It's just a pity about the (profanity) at the other end. Is that clearer now to you?

      Its also amusing you think a seller somehow "wins" when he gives a discount on postage after a sale.. It'd be nice to get a explanation from you of how a seller wins in this type of situation you have put forward?

      See if you can wrap your mind around this scenario. Seller lists an item on eBay with a $30 P&H fee, based on the item shipping in a spare box they have laying around the house. They've measured the box dimensions and have guestimated the packed weight, and the shipping calculator on the AP website says it'll cost around $25 in postage to send to an address in another state, thanks to cubing. Seller makes $5 on the cost of shipping to cover handling etc. Then the buyer messages and says, "hey can you pop it in a 3kg prepaid satchel - it's light enough and small enough to fit." Satchel is $11 cheaper than sending in the box. So seller charges the buyer $20 P&H instead…the seller now makes $6 instead of $5, gets to keep the box, and receives glowing feedback for helping reduce the total cost the buyer pays.

  • I got a question guys(not necessarily related)….. If I bought 5 items from a seller with all the items having their own individual postage fee and then requested a new combined total from the seller…. And they still give charge me the same amount of postage as before(instead of a least a 1 cheaper.etc) that person is still rightfully a d*ck right????

    • Why would you assume that buying 5 lots of one item would definitely make the postage cheaper?

      Any questions about items and postage should be directed to the seller BEFORE you agree to buy.

      • Well there you go…. :P

      • +2

        Perhaps because the P&H fee is meant to reflect the costs incurred in shipping the items to buyer, and for many items, shipping a quantify of 5 together would cost less than shipping 5 individually.

        But yes, good to check with the seller first…if there is time ;)

  • +5

    I hope I never end up selling anything to OP on eBay.

    • -5

      Send me your eBay user ID and I'll happily ensure you don't.

  • You ever try to re-negotiate with a salesman like a real estate agent or car salesman after you've signed a contract?
    I'll avoid writing here what I think their reaction is likely going to be because I don't want to get banned.

      • +1

        Really, you can argue all you like with us on this forum.

        The key fact here is, you were trying to get the total price adjusted so you can pay less than what you already agreed on.

        Don't try to make it sound like your request was "reasonable" and come here to b*tch about the seller because he won't budge on your earlier agreement.

        Be happy the seller didn't file an unpaid item dispute!

        Also, if you've never complained about buying an item with "Free postage", you should also stop using eBay's policy of "only using the actual postage prices" in your arguments. The policies don't exist for your own convenience.

  • OP what if he'd said yes and changed the postage and then still charged you $30?

    • You would know you where dealing with an Ozbargainer.

      (A somewhat rude one)

      • Ha true, but the point I'm trying to make is that OP should be happy with this if it really is about the satchel and not the cost.

    • -2

      …or if he'd said he was already planning on sending in that satchel? Yes, considered both possibilities when I messaged, and if that were the case, I'd thank them for getting back to me and send through payment.

  • Just take the Neg, he will be even more Pissed off and move on.

    Put in a complaint against him as well, everyone wins.

  • @dm01

    I'm an ebay seller. My thoughts…

    1. Ebay Seller stated by the OP was very rude. Very bad customer service. Unfortunately no law against being a rude d*ck…

    2. OP knew the price of postage, still bid AND then negotiated with seller - who in the initial instance responded to your first email with the initial total invoice cost - which to my mind means that he just wanted you to pay the agreed amount…

    3. Did you end up purchasing the item?

      1. Yes, no laws against that.
      2. I politely asked if he could send in a satchel…no laws against that either, and as past experience has shown, quite a reasonable request.
      3. Yes.
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