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½ Price Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza $3.75 @ Woolworths (9/11)


OzBargain's favourite frozen pizza is back at just $3.75 each. Enjoy :)

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    Time to stock up ladies and gents.
    *Turns on deep freezer *

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    "favourite frozen pizza" - is that like your favourite strain of herpes?

    The only benefit of these pizzas is that they make Domino's look amazingly delicious.

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      Very much agreed and comment voted up. Its sacrilegious to say this crap pizza is ozbargains fav! Wtf

    • yeah tbh these pizza are mini sized and got pretty much no toppings on them. the only good part is the base.

      the only good frozen pizzas, is the papa giuseppe bakehouse crust, whenever thats half price im going to stock up! the best crust and lots of toppings, full size!

      • I used to buy the hand made Picasso Foods pizzas at Woolworth's for half price close to the expiry date but looks like they've recently stopped stocking them. It's a pity because I really thought they were fantastic frozen pizza's - I much preferred them to Dominos'.

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        I'd have to disagree with you there.

        I got the PG's bakehouse pizza and it was essentially a balloon of air surrounded by a paper-thin hard crust (so it looked like a deep dish, but with air replacing the doughy insides). I much prefer Oetker's crispy thin crust because they don't try and make something out of nothing.

  • excellent, back to their normal price of under $4.

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    I prefer Papa Guiseppes bakehouse crust, but they haven't been half price for ages :(

    I'd rather get a Dominos pizza over Dr Oekter for the price

    • I think McCain Takeaway is the best frozen pizza but it's expensive: $8.50 normally, only ever seen it drop to $6 and I think it was a store special only.

  • Love these pizzas but my wife wants me to stop eating the processed meats so I was left just staring at the half price Oetker pizzas at Coles last week. NOW I have these to stare at this weekend. Dammit!

    Personal fav is the Hawaiian pizza. The bake house meat lovers is very good as well but just a bit too much for me to eat in one session.

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      So say no to your wife.

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      You could always eat it in the car, cook it on the bonnet on a hot day (if they still exist in melbourne).

      She'll never know…

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      Try the spinach 🍕 it's my favourite and has no processed meat

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        Good point and I'll be able to quietly add my salami and cheese on top. 😄
        In that vein. The four cheese one will not look out of place in the freezer as well!

        • I think there's a funghi one too, no meat…
          My fav is the 'speciale'

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    Ozbargains favourite? WUT

    These pizzas taste like crap, speak for yourself dude. Even at half price they aren't worth it

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      Get over yourself pizza snob.

      • Lol the toad of pain. Actually I was feeling bad about the prior comment. Only cause if ppl stop buying the brand then workers lose jobs and families need to be supported. So yeah perhaps trashing a brand isn't such a good thing.

        Btw shouldn't it be frozen pizza snob..

        • shouldn't it be frozen pizza snob

          Personally, I cook mine first ;)

    • Lol to get the most of them you really need to cook them right, they come out great in my commercial pizza oven. That said for a easy sub buy the 3 for $6 Audi cheese pizza, add oregano xtra cheese and cherry tomatos cut in half. Best margaritas from a freezer pizza.

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    4 cheese is quite good for the money.

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    I tried one recently and it was effing disgusting. I wouldn't feed this to my dog.

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      Any reason for the down votes?
      I'd love to hear it.

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      defs do not feed your dog pizza.

      • He eats tucker time and thanks to Ozbargain, I feed him Blackhawk dry food.

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      All jokes aside that was actually my exact experience as well. Hence I worded my original comment in a rather strong way.

    • $3.75 vs $10+ for fresh pizza. Big taste difference. Actually fairly surprising value (and i love my pizza)

  • pepperoni is the only good one they make, rest are junk

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    i had the meat lovers that was pretty good. Took only 15 mins in the oven and was nice and crispy. Wouldn't pay $7 but $3.50 is reasonable price

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    Maybe I have SH!T unrefined taste. But I actually dont mind it for the price.

    When I am lazy I just put some extra bacon on top and it is edible (For my standards anyway)

    In Perth Spud Shed does these for $2.50 sometimes. (it has been awhile though)

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    I normally add more toppings just to make it more appetizing eg - plenty more mozarella cheese, onions, capsicums… For the efforts I am probably better off getting Dominos :)

    • Dominos have crappy thick bases though…

      • So go thin. The base is just a topping delivery system ;P

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    It's the bases that make these good pizzas. Thin, crispy, no added stodge.

    Personally we favour the German made ones as the cheese just tastes better. Liberally add toppings to suit but these are a great starting point if just want pizza as it should be without a thick base.

    Best thing we ever did was start making chilli oil to add to pizza to serve - liberally used in the French and Italian Alps today and perfect with beer. Not original, but quality olive oil works well too.

  • Reading through the comments all looks positive, but for myself over the past few months each one I've grabbed have been utter crap. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • which ones did u try?

      • Pepperoni, all fatty and drips and I even use a pizza cooking base to make it crispy.

  • I have to admit, the crust on these are EXTREMELY THIN. If they made them a bit thicker like actual pizza's or Domino's size then it would be worth the money.

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      is thin
      is good

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      Pizza crust is supposed to be thin.. Get with the program.

      Calling Domino's "actual pizza". You have no clue.

      • Actually no, it varies in size! Deep Pan from Pizza Hut has always been the best

        • Yes, my favourite base.

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          Only by western fast food companies. Proper Italian pizza is what I'm talking about. Pizza Hut is no different to Dominos - mass produced, cheap, salty garbage. Fast food, not real food.

        • @Ripped: Not "fast food",
          Good food quickly!

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    Half price last week at Coles, the week before at Woolworths.

  • get in early. I went on the 2nd day of sale and already ozbargained

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    I like these, but I usually add some salami, some extra cheese, circle of sauce and some random extras like garlic or olives etc. the Hawaiian and Pepperoni are best avoided generally imo. The spinach pizza is pretty nice 👌🏻

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      I always only get the spinach.

  • Vegetarian ones are the great. I read they're made overseas ?
    Ones with meat are a bit disappointing.

    • True that, cheese one is the best

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    Favourite frozen pizza

    Continues to compare with Domino's smh.

    • to be fair, dominos uses frozen bases, and there's not much fresh in them at all

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    Stock up the German made spinach pizza.

  • tried their supreme recently. surprised me; i actually like it better than their pepperoni

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    Dominoes $5 for value range
    Dr Oekter $3.75, 75% of the price

    I far prefer Dr Oekter for taste and can chuck some good meat on the pizza that would bring it to a similar price as domino's, just with better meat. I also don't live anywhere near a domino's so it's very handy to just walk to freezer and be able to eat in 15 mins.

  • I've always wondered what Dr Oetker look like….


    thanks google

    • Related to the Colonel Sanders? ;)

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    It's okay but personally still quite expensive for me.

    For the same price I can make multiple multiple cheese sandwiches with tomato sauce and jalapeños.

    To each their own I suppose.

    Tried one mozzarella one was maybe 5/10

    Dominos for me is about a 6.5/10 sometimes 7 or 8 if it's a good day and the sun is shining and I get one of the more expensive ones

    • Eagle Boys are better… as long as you do not get the ones from Eastwood (NSW) — looks like a robot made them.. sparse as topping

      • Unfortunately no eagle boys near Katoomba..only Dominos and a few self owned shops

  • Which flavours are the best?. The prosciutto and spinach ones i tried were decent.