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eBay Xmas Tech Frenzy: 20% off 40 Participating Stores (Bing Lee, Futu Online, PC Byte, SS, Dell + More)


Link to search all participating stores

Or click 'go to deal' and scroll down to the 'search the sale' searchbox for mobile users.

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The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the purchase price (excluding postage) at Participating Stores on during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $1000.

Participating Stores:

  1. Achieva Technology
  2. Apus Auction Express
  3. Aussie Hot Sales
  4. Aussie Online Markets
  5. Aussietech1
  6. Betta Online
  7. Camerastore Australia
  8. Certified Tech Direct
  9. Crazy Deals
  10. Cygnett
  11. Dell Australia
  12. Dungeon Crawl
  13. Epowermac
  14. From China With Love
  15. Futu Online
  16. Gadgets Online
  17. Grays Online
  18. IT Global Sale
  19. Lapy King
  20. LASER
  21. Lenovo Australia
  22. Luvyourphone
  23. Mighty Ape
  24. My Big Brands Store
  25. No Frills Sydney
  26. Office Machine Solutions
  27. OLC Direct
  28. PC Byte
  29. Phone Inc Digital
  30. Ryda Online
  31. Shopping Express Outlet
  32. Shopping Square
  33. Shopping Square Outlet
  34. Sony Australia
  35. Techamania
  36. Ted's Cameras
  37. Tick Tocks
  38. Trinity Connect
  39. Wireless1
  40. Bing Lee (Thanks TA)

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  • +33

    At this rate retailers can permanently raise prices by 20% and then discount every week!

    • +47

      Isn't that what they do already?

      • My next shop is going to be named 20% off

        • How about "Further 20% off"?

    • +12

      At least that would still be an overall 4% discount.

    • +3

      Raise them by 25%…

    • Why can't you do your research and decide what to buy. Every sale has great bargain. I don't see the seller raising 20% and discount at all.

      • +1

        RRP is designed to be discounted.

      • That's exactly what I've done. There's almost no bargains for what I need - the 20% off discount just brings prices to the same as other stores.

      • I was targeted a mobile this morning, check out in the afternoon, $30 dollars added on, complain to seller, the reply I can get 20% off…….I just leave it.

        • This sounds like Futu Online

    • haha pretty much

  • starts 10:00am 17th of October? i think a typo OP

    • +1


  • +1

    eBay must love paying the 20% difference in already inflated prices.

    • They only pay 5-10% of the discount

      • +1

        Are you sure? I bought a camera from Teds in a recent 20% off - and the tax invoice that I received was for the full price.

        • +1

          A Rep previously said that.

        • +1

          Ted has to pay seller final value/auction fees and insertion fees.

        • @TheClipIt: No Proper Rep has said that. One of the store rep earlier has also said that they got the full payment.

        • +2

          @Gaggy: the Online Bathroonware Rep said that.

        • @TheClipIt:
          At oee point masters refused a bonus as the manager claimed they have to chip in for 20% ebay discount.

        • +2

          @TheClipIt: I have sold few things during ebay sales and got full payment. there were multiple occasions here when Reps stated the same about getting full money.
          When I purchased from Good Guys ebay and picked up, I get full amount invoice and they also confirmed that it is so as they received the full amount. So someone might not be telling the truth.

        • @Gaggy: the ℅ off categories or everything on eBay is obviously all eBay with seller receiving the full amount, however when they do store specific promotions, the retailer loses some ℅.

        • the tax invoice that I received was for the full price

          Right, because what's on the receipt it exactly how much money they make. That's like saying they a store you buy something from doesn't have to pay for rent or electricity or to pay staff, because it isn't on the receipt.

        • @Orpheus: The tax invoice is legally supposed to be the amount of money they received for the item.

        • @macrocephalic: and? They are getting the full amount of money. The money is sent through PayPal. PayPal is covering the rest of the 20% at the time of purchase. This is how it's always been, and why the same newbie question pops up in every eBay deal asking why PayPal charged them the full amount.

        • @Orpheus: I can't figure out what argument you're trying to make. Are you agreeing with me that the store gets the full purchase price and ebay pays for the discount, or are you arguing the opposite?

    • +3

      I asked a retailer participating and each side cops 10%.

      • Don't believe that. They would never show the full amount on the invoice if that was the case.

        • +2

          Not necessarily.
          They will likely get an invoice from ebay to cover there contribution.

    • It's not like they can't afford it

  • What are the participating stores?

    • I'm entirely sure yet, will find out for certain tomorrow. By looking at the linked page you can see products which come from stores which must be participating (e.g. P.C. Byte, Shopping Square)

      • That can be unreliable based on last deal. some shops showing up before the deal started but not participating.

        • If your meaning this comment, that was because I was looking at the Christmas Hub page, not the Christmas Promotion page which I only found later. Still may be long though.

  • +2

    No more OzBargain Institute of Unconfirmed EBay Sales?

    • Since I know exactly when this will start I don't see any purpose in having it marked as 'UNCONFIRMED' though the MODs can add it if they want.

      • Yea I know. I was just saying it was used to be full of [Unconfirmed] eBay sales

  • +3

    so.. the "usual" shops…

    • +6

      and the "usual" price jacking…

      • +5

        In the case of pc.byte the "usual" not sending items and lying about it. Fun fun fun!

        • +5

          I loved their 64gb evo+ cards but now they've raised the price by 20% permanently so that you always pay full price during the sale. So lame and pointless.

      • And the "usual" comments about price jacking…

  • Looks like ebay is gearing up against assault from amazon

    • +2

      This is the second big (multiple store) eBay sale this month which matches November 2015 which also had 2 multiple store sales, think they're just gearing up for Christmas.

    • Yes this is exactly what I have been told. They are scared of Amazon coming so they keep putting on sales.

  • Anyone know if we'd be able to score a Dyson V8 through one of these deals? My SO wants one and it would make an awesome Christmas gift

    • +16

      Maybe wait til it's active? And when it is active stop being lazy and use the search link yourself?

      • -1

        Dyson v8 Animal works out to be $644 after the %20 discount. So nothing special there.

    • eBay rep might know at this moment. Might want to check with them.

      • The eBay Rep I chatted too didn't know what stores are participating.

    • +2

      Wait I need to see if there is deal on crystal ball….

    • +4

      Great idea I'm buying mine an iron and a dish cloth

    • +2

      Bought one and didn't realise that it needs to be on charge 24/7 to get your ~30mins running time.
      I had it unplugged for about 2hrs and went to use it, 3mins later it was dead and needed 1.5hrs before it could be used.
      I spoke to Dyson who said this behaviour is normal.
      I went back to me normal vacumme because for the price, Dyson v8's suck

      • +2

        Our v6 lives in the cabinet without power. Clearly a downgrade somewhere there…

      • +9

        It's meant to suck.

      • How much charge did your Dyson have before you used it for 3 mins? If it was fully charged it shouldn't just die like that, sounds like a fault with the battery.

        • Charged for a couple of days but then unplugged it and left it sit for approx 2 hrs
          Then went to use it, dead in 3 mins

          But if i leave it on charge and once full then use it straight after taking it off charge I get ~30mins

        • +1

          @ozy: Assuming that's happening consistently, it sounds like a faulty unit.

        • +3


          Agree that it's a fault unit… it's a lithium ion battery, it certainly does not need to be on charge the whole time (like an old dust buster would). I have a V6 and only charge it every few weeks (It is also stored in a cupboard with no powerpoint). The V6 has 20 minutes of run time off the top of my head and it certainly feels like I get the full 20 minutes using it here and there for a few minutes at a time. It switches itself off when the battery is low (not dead) and has full suction until it switches off.

          Note, the V6 runs for only like 6 minutes on MAX setting, which I never use as normal is more than enough. So if you are using it on MAX that could partly explain the reduced time. Cheers.

        • @squinly: Thanks guys, I'll get it looked at
          really appreciate the input

    • +1

      A vacuum as a gift? Don't go there :/

    • +1

      I bought a V8 Absolute from Good Guys a couple of days ago. I added a Sandwich Press to take it over $900 so I'll be getting $200 of Gift Vouchers back in a couple of weeks to use to purchase other stuff we actually need. Not a direct 20% off but as we've just moved house and need a heap of stuff it's as good as 20% off in our situation :) Takes the hurt off paying the crazy $849 asking price that's for sure.

    • +16

      Maybe wait til it's active? And when it is active stop being lazy and use the search link yourself?

      • +3

        Literally every eBay deal this happens mate.

      • +1

        We are here to help each other, please refrain from attacking other members who repeatedly ask the same questions.
        Some are new and are genuinely asking a legitimate question, …which this member is not, and should know better

    • -5

      just asking - relax

    • +2

      I see a notice saying wait until tomorrow 10:00am AEDT.

    • or useful comments.

  • +13

    People are quick to cry about 'price hikes' for the sale, but if you do your research beforehand, you'll see a lot of them actually don't.

    With the 20% off sale a couple of weeks ago, Futu for instance, actually reduced the price of MSI's 1080 Gaming X from $1095 over night to $1059 in the morning when the 20% off started and I had the screen shots to prove it as I was watching them before buying my card. Made my day as I got local stock for something like $848 delivered. Bloody awesome!

    Maybe some of the stores do, but I haven't personally seen it when looking for items I am interested in.
    Just research in the days before if you have notice, like now and tackle to store with the info you have if you see a hike just for the sale… if it actually happens.

    Too many people on this site are quick to hang crap and or generalise in the negative way too much.

    • Ironically, the post right after yours is exactly what you described.

    • +1

      Price Jacking does happen and there are good reasons for it. The reason why I made the comment above was mostly to get one of those shiny silver 'Popular Comment' badges that the first person to mention price jacking always gets!

    • but if you do your research beforehand,

      Why would you do your research before hand when you can just look at the item price history?

      • +4

        Why would you do your research before hand when you can just look at the item price history?

        Because you are relying on someone buying the item to see the sold price, if no one bought the item then it's the previous price isn't recorded, there is no price history. There is revision history to say that 'buy it now' price was altered, but not to say what it actually was altered from.

      • +1

        How do you look at item price history?

        • Use desktop version. I can't work it out myself through mobile or app.

        • @harkoliar: Thanks.

    • Funny you say that. Futu actually removed items from their eBay store when the last sale started.

  • -6

    ^ Is this so the stores can increase their RRP up before the sale without us comparing?

    • This post is here so you can compare prices now!

  • +1

    Thanks OP - fingers crossed for deals on a Nexus 6P: and yes - I'll wait until 10am, tomorrow to check :)

  • Thanks OP, in the mood to buy a new g502 so fingers crossed

  • Does anyone think Kogan, DSE or Ted's will be part of this deal? Need me some camera gear.

    • +3

      Need my crystal ball to answer. Wait I lost all the balls!

      • If only your crystal ball told you that you were going to lose your crystal ball…

        • +1

          need second ball to know that…

    • -2

      Dick Smith has been in these sales a quite a bit lately.

      • Have they? I've never seen them included.

        • -2

          From the top of my head: CUT20 and CDS20. Think there were more though.

  • Thanks OP. Please post store lists once confirmed.

  • woohoo! was just about to jump onto amazon to buy 128gb microsd/eneloops/4tb portable hdd, hopefully this deal gets me some local stock!

  • +4

    please let there be ps4 pro!

  • Wonder what my chances of getting a ps pro for sub 500 are.

  • +2

    I don't even buy from the the usual stores anymore unless there's 20% off :)

  • +2

    Hopefully they have Kogan/ Dick smith this time

  • +4

    You forgot to mention the sale title. Currently, the page is titled "Yjlkbqcevic Prindol", and the menu on the left shows "Yjlkbqcevic".

    • +4

      Think that's some eBay engineer randomly scrubbing his keyboard.

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