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Free 1 Month Trial - Maths Educational Book for Children from PREP to GRADE 5 ($20/Month Thereafter) from 10on10


Hi Everyone, I got a special promotion for any serious parents out there who is looking to help improve their
child's mathematical skills. Our parent company is looking to invest into Australian's education and
looking to give away the first months free maths program at no cost for the next few days. Not even
delivery fee!

If you want your child to build confidence beyond the classroom, please spend a few minutes looking at
the video on the main page of the website. You wont regret it!

These are maths text programs which is fully illustrated to make maths fun and exciting. It allows you
to interact with your child the old fashion way (and not on-line) , bit like what your parents did for you
when they were teaching you maths.

The maths curriculum is currently experienced by 70,000 students and is taught in 3 countries.

Here's how you do it -
1. Goto website http://www.10on10.com.au & check out the curriculum.
2. If you like a free trial book, click on this link and fill in your details

Thats it! Wait for the maths program to arrive to your door step.

Terms and Condition
**Depending on the demand, the maths program may arrive between 7 to 14 working days.
**If the demand is excessive, some parents may go on a waiting list.

Email us before the trial date ends and we'll cancel the subscription and you won't be charged

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    Hi OP. What happens beyond the first month? Is there any ongoing payment expected?


    Hi, email us before the trial date ends and we'll cancel the subscription and you won't be charged.

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      Sorry no deal.

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    1. If you like a free trial book, click on this link and fill in your details

    Clicked link, got this:

    10on10 Australia Order Summary
    Item: 10on10 Maths + 1 month Trial period
    Quantity: 1
    Price: $20.00
    SUBTOTAL: $20.00
    GST (10%): $2.00
    TOTAL: $22.00

    Where is the free book? You want a payment of $22.00


      Hi, this payment screen does not charge you credit card as stated below the subscription page. ie
      " Your trial period ends on dd.mm.yy after which your card will be charged. However, you will not be charged if you cancel before the trial period."
      Just email [email protected] if you do not wish to continue with the subscription.

      Your first book is totally free including delivery.

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    I got a special promotion for any serious parents out there

    I'm a parent but not sure if serious enough for this deal.

    • +1 vote

      That's exactly what I was thinking. I probably joke around with my kids too much to be eligible for this deal. Would I need to provide evidence of my serious parenting?

  • -1 vote

    What is the difference between other programs. Everyone gives you a trial program and then you have to buy if you want to continue after trial period.

    • -1 vote

      What is the difference between 10on10 method and other Mathematical products?

      The 10on10 Math Program is creative, fun and extremely unorthodox. It does not use a traditional classroom learning style or a one-to-one tutoring method. Instead, worksheets are designed to be used at home based on a “learn by doing” principle. The 10on10 Math Program encourages students to think for themselves. The goal of the programme is to develop student's confidence so that they will first try to solve a problem on their own before asking for help.

  • +1 vote

    "give away the first months free maths program"

    does not imply the entire prep to year 5 book is free.

  • +1 vote

    got a special promotion for any serious parents

    If you are serious enough to give out a free book, do it without asking for pre subscription payment.

  • +1 vote

    Customizable and free.
    Examples provided for every activity.
    'just apply a printer'

    How is your ' learn by doing' program better?

  • +1 vote

    Misleading post due to no mention of ongoing subscription fees in title - so no bargain.

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    Your math is terrible. When I was t school 0 + $20 per month = $20 per month.

    You might need some tutoring in math.

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    Misleading title. It is a free trial. Not a free book.


    Negging because Associated OP's title and description avoid disclosing fellow OzBargain members can only acquire the book by subscription and it only becomes "free" upon subsequent cancellation before a certain date. Well, I would neg but "Your negative votes have been revoked 3 times over the last 90 days, and you are not able to vote negative until 09 December at 16:29." It would be so wrong to neg a "Freebie" designed to keep your money.

    Write a descriptive title & description
    Please explain clearly what the deal is about:
    6. State any relevant terms & conditions, such as expiry date and any “hidden catches”.

    The aforementioned conditions mean OP's title and description are deceptive by calling a trial book available exclusively to subscribers a "free" book. This "bargain" is an advertisement and is patently not a freebie.

    Even if Associated OP offers a truly free English course I implore all members to disregard it as it is clearly ineffective.