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AmEx Offers: Spend $200 Get $40 Back @ David Jones Online | Targeted: Spend $80 Get $20 @ DJs Eastland VIC


Spend $200 or more in one or more transactions, online only at davidjones.com.au by 4 Dec 2016 to receive one $40 credit.

Limited to the first 20,000 Cards to save the offer.

Exclusions apply.


  • Excludes Wine Club purchases.
  • Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $200 or more on that Card, in one or more transactions, online at davidjones.com.au only by 4/12/16 to receive one $40 credit. Limited to the first 20,000 Cards to save the offer.
  • Offer is limited to one credit per registered Card. Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the Offer.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly at davidjones.com.au. For example, purchases made through a third party payment processor like PayPal.
  • Excludes in-store purchases. Offer valid at David Jones Australian website only.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from offer end date.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Account if it has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

Thanks mini2 for the manual link.

Also from tightarse:

There's a targeted spend $80 get $20 for DJs Eastland VIC that should probably be added to this post…


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  • +27

    Yes gift cards work before anyone asks

    Yes you will get refund, wait 2 to 3 days before complaining here after 1 day

    Yes supplementary cards work, register separately with different emails

    EGiftcards are max $100

    • +4

      E gift cards will not give credit, physical gift cards will

      • Not sold at davidjones.com.au ?

        • +4

          I think eGift Cards go through a different vendor

        • @kerfuffle: Ahh!

        • @kerfuffle:

          Can I ask you how to ask DJ online to price match another online provider?

        • @pearl2013: You'll have to call the Online Team (number should be on the Contact Us page) and ask them. Do bear in mind that we can only price match stores that also have a bricks and mortar store.

        • +1


          Thank you.

    • @Turd, do you know if it works for any supplementary card?
      From what I understand, there are 2 types of supplementary card.
      1.Supplementary with same card number (ie: primary and secondary card number are the same, the name is different)
      2.Supplementary with different card number (from same provider, link into 1 account, but card number and name on the card are different)

      • +1

        Must be different numbers

        Westpac, CBA, St George do not offer this, NAB, ANZ and AMEX AMEX do

        • Do you know if applying for a supplementary card will trigger a credit check (credit enquiry)?

        • @wildstone: It would not

        • @Turd: Thanks dude.

    • Yes supplementary cards work, register separately with different emails

      Are you sure that you require separate emails? I've been using the same email for the registrations (most recently the HN spend $300 get $100 deal) and I have been receiving the confirmation emails.

      • +1

        back in the day it was one email per card number, they have since now changed it so you can use the same email.

  • PERFECT TIMING. We have our Cardmember Christmas Shopping Event today!

    Edit: Not showing on my DJs AMEX. Hoping for a manual link!

    • What do you buy at DJs, that is of value compared to other stores? I always struggle when I have gift cards.

      • Well, everything. Because I work there ;)
        If you or your partner or a giftee tend to use high-end cosmetics like Chanel and Dior and etc., you could always use it to stock up on stuff you use. Or a new perfume? Or you can wait to use it during our Half Yearly Clearance next month if you want new homewares. :)

        • Half Yearly - before or after Christmas? I thought there's supposed to be a round of discounts in October (normally anyway).

        • @mini2: After.

          We did have a round of discounts in October. That is our mid season sale :)

        • +1

          Yes, this. Cosmetics at DJs are often cheaper than online stores now if using cashback like this or discounted gift cards (and cashrewards!). Gift with purchases are often available to. I just put an order in for Laura Mercia products which aren't available near me. Thanks OP!

    • I believe it's online only.

      • +1

        We have our Cardmember Christmas Shopping Event online too.

    • I love you :D

    • @mini2, how do you find the manual links, can you please share the secret? Thanks

  • Want free* delivery for your gift card instead of paying $5 for it?

    Order the cheapest physical possible item with the GC. I've been ordering a sauce dish for $0.87.

    (* $0.87 isn't exactly free but close enough)

    • +1
      • I added it but still charging $10 delivery

        Edit: removes it later stages in checkout

    • +1

      The $1 sauce dish has gone up

      • oh my god, we'll now have pages complaining how DJ's is taking advantage of the Amex offer and ripping us off. Especially at stores near Uni 😀

        • Hahahaha! Probably just a supplier increase in price.

        • +1


          There was a big "SALE" icon thingie next to it on Sunday when I ordered my last round of GC's. It was $1.25 as well back in October when I did the other round of GC's. Just when I thought this GC gravy train is about to stop, look at this…

        • @mini2: Oh I think it was on sale because we had 30% off that ended on Sunday.

        • +1

          @kerfuffle: I am jesting. This is ozbargain where outrage can trump commonsense. Especailly by junior academics

    • edited.. sorted

  • Do they sell vpay or visa prepaid card ?

    • No

        • +10

          This seriously cannot be a legitimate question. :/

        • +8

          This is what happens when you spoon feed the masses..

        • +7

          Do they sell big Macs at hungry Jack's?

  • Will this stack with the other DJs Amex deal (15% off up to $50) cash back?

    Just realised the $30 off $150 expired

    • Yes, I can confirm the 15% offer will stack. Have successfully stacked this with other Woolworths and Dan Murphys AMEX offers.

    • Yes they stack

  • +2

    What is there to buy at DJs??? Hmmmm kerfuffle ideas??

    Also AMA on working at DJs? How is it there?

    • Your Christmas presents for other people ;)

      Hahahaha an AMA wouldn't be advisable for me, just in case I get busted :P I'll stick to comments and helping out where I can :)

  • +1

    There's a targeted spend $80 get $20 for DJs Eastland VIC that should probably be added to this post…


    • +1

      That's in store though so you can't claim both

  • Does anyone know if this stacks with the welcome offer too?

    • Yes and the End of Year offer if you haven't already used it.

      • So I just need to spend $200

        Not $200 plus the $40?

        • Yes…

  • I always struggle to know what to buy from DJs.

    • All the things! :P

      • +2

        Yeah but everything is so expensive

        • Hence why you buy it when it's on sale :) You don't have Christmas presents to buy or anything? Plus we also price match bricks and mortar stores :)

        • +1

          DJ's prices aren't that expensive. They have awesome return and warranty policies, so its good to buy things that may have issues later on. Vacuum cleaner, watch, even toys. If there is a problem with the item they will take it back no questions asked. I bought a toy at DJ's a few days ago, and a day later found that it was defective. They took it back without batting an eye. If that was bought from Ali Express,,, good luck getting anything back.

        • @kerfuffle:

          Can giftcard be claimed through TRS?

        • +2

          @nightelves: Try it? Take one for the team!

        • @nightelves: I highly doubt it. It's like claiming cash on TRS …

        • @Turd:

          I would try on Harvey Norman giftcards but not DJs

        • +4


          No gst is paid on gift cards.

        • +1

          @nightelves: As winnieblues said, no it can't because GST is not paid on it.

          If you think of it logically, it would mean you'd be paying for GST twice on an item you purchase.

          i.e. Buy gift card and pay GST as part of it.
          Then buy whatever item and you're paying GST on the item as well

          In addition, TRS T&Cs do exclude gift cards anyway.

        • +1


          Thanks for the explanation mate. Always a pleasure and good recommendations for Sydney as well.

        • @kerfuffle:

          Spending Christmas alone. :(

        • @nightelves: Aww :(

    • +1

      thats why DJ gift cards are so good .. their regular prices are crap but sometimes they have sales which are pretty good… also they will price match competitors like target … eg target had $99 nutribullets from 200 bucks, went to DJ's with gc that i got at 40% off … that matched the price… end price is $60 out of pocket for a $200 nutribullet.

  • Use this link if you're signed up with Amex Connect, no typing required aside to logging in (if you have to type your password to login, you are doing it wrong) https://network.americanexpress.com/connect/au/en/secure/doe...

  • +1

    Remember to go through cashrewards for 6% cashback.

    • +1

      Or Qantas Points Mall for 10 points per $ from today.

    • DJ Cash Rewards Link

      Please NOTE: Rewards will not be paid when you purchase a Gift Card/s. Rewards will be payable when a Gift Card is used as a payment method.

      I have no clues how they can track that for Cash Rewards though.

      I'm actually not sure if the offer is still available anyway though.

      • Can confirm it works. Got $12.08 credited to my account after spending $201.25 at DJ online.

        • +1

          I've had a similar transaction captured before… When it came time to clear the payment, it was declined. Given that I had purchased gift cards, I didn't try to dispute it.

        • @bluedufflecoat: ahhh yes. You are right. It is actually just being tracked and so I assume I can only cash it out once I spend it. I'll be very impressed if they can actually track my gift card though.

  • tried to add $200 DJ's giftcard and $1 mason jar cover thingy, and get the following error at checkout:

    "Error:Sorry, an error has occurred while trying to retrieve the inventory status of this product."

    • That usually means that the item isn't in stock online.

  • +3

    just got a 200 buck gift card with this item:


    its from 16 bucks to 2 bucks, a saving of like 90% and more useful than a jam jar covering LOL … you can actually use it to wash your face plus you get a free david jones junk magazine valued at $9.95.

    i also got an email straight away for the offer and a welcome offer of 20 bucks back for 40 bucks spend!!!

    edit: even my cash rewards tracked!!! for 12 bucks, hopefully that goes through LOL

    • You're a gun! I bought the towels as well for $2! What's this cashrewards you're talking about for David Jones?

      • Cash rewards pays cashback on purchases from David Jones. I think the rate is 6%.

        Doesn't apply to purchase of giftcards though. And there is a referral thing going on too, that is, if you use someone's referral, you get $5 into your cashrewards account after you spend $20 through CR. Your referrer also gets $5 (after you meet the requirements). You can move the money into your own bank account, once the transaction has "cleared" and they say that typically takes 3 months.

  • Any reason why people prefer physical gift cards over digital?
    With digital I believe you will not need to go adding the small item to the cart?

    • +3

      Have you not been reading the post. E gift cards don't give you cashback with the Amex offer whereas physical gift cards do.

      • My bad, I'm usually good with things like that. cheers!

        • Yep this is well known
          E-gift cards go through a different portal.
          Essentially, it doesn't trigger the cash back.

    • 75ml
      must be travel size

  • +1

    I think gift cards have ran out

    • worked for me less than a minute ago

      • Did you add a <$5 item or just pay the $5 delivery?

    • It ran out for you Turd because you got to many Amex card. Lol

      • Yeah :( I tried to add all those cheap items didnt let me. So paid $5 for postage. boooooo

    • It's not the gift card, it's the small item you have added to your order that is out of stock.

  • Error:Sorry, an error has occurred while trying to retrieve the inventory status of this product.

    • This is because the small item you have added is out of stock.

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