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Win 1 of 5,000 AIRism Products from Uniqlo



Closing Date 27/11/2016
Multi-draw Yes


Description 5000 x AIRism products worth up to $14.90
No. of Prizes 5000
Total Prize Pool $74,500.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Email Subscription

Looks like it's a repeat of this one: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/219144

357 winners per day, the rest get $10 off $75 purchase coupon code.

Redeem in-store - Stores located in NSW, QLD and Vic (see here for locations)

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  • Should I mark this as instant win? It's not instant but you do find out if you've won within 24 hours.

    • I've changed it to multiple draw dates so everyone can mark themselves as a winner.

  • 30 words or less.

  • Gr8 for sufferers of Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid Chronic pain fatigue brain fog depression sleep disorders other disabilities etc

  • I won :)

    • Entries will be judged based on their originality and creativity.

      What did you say?

      • +1

        It was not very original or creative at all in my opinion. Something along the lines that "It keeps me cool and dry" and some other uninspiring words.

        I think it's probably a first-in, first-served type of competition, despite the T&Cs.

  • Also won :]

  • I won!

  • +2

    Winner here too! Thanks OP :)

  • I won as well!

  • +2

    first to reply can have my Free airism code.

    • 1st?

      • code gone to nightelves, thanks

  • +2

    I won! Thanks OP!

  • I got a coupon code :(

    • ha same here

  • Got a code~

  • Thanks!

  • I won! Thanks OP

  • Another winner here. Thanks!

  • I won too. Picked up a tshirt tonight, they didn't know how to process the code lol. Had to wait for about 15 minutes. Anyway all good.

  • +2

    I Won as well. Haha I thought I was special until I read the thread. Seems like Uniqlo is doing an Oprah.

  • won

  • I won :O

  • I won one. Looking forward to getting it tomorrow.

  • how was i so UNlucky ? though am having a bad luck week

    • +2

      never mind, tried again with different email, GOT 1 !!!

  • got one :D

    • I thought winners are announced at 12PM.

      • got mine yesterday, but marked as winner just now

  • So is this a multi-entry competition or once you enter it once are you entered every day?

    • You are only allowed to enter once per person.

      • But if I don't win today am I still in tomorrow's draw? Or does that mean it's time to crack out the other email addresses?

        • I used different email address 2nd time, won

  • I won but don't have any way to redeem as I live in Perth, let me know if you want the email I was sent so you can claim the prize.

    • I could use it if not taken yet? Thanks.

      • message me with your email address and I will forward on the email - it's all yours.

    • Code has been claimed… hopefully he got his shirt or whatever :D

  • I won :D

  • enroll

  • If you win a shirt how do you claim it?

    • 22.
      The Free AIRism valued at $14.90 unique code that is emailed to the entrant must be presented in store before close of business on 30 November 2016 for the winning entrants to be able to collect their Free AIRism product valued at $14.90

  • If you do win; what's the expiry date to claim the prize?

    • +1

      The Free AIRism valued at $14.90 unique code that is emailed to the entrant must be presented in store before close of business on 30 November 2016 for the winning entrants to be able to collect their Free AIRism product valued at $14.90

  • I won

  • Damnit, i won a sleeveless bra! I'm a male, would they let me choose a male product?

    • The text (version) of the email says you won a bra-top, however if you view the HTML/Image view of the same email, it says you can select any product.
      I suggest showing the person in store the pictures and not the text. ;)

    • It's to support your C-cup. Lol!

  • I won!

  • Got one too, thanks OP.

  • What did everyone say? I didn't win "won" a $10,- voucher.

  • Also won

  • Won :) Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP I won one :D

  • +2

    these are on sale atm for $9.90 anyway!

    • So we're getting jipped $5.

      I demand a $5 refund!

  • l got the $10 off code straight away, not sure how they pick the winner>>??

  • Won… second attempt.

  • +1

    I won, but I didn't realise this could only be redeemed in-store (damnit) so if anyone wants a code, PM me.

    • me plz…

      • You got it!

  • Thanks got it :D

  • Thanks I won a code for an AIRism item :)

  • -3

    I somehow won twice on the same email address when I only entered it once o.O Plus also won on a third email account … So 3 codes but can only redeemed once per person …

    • u mind share a code to me, much appreciated!

  • I got one of the AIRism mesh T's with the hope that it will be good to wear when holidaying in hot and humid places where I sweat like a the average … white Australian.
    They look like a normal T but are super thin, I suspect it will need careful treatment and careful washing keep it intact, but should be good for the conditions.

    Picked up a shirt for $9.90 and while the other AIRsim stuff is on special at $10 might be worth buying some more.

    • if you get a washbag (about $2.80 from Daiso) it should be ok for washing machine - wore these as t's on a tropical holiday and they come up a treat even just a hand wash.

      • Yep, have a nice gentle woolwash cycle on the machine at home too.
        However, when on holidays I think they'll need to be hand-washed, given how some washing is managed by hotels etc.

  • Winner, winner chicken dinner!

  • Try UNIQLO AIRism for free!

    Winner. Nice to break the win drought once in a while.

  • Won one, thanks shiznit.

  • winner here…thanks op :)

  • We're all winners! Thanks OP!

  • Won

  • -4

    won 3 airism products :)

  • Won airism :)

  • I won

  • Won 1 airism, thanks

  • winner here

  • I've also won. Received Email within a couple of days of entry.

  • Anyone want one airism code?

  • Does anyone have a code that they don't want?

  • Just picked up one today. Cheers OP.

  • winner

  • If anyone has a code they can't use today/tomorrow; I'd love one. Thanks in advance.

    • PMed

  • Anyone has a spare code? Cheers

    • +1

      Do you still need? Unfortunately I'm not going to make it in store before the deadline, so if budeliao5683 or anyone else would like my code, it's yours

  • Yes, Thanks

    • Have just sent code to you. Happy shopping

  • +5

    Yay, I just got a member award for November for the post! Thank you all for your votes! And congratulations to all the winners!

    • Congratulations on the award and thanks again for sharing :)

    • Thanks I won a product too!

  • Damn, was eagerly awaiting this. Must check Comps section regularly!

    • Missed the comp altogether, I should've included.

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