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PS4 500GB Slim + 3 Months Stan $309, Dualshock 4 $68 @ Target


——JBHIFI will have it for $299, starting 25th as well.——

Should be online as well

You can get MX VS ATV Encore for $25 when you purchase the console on the same transaction
3 months stan is included

Dual shock excludes camo

Not a clearance nor bundle, so you should do fine price matching

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Target Australia

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    And there's the confirmation.

    How long until we hit the $299 mark?


    Is this part of the Sale on the 25?


    Very nice price


    Anybody know if they got xbox one s bundles on sale aswell?

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    I'm getting confused with all these consoles.. So PS4Pro > XboxOne-S > PS4Slim > PS4 > Xbox One ? Do I have that right?
    I have a PS3 and Wii U and was toying with the idea of getting a new console for xmas..

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      Come be me - im still playing PS2 and am currently lured by the minecraft xb1 bundle. its like jumping a whole generation. Though would like to get a 3.55 ps3 to DL all the good games that i missed in all those years..

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      The PS4 beats the Xbox One, but not enough that you really notice it, like ever.
      The PS4 S is basically a normal PS4 but shrunk, so it still wins.
      The Xbox S added HDR and 4K for some stuff and whatnot, PS4 could do HDR but no 4K, so it's a little in front.
      The PS4 Pro adds another gig of RAM for background tasks and shit, and allows 4K gaming where possible, it is better than the Xbox S.
      The Xbox Scorpio (codename) is coming out in a year or so, and looks to kick the shit out of the PS4 Pro.

      As someone who owns a PS4, an Xbox One, and a Wii U (and a Vita and 3DS, just for the record), the Wii U is it's own little thing and the other 2 are pretty indistinguishable. As stupid as it may sound, if you're going for just one of the base models (to me, meaning anything other than a PS4 Pro or a Scorpio), just buy the one with the best controller, because aside from that, they both do the same thing. The interface is the only thing that's different really.

      With the Wii U, you can install a program called Nintendont, that will allow you to play GameCube ISOs, so even though Xbox is constantly adding backwards compatible games, and even though the PS4 is "allowing" you to pay 23 bucks to play some of your fav PS2 games, the one thing Nintendo win the shit out of is backwards compatibility. So if BC is your thing, maybe just stick with the Wii U, got a shitload of Wii games that work out the gate, can play every bloody GameCube game you can download, and there's also a semi-respectable library of games for the Wii U itself, 2 of the better recent COD games, a couple of Zeldas, a couple of Marios, a couple of Batmans, all the Legos, and so on. It's no PS4/Xbone, but it does have a fair few games on it.

      tl;dr the Wii U is sweet, and the PS4 and Xbox are more or less the same so get whatever's cheapest.

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        Worth saying for PS4 VS XB1 yes they're similar but go with the one which has the exclusives you want to play, both have very different types of exclusives:

        Uncharted 4
        Gran Turismo
        The Order
        God of War

        Gears of War

        Those are the ones which I can think of just now not meant to be a comprehensive list!

        Personally I prefer the PS exclusives however its all down to personal preference so go with what you prefer!

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          Forgot about the one thing that matters, games.

          Okay, with that in mind, here's what I found worthwhile in my time with the 2

          2 inFamous games (really one and standalone DLC though)
          4 Uncharted games (3 are remastered PS3 games though)
          4 HouseMarque games - Resogun (amazing), Super Stardust Ultra (sweet as), Dead Nation (brilliant), and Alienation (haven't got around to yet)
          Honorable mentions: The Order, Knack, and Until Dawn

          A bunch of Halo games
          - Halo 1 (Xbox remake, included in Master Chief Collection)
          - Halo 2 (Xbox remake, included in Master Chief Collection)
          - Halo 3 (Xbox 360 remake, included in Master Chief Collection)
          - Halo 3 ODST (360 BC)
          - Halo 3 ODST (Xbox remake, included in Master Chief Collection)
          - Halo 4 (Xbox 360 remake, included in Master Chief Collection)
          - Halo: Reach (360 BC)
          - Halo: Spartan Assault
          - Halo: Spartan Assault (360 BC)
          - Halo Wars (360 BC) … Halo Wars 2 is also coming soon, and with it, an HD remake of the first
          6 Gears of War games
          - Gears 1 (360 BC)
          - Gears 2 (360 BC)
          - Gears 3 (360 BC)
          - Gears Judgement (360 BC)
          - Gears 1 Ultimate (360 Remake)
          - Gears 4
          Rare Replay, a collection of kickass old Rare games, is sweet
          Honorable mentions: Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall 1 (irrelevant now kind of)

          DriveClub, DriveClub Bikes, and DriveClub VR are all sweet (well, I assume the VR one is, (profanity) if I'm gonna buy a bloody PS VR for it though), and they go up against 5 Forza games for Xbox One (including one BC title)

          The short version of this, is basically Sony versus Gears of War and Halo. Holy shit there's a lot of Halo games for Xbone, which makes sense and all, but damn.

          Anyway, they've both got a lot to offer, but if you like racing and shooting, I'd go with the Xbone.

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          @TheDukeOfNukem: the last of us on ps4. The end.

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        Thanks everyone for the info. Think I might look for a cheap PS4.. since I dont have a 4K TV and really only want to play some cool driving games and the occasional shooter like Battlefront (since I cant find a game on PC ;) )


        Awesome explanation. Thanks.

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      It should be obvious that the Pro model is a premium version.
      The Slim isn't officially called that, it's just the normal console with a new look.
      You know the Switch is coming March next year, if Nintendo is your thing.
      Aside from the Switch, the PS4 is generally better to get than the Xbox One. Sony are more invested in the console, the Xbone has much less games and doesn't run as well even compared to the standard PS4.
      The PS4 Pro is $150 more, is the most powerful gaming console in existence but it's debatable whether it's worth getting over the original since differences in performance can be marginal, especially when it's used with a non 4k screen.


        The newest model PS4 is called the Slim, or at least it's marketed as such, as the OG PS4 is only available via clesrance nowadays.


    Wow, that's a low price.
    I was suspecting it would go down after the PS4 Pro is out, and it has.

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    Tempted to get it for Last Guardian next month, but I think I'll just wait. I have enough games to play as it is. It will only get cheaper, a 1TB Slim at $299 is when I'll jump on it I think.

    Also pretty sad how fanboys have to do their fighting every where on the net, even a sales thread.

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      I have a going 1TB 299 is around the corner, or at the very least 500GB with a game for 299. Maybe around January.


      Agree, bought one today just for The Last Guardian. No need for any of these FPS console games, PCMR keyboard and mouse for life yo.

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    Harvey Norman here i come with my price match and AmEx cashback!


      I don't see the Harvey Normal deal on Amex at the moment though. Hope they'll come again soon


      $209, I am very tempted myself. Don't think in the week or so (25th Nov deal starts, 5 Dec AMEX deal ends?) gap that there will be a similar-priced bundle.


    Crazy price, I just might bite!


    Too tempted but Xmas is so close yet so far


    Damn, Target already making a comeback to big w within a few hours

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    Where is this deal ? I cant find it online anywhere …


    What's the difference between a 500GB and 1GB Playstation? Pros and cons? Soz PC mate here


      that's the HDD size. The PS3/4 have user upgradeable HDDs.

      They take 2.5" 9mm drives


      Games are like 50-80GB these days and must be installed. The 500GB model has around 370GB available to games (I think).


    Hey guys just wondering if layby is available for the controllers??

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