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Wii U Batman Arkham City, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 3 $4 @ EB Games

  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U: $4 was $39.04

  • Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition Wii U: $4 was $19.04

  • Mass Effect 3 Special Edition Wii U : $4 was $29.15

  • Guitar Hero Live Rechargeable Battery Pack Universal: $15 was $34.95

Purchased at Munno Para SA store

About 10 copies each of Batman and Call of Duty left when I was there, a couple copies of Mass Effect and I purchased the last 2 battery packs on display at that store (possibly more out the back, guy said there should be a lot of stock around, if not this store then most other stores have stock showing)

Should be Nation wide, not available online.

If I can improve this post in any way please let me know, I am not good at these things.

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    Great deal if you're looking for a cool COD themed drinks coaster.

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    Its nationwide, but you may have to ask for the price as it depends when the individual store gets around to putting on their Christmas sale stickers.
    I picked these up on Monday in Sydney after a similar deal was posted here


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    Batman came up well on the Wii U - very good but at $4 if you don't have it on another platform.

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    Thanks OP, picked up all three in Brisbane City! :D


    I played Black Ops II on the Wii U recently and I got to say - IMHO it's better than the 360/PS3 versions!

    It has the same features and modes as the aforementioned versions, along with dual-screen multiplayer (one player on the TV, the other on the Gamepad) and its support of many different controllers. Even multiplayer's populated - though only in Team Deathmatch.


      Is the single player any good?

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        Disregarding Wii U performance, the campaign is terrible compared to Black Ops I.

        The Strike Force missions (optional RTS missions) were impossible to complete, even while playing on Regular difficulty and none of the 8 different story endings were not satisfying at all. Aside from the gameplay, most parts of the campaign felt like an afterthought.


      On the flip side, Mass effect 3 on the wii u is the worst FPS i have ever played.


      Only if ATVI allowed treyarch to port the DLC over to wii u for free, I would say its best version.

      The leftover DLC & peacekeeper is hidden in the code.


    sweet deal. thanks


    The Guitar Hero Live battery packs were a dollar each from Target's clearance a few months ago.

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      Wow! Now that's a deal for for anyone fortunate enough to grab it, I always seem to miss those things.

      That printer a lot of people just got for $4 cost me $130 6 months ago lol.

      Oh well, at least I do get quite a few bargains on things thanks to ozbargain.


    Cod ghost on wii u is still $49.50, no wonder mp is dead :’-(

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