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PS3 250GIG with a game $499


The new Playstation 3 Slim weighs in approximately two-thirds the size of the first PS3, but packs a hard drive of twice the original’s size – now a comfortably large 250GB.

with fifa 10 at game

with tekken 6 at DSE

since they're both clearance, get them asap :)

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  • It's not a very good deal mate… Since the games are very old, and can be purchased for less than $50…
    Considering PS3 120GB is $400+, $100 extra for 250gb and game is not a good deal…

    • for me it worked out well, since i have woolies staff discount card so had another 10% off, brough it down to 449.

      agree on the fact that its expensive than 120 gig but u get double the hard drive capacity . i wouldnt mind paying extra 100 for that since i plan to use it as a media player at a later stage

      • For one hundred dollars you could buy a 250gig drive AND keep your 120. The wookies card is good but without it the 120 price is better

        • i wouldnt know how to do that mate otherwise i would ve bought the 120 gig deal for $400 from HN

          • @ravzter: It's incredibly simple…tells you how in the manual. Not that it matters if you're happy but its something for others to consider when looking at this deal.

            Also if you have no use for the extra 120GB drive then perhaps this is better.

        • been watching star wars lately huh?

        • +1

          do you know much time is spent upgrading the hard drive. sure the installation part is easy, but the rest takes for ever.

      • You can buy external hard drives that work with ps3. (500gb for approx $90)

      • since when the staff discount is 10%?
        I thought it is only 5%

        • they extended staff sale from 18th june till end of the month 10% off :)

          • @ravzter: so, which means I can buy anything at Dicksmith and Powerhouse and get 10% off till end of June?

            • @htantoso: i think its everything u get 10% off on but u might want to ring up your local DSE and double check and yes it s till end of june ( as per staff i spoke to but wasnt too sure if it was on even after june )

  • Get an Xbox! WAIT I'm Kidding~ But someone will always post something like that when there's a bargain post about the 360s.

    Deal is average, and the reasons were explained above. Great if u have discount card or doesn't know how to change the hdd~

  • where can you get a 120gb for $400?

    • tht was on couple of months ago lol

  • What a bargain. Gonna get one 2mrw sanks matey :P

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