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Sonos Play 1 for $248 + $15 Gift Card @ Harvey Norman


Title says it all. You could also combine it with the amex deal ($100 off $300) to get it for $200 if you buy something for $52

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Got 3 of these. They are awesome. They are 'da bomb'. Great quality, easy to set up. This price is very cheap actually. I got 3 for 269 from memory (each) 3 years ago.

    • Also a Sonos fan, nothing seems to work as well.

      Does get cheaper with full 20% off sales though, and JB usually have decent pricing boxing day.

      • Only problem i have is my pair Play's always seem to un group. I just want them locked as mirrored speaks for audio across multiple rooms - but seem to often find I have to re group them.

        • Check with Sonos technical support as this has never happened to me. I have 5 different rooms grouped with no problems in any combination. It might be something with your wifi setup?

      • i am after the playbar and the sub for a decent price. you recon i should wait for the 20% sale at JB for boxing day?

        • I have never seen playbar on sale except once in Myer for $850. But again, I haven't heard of JB's 20% off sales as well

  • good deal

    been looking at getting one of these but I have a question. If I use my iPhone as a source will the Playlists I have on my phone appear in the SONOS app ?

    will JB price match ? I have some vouchers I need to use

    • If I use my iPhone as a source will the Playlists I have on my phone appear in the SONOS app ?


      Will JB price match ?

      Yes. Almost always

  • ..and remember now you can use Spotify to play - no more need for the Sonos app.

  • when does this deal expire?

  • Good deal - paired this with the Apple TV 32 GB at $217 + $100 AMEX deal to get both at net cost of $365. Pretty chuffed!

  • What is the advantage of Sonos 3
    Is there 2 as well?
    How these against bose soundlink systems?

    • What is the advantage of Sonos 3

      Bigger speaker and better sound. More expensive

      Is there 2 as well?

      No. Play 1,3, & 5. Then there is playbar (sound bar) and sub (subwoofer) as well

      How these against bose soundlink systems?

      Dont know. But I would assume that sonos will have better sound since it doesn't use Bluetooth and got a superior app. Not sure how useful a sonos would be If you don't have a streaming subscription though

  • Does the Amex deal still work?

  • Never had sonos before, recently i check the review and what it does on youtube, im sold. Waiting for the sale to grab one and this price is so good to pass, hopefully i can pickup today.
    I dont use streaming service but i have my plex server which work with sonos.

  • Does it work with Pandora?

    • It sure does! It's what I use 90% of the time

      • Thanks. Can you play music directly from the Pandora app on iOS or does it need to go through the Sonos app? I understand Sonos does not support AirPlay…?

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  • Fantastic deal! Purchased.

    Combined with a chromecast (http://www.harveynorman.com.au/chromecast.html) to get my $100 back from AMEX

  • Much difference between Play 1 and 3?

  • $15 gift card no longer