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Acer Predator XB271HU 27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync $863.20 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Cheaper price then the previous eBay deal. EDIT Price dropped a touch. Now $863.20 Cheapest price ever. And prices continue to drop.
$860 @ Shopping Express http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/331875997086
New models are coming out early next year so if your willing to wait its possible these will be available cheaper within the next few months.

Otherwise this is a very good price.

Original 20% off at Participating eBay Stores Deal Post

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  • How good is this compared to the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q? Thinking to get a gaming monitor at some point to replace my Dell 27"

    • Based on some reviews, they use the same panel and in terms of build quality, seems the Acer is actually better (surprisely if you ask me).

      I can't seem to find the review but there was one with side by side comparison with the backlight leaks and stuff…

    • The Acer is know to be the better of the two due to much better quality control over Asus. Same panels, but Acer have been actively improving QC to reduce backlight bleed and any other niggles people have had where as from what i've seen there hasn't been any improvement of the same nature coming from Asus

    • Still plenty of quality control issues that you'll be entering the panel lottery if you choose to buy one.

      See the last few pages of this whirlpool thread for details:
      One poster went through three monitors at Centrecom before getting a refund

      I'm waiting for the ViewSonic XG2703 to drop in price before pulling the trigger.
      They're also using the same panel as the Asus and Acer but early reports suggest they have better quality control

  • Cheapest around is $925 from umart (+ shipping if you can't get to a store)

  • when are they going to do a 32"/34" at 144hz gsync for those that dont want ultrawide resolutions

    • ultrawide resolutions

      This isn't ultrawide, this is 1440p = 2560x1440.

      Ultrawide = 2560x1080


      Let me rephrase…

      1440p = 16:9 ratio

      Ultrawide = 21:9 ratio

  • Same thing I asked in another thread :P

    Freesynce version?
    Also compared to this: which would be better?


    • Same panel is used in each, so there is no difference in that regard. The difference is down to the UI and the physical monitor aesthetics.

      The UI on the Acer monitors is known to be trash (as an owner of a X34 Predator, I agree). I don't know what the other monitor's UI is like, but it can only be better or equally bad.

      The Acer doesn't have glossy, thick bezels though, which I prefer over the other monitor you linked.

  • Bs, I got this for $940…

  • Just want to add my 2c on this device.
    Bought 2 of these a few months ago and had to return both due to dead pixels.
    Bought home replacements and 1 replacement had dead pixels.
    Got a replacement for the replacement, and had them check it in store, it had a dead pixel.
    Commented to the store that i must be incredibly unlucky, store said both these and the Asus G-Sync monitors have massive failure rates.

    Also, beware of this issue…
    Not sure how recent the Futu stock is, so no guarantee this issues is fixed.

    Buyer beware.

    • Sent an email to Futu Online and PC Byte whether they have newer stock or the older ones with old firmware. Haven't had a reply yet though but we still have 2-3 more days to decide

      • UPDATE: Futu Online replied that this is the new batch

        • Paul from Futu suggested me get the AOC agon, but I'm so confused now the acer price is very very tempting. But both panel is sort of the same.

        • @whtbox: Any particular reason why he suggests the AOC Agon (AOC Agon AG271QG)? I did research about it a bit and seems to be using the panel (like the ASUS ROG PG279Q). I do kinda like the stand more than the Acer one

        • @lyon: my guess is because aoc is newer than acer. But later the other guy from futu said they are about the same return rate only because they sells Acer more but have higher return rate due to more sales compared to AOC

        • @whtbox: I do kind of like AOC's base better but Acer has more name/branding which should be a safer option? I dunno. Which one do you end up getting?

        • @lyon: good question I don't know yet. I'm leaning toward AOC because it has the Super Fast Charging USB port for my Android phones and also a Headphone hook. Which my current headphone is sitting on top of the PC or Desk.

        • @whtbox:
          I think I'm going for the Acer. The AOC seems like having worse backlight bleed but I guess this is a lottery anyway

          I already have a really nice headphone stand I bought from eBay + charge my headphone elsewhere :)

        • @lyon: Yeh fair enough Acer is the cheapest so far and is very Tempting for 16$ differences compared to AOC. Bang my head at the moment of note sure which one to get lol. I might get acer at the end hahaha because it's a new Batch from Futu.

        • @whtbox:

          I'm actually holding off. Come to think of it, it's only around $50 saving from local stores.

          The hassle of getting it returned through eBay/Online if something goes wrong sounds too troublesome to save $50. But if you are happy, go for it :)

          Now I'm having my eyes on the GTX 1080 too..oh dear :(

        • @lyon: No worries just bought AOC instead, If it's no good will get a refund and get Acer from the Shop :) because they Price dropped AOC to about the same price as ACER now. Cheapest I find Acer in the Shop is $925 Cash pick up from store and While AOC is $999 cash pick up from store.

  • Bought one for 9 months ago. Works perfectly. $879.20 is a bargain price.

  • Price has now dropped from $879.20 to $871.20. Cheapest price ever I believe?

    • Ugh so tempting….

    • Prices continue to drop. Now $863.20. Anyone bit the bullet yet?

      • Almost.. I'm a bit worried with the number of returns so I'm still waiting to see if the stock monitors are the ones with the fixed firmware or not.

        And, still trying to find out how easy/troublesome it is if we have a dead pixel and has to return the monitor

        UPDATE: Futu Online replied that this is the new batch

  • Almost pulled the plug on a XB271HU, then decided a X34 would be better but now I'm thinking of holding out until LG release their 144Hz 34" IPS Freesync Monitor. These AU Optronic Panels are rubbish! Most if not all have BLB, IPS Glow and bad QC issues.