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Get $20/$30/$50/$100/$200 Store Credit with $100/$300/$500/$700/$900 Spend @ The Good Guys


Get up to $200 Store Credit When You Spend a Min of $100

Spend $100 Get $20 Store Credit
Spend $300 Get $30 Store Credit
Spend $500 Get $50 Store Credit
Spend $700 Get $100 Store Credit
Spend $900 Get $200 Store Credit


Excludes Apple, ASKO, Miele.
Previously earned Store Credits can be used in this promotion to complete the purchase. The eligible store credit for this promotion will be calculated on the total spend minus any store credit applied to this transaction.
Store Credits will be received no later than Friday 2nd December 2016. The Store Credit will be valid until Saturday 24th December 2016.

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  • +7

    Should be Get $200 Store Credit When You Spend $900 *

    rather than Get Up to $200 Store Credit When You Spend a Min of $100

  • +1

    Title is a bit misleading…

    • Better?

      • Maybe something like: 'Spend $100-$900 and get $20-$200 Store Credit' ?

    • Yeah. Was really misleading. Also. Not sure about TGGs application of the discount at the various levels. Why $100 get $20 and then only 10% return after that until the $700 mark. Strange way of doing this deal.

      • Probably less percentage profit margin on the items for them?

        • +1

          Im just waiting for someone to work out how to scam a $300 purchase into theee separate $100 purchased and get the $60 credit. 😀

        • @danielh: 3x $100 gift cards perhaps? Haven't checked T&C's yet.

  • +1

    Does this apply to purchases from Good Guys ebay?

    • No

  • does this stack with ebay discount?

    • No

      • and every day, "sir, entrust me with a command"

  • So it means we can buy with gift cards and can still earn store credits?

    • Unfortunatly no. From the T&Cs on the website.
      'Gift Card purchases or purchases utilising previously earned Store Credits do not qualify for this promotion.'

      • Thanks, Robin:)

        Then it still cannot beat its previous deal on Gopro, which was 20% off RRP.

  • Looking to stack this with:
    1. $100 discount code for fridge FRIDGE100
    2. Gift cards purchased at discount through staff club to make the purchase

    and purchasing through goodguys.com.au

    Any reason why this wouldn't work?

    • 2GC limit per online order

      • Thanks. Even with that limit, it is still cheaper to buy through the online if everything will stack.

  • +2

    If the item is available on ebay, better to get the 20% discount than the store credit.

    • No. If you spend 900 you get 200 credit. If you spend that 200 in two $100 transactions you get another 20 credit. So technically spend 900 and get upto 240 credit?

      • +3

        Lol how do you plan to use that $200 store credit when you are getting it only next month and this offer expires 17 Nov. Always thinking of double dipping and not reading T&Cs thus making a purchase and then blaming :P

      • +7

        As regenade said, you wont be able to use it again. Secondly if you dont need anything to buy, it is waste of money. I would rather spend $720 if I am buying a $900 item than spending $900 and getting $1100 worth of goods.

  • Previously earned Store Credits can be used in this promotion to complete the purchase. The eligible store credit for this promotion will be calculated on the total spend minus any store credit applied to this transaction.

    I've got 2 gc to use.
    Does that mean i need to spend more than $150 to get a $20 voucher?

  • YAWN, as usual no APPLE.

  • I find these deals of limited value, unless you know you will need something during the 22 days during which your credit is valid. They typically only have good prices on expensive items. Things below $100 are few and far in between, and overpriced, so you end up topping up to an unreasonable extent.

  • I was thinking of buying one of LG 55inch OLED TVs for about 3000 aud from the good guys ebay, but there could be bundle prices for such TVs+XboxOneS or PS4 pro, so, maybe it is better to wait.

  • Combine this with the 15-20% tvs?

  • This reminds me of the deal dick smith had last Christmas. Might be something to do before JB HiFi's takeover of The Good Guys becomes official.

    • Had me wandering the same thing. Except dick went tits up, eneloops and all… Makes me wonder if TGG are headed down the same road?

  • A shame that you have to use the credit before 24 December. They probably wont have any good deals in store (e.g. 20% off TV's) until boxing day, making credit essentially useless unless you buy the smaller items like small appliances which probably don't need anyway. eBay is where they seem to be hosting the genuine bargains..

  • anyone know how long it takes to receive credit generally? ordered my item a few days ago and should be delivered soon.

  • Purchases of Apple, ASKO, Miele, delivery or Gift Card purchases do not qualify for this

    Will the items ordered for delivery (i.e. fridge) qualified for this? Or does it just mean that delivery price is not included in those amounts?

    • +1

      It says purchases OF delivery, so my understanding is that delivery price not included in the above spends to receive the voucher. After all, it is an online only deal and many people will need delivery for the larger items like TV/fridge etc anyway.

      So it should be fine, just make sure the item cost is above those tiers.

      • Thanks for clarification, that is also my understanding, but wanted someone to confirm that.

  • has anyone got their vouchers yet !?

    • i haven't :(

    • Nope.. sent them an email asking for update.

  • Did anyone receive their credit? They haven't responded to my email yet.

  • i haven't received the email for store credit.

    • neither am I

    • haven't got that email yet either.

  • +1

    Hi Andy, Unfortunately we have experienced a technical glitch with the store credits and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We recommend checking your email towards the end of the week for the store credit to arrive. Please be aware the original expiry date on these store credits will be extended. Please let us know if we can assist further. Thank you.

    my reply through facebook chat

  • +1

    Good that it will be extended. Plan to use mine in boxing day sale, hopefully they have store wide % of sales which can match or better the eBay offers..

  • I haven't received the credit either. I sent an email on Sunday but no response yet. Looks like I am not the only one.

  • Just got $200 credit in my email.

    • Me too. Expires 31/12/2016 so that is good.

    • Mine too, finally. $100 credit. Hopefully they have some good sales soon. Their prices on SD cards are almost triple other stores :.