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Portable Inflatable Sofa Single Inflatable Sofa Bed Beach Lazy Sleeping Bag US $10.99 (~AU $15) Delivered @DD4.com


back again.

damn cheap if this is something you're looking for.

Easy to use. You can take it everywhere you want.

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DD4 44195

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    Lazy beach wonderful product amazing happy sunshine rays many buys


  • Anyone actually used one of these before, any good for the limited coin?

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      I bought 2 from banggood when they were on special, for a little more expensive. They aren't as easy to inflate as the pictures show. There are a number of YouTube videos around that attest to that which I only found when I was searching to work out what I was found wrong.

      When inflated they are reasonably comfortable. I found them a little unstable though.. prone to rolling over if you aren't balanced exactly right. That wasn't a problem if I settled in and stayed still, but don't expect to roll over to talk to other people or look around heaps.

      Overall, worth buying at this price because it's portable, but don't expect too much from it. I wouldn't pay more though.

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        Flicking through FTA TV - saw in-program ad on Studio10. They were trying to demonstrate how comfortable these are to lounge in. Pure comedy.

        Johno (Jonathan Harry Coleman OAM) on his stomach kept almost rolling out, even keeping his legs bent up to stabilise himself, while trying to make out he wasn't falling out - hilarious. The other guy lay on his back & held on to the sides - oh so comfortable. And that would have been rehearsed for the ad - presumably to sell on the feature of being comfy to lie in.

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    they haven't processed this item bought on last deal.. I've escalated via chat online and still waiting..

    • Same here, I just sent them email asking the same.

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    My payment was refunded from the last deal

  • I haven't received mine from last deal.

    • considering it was previously posted 7days ago……

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        Considering items exstock should Atleast dispatch and considering no emails receives so far for dispatch of items. And also considering many (as posted above) has got money back.

  • Thanks for the heads up, was going to be xmas pressies.

  • OOS?

  • Quick update, ordered 4, only got 2 today. Weird. Will be emailing.

    • Can you tell me how did it go? I ordered 6 and only got 4. Will try to contact them too.

    • Hi
      I'm from DD4. If you need any help, pleasel PM me.


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