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Dell XPS 13 i5/8GB/128GB for $1234, Dell Inspiron 15 i7/8GB/256GB for $1044, Bose QC25 for $299.20 @ Microsoft Store


Great prices on quality laptops and headphones from the MS Store.

  • Dell XPS 13 i5/8gb/128gb for $1234.05 Delivered with Express Post
  • Use ANOV5 code for 5% off.
  • 13.3-inch Full HD InfinityEdge display
  • 6th gen Intel Core i5-6200U
  • 8GB memory/128GB SSD
  • Intel HD 520 Graphics
  • Up to 11 hours of battery life

  • Dell Inspirion 15 i7/8gb/256gb for $1044.05 Delivered with Express Post
  • Use ANOV5 code for 5% off.
  • 15.6-inch Full HD touchscreen
  • 6th gen Intel Core i7-6500U
  • 8GB memory/256GB SSD
  • Intel HD 520 Graphics
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life

  • Bose QC25 in black or white for $299.20 Delivered with Express Post.
  • Use code 3iumaz29w for $20 off.

Don't forget cashback @ Cashrewards too

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    I hate Black Friday week. The deals just keep getting better and inevitably you'll get a great deal but not the best deal :P

    • Haha too true, just gotta keep hunting. This is the best price I have seen this XPS13 for and its a great little portable powerhouse.

    • same! im looking to buy a new laptop but cant make my mind up on when to pull the trigger !

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        • +2

          i did it :O

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          Can't blame you on that.

          I did it too

        • me too

    • It helps if you have 1 thing in particular to focus on. Then when the right deal comes on the thing you want I'd say get it, rather than wait for bottom dollar.

  • Any views which one is better for a university student (no photo edit, a bit of gaming, movies) - Dell XPS13 or Lenovo X1Carbon? I have heard XPS has coil whine but on the other side Lenovo after sales is rated extremely poor.

    • +1

      AFAIK the XPS has a Thunderbolt connection and the X1 does not.

      That's a pretty expensive port to include and seeing as it can run things like external GPUs, it would be an easy choice to go the XPS for me - as gaming on integrated will be a poor experience depending on what games you run.

      • Good point c0balt. This helps me. The only concern (may be unfounded) is that XPS is with 128GB configuration. Has coil whine been really an issue in your experience, if you know?

      • If you're looking for a bit of gaming on the XPS13, then you should look to upgrade the CPU to the i7-6560U which gives you the iGPU IRIS 540.

        When comparing the iGPU IRIS 540 to the same gen dedicated GPU GTX 950M, there isn't a massive difference.

        Points wise:
        GeForce GTX 950M 1,747
        Intel Iris 540 1,365

        source: http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html

        I've got that same laptop, with the IRIS 540. Haven't actually played any games on it yet as I use it mainly for work. Love the 3200*1600 reso screen. If you need reso on a laptop, then it's great.

        On the flip side, if you grab the i5, then you'll have much improved battery life as the QHD screen actually chews through more power :p. I would say general browsing, word processing, watching some videos, my laptop will last an easy 4hours.

        Can't comment on the i5 ones.

        My laptop does have coil whine when I first got it, but somehow it has reduced… I did leave the laptop on overnight one time recording which "maybe" did a burn in. Anyways, can't complain, except I wish they let us get 16GB RAM on it…

        • Thanks Chuns. The deal is only for i5 model and I will also largely be using it for work related matters.

        • @asehgal:

          Yeah, should be good with this laptop then :).

    • +1

      I have this exact 2015 (i5-6200u) XPS 13 model - and one thing I've never seen brought up here - but is a huge issue to me is that it has content adaptive brightness adjustment.

      It's basically a "feature" that changes brightness of the panel depending on the colours being displayed. It also affects the screens that it is attached to (i.e. monitors or TVs). This is really bad for movies as it makes darker scenes even darker (impossible to see) and lighter scenes brighter.

      There is no way to actually correct it through settings or physical controls for the FHD model, but the QHD model can turn it off via a firmware patch.

      See here for info:


      I personally haven't had any issues with coil whine.

  • +2

    That XPS13 is dirt cheap, sensational laptop.

    • Agreed, its good value spec for the money too and with the FHD respectable battery life :)

  • +2

    LORD ALMIGHTY ITS RAINING! first the QC35s, now the XPS13.
    At this rate Ill be living under a bus by Xmas.
    But at least it will be quiet and I will be able to connect to the Macca's WIFI :)

  • Holy shite. This is so tempting.

  • anyone knows if the XPS can be bought/collected at the store but still get the 5% discount? (use ANOV5 code)

    • Maybe send them a pm?

      • thanks. Just did. It's online only deal :(

        • Any idea if you get Cashrewards on the deal too?

        • @asehgal: Of course, 4% on hardware :)

        • @ShamelessBargains: Thanks. Any idea about extended warranty prices and when can one buy it given this deal is online and you cannot configure it anyway?

        • @asehgal: Sorry for double post on he same issue. I called MS Store and they advised that there is no extended warranty available on Dell products in Australia. I hope their normal 1 year warranty is reliable and efficient - contrary to numerous reviews one reads about Lenovo.

        • @asehgal: Consumer law still applies. I'd say this laptop would have an expected lifetime beyond 1 year, might be more hassle sorting out issues but microsoft should come to the party as the retailer.

        • @ChickenTalon: I think that is a very valid point - thanks.

  • Can Intel HD 520 Graphics work with games like FIFA 17?

    • +1

      Based on notebookcheck.net:
      low- 1280 x720 ( ~60.8 fps)
      med- 1366 x768 (~50 fps)
      If the setting is at FHD with full screen, I guess it will drop below 15 fps, not recommended

      source :http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-HD-Graphics-520.149940.0.html

  • So this XPS is last years model ?

  • Want XPS13 but don't need :(

  • Hmm, so tempted… Must resist. How long will the sale go on for?

    • +1

      Not sure, I am thinking the weekend, maybe Monday at latest.

  • Someone helppppp do i buy the XPS or this


    • WHAT? You are comparing apple to an orange.

      It all boils down to your use cases.

    • +1

      It depends on your needs, I personally want a light and small size laptop with 13-15 inch screen, mainly for lab work and travel, and this xps 13 is suitable with all my requirements. so, your Asus GL752VW will not suit my needs.
      However, if you're a gamer, then Asus GL752VW without a doubt is a better option and cheaper too (despite refurbished).

  • To get this or a lenovo x1yoga?

    • XPS is not convertible. Do you really need a convertible? If you do, go for it. If not, stick to XPS.

      • what about the ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th Gen or XPS?

  • Doh! I just bought two of the XPS laptops for my family in the previous eBay sale a few days ago. Can we cancel those orders somehow and buy from Microsoft Store instead? On two laptops it would save me about $600!

    • damn that sucks, i think you gotta give a good valid reason for the refund, perhaps dont say i found it somewhere cheaper, sometimes that might or not work.

    • +1

      If the items are not shipped, you can ask to cancel the orders, try your luck, nothing to lose

  • +2

    Just a word on coil whine, I have bought both the last gen dell XPS 13 (6200u processor) and the current gen (7500u) and both had extremely bad coil whine. In a quiet environment scrolling web pages is the worst. I have returned both laptops as I don't feel this is adequate for something ~$1700…
    Maybe people don't mind / don't care, but just letting you guys know. I would be surprised if any XPS does NOT have it.

    • Just wondering what you went with instead of the XPS laptops? An equivalent ultrabook?

      • A 2013 second hand Samsung Ativbook 9 on ebay lol… The xps is an amazing laptop (especially with prices like this), but only if it works like it should (aka no screaming capacitors everytime I scroll…)

  • Dell XPS 13 i5/8gb/128gb = Out of Stock!
    Bose QC25 = Samsung and Android only.

    The XPS13 looks awesome! A shame they're sold out already.

  • +1

    The XPS 13 shows out of stock now

  • Anyone upgraded the SSD on the XPS13 before? How difficult is it?
    I've done it on a Toshiba without much hassle previously.

  • out of stock guys … would the ebay 20% deals somewhere be better than this price?

  • Everything out of stock except the Inspiron

  • XPS looks great, though I wish the ssd was double.

  • bought one of Inspiron, just want to know why the XPS is more popular? although I know XPS is higher tageted model than Inspiron. I am a graduate, thinking the lower price with higher CPU and SSD, the Inspiron is better for me to buy….

    • Have you seen one? XPS is one sexy machine. Would jump on one if I have that extra cash and if work hasn't provided me with a Elitebook.

      • yeah… just prefer bigger screen LOL… use at home, not quite care about more than screen… basically I just use laptap as desktop in my apartment. Poor people like me cares more for the function… just want to make sure Inspiron is a deal too… since there is enough stock TAT

  • +2

    The item is now available in-stock.

    • Yes, just purchased an XPS :)

    • Thanks, just bought XPS for my son for hight school. Earlier Christmas for him :)

  • derp

  • +1

    Wow i placed the order last week as back order not yet dispatched today.

    Just now a sales rep called me to offer an upgraded model with touch screen and 256gb ssd for free, as original offer is out of stock!

    That's customer service!

    • Nice! Dell seems to value its non-corporate clients - unlike Lenovo who doesn't give a crap IMHO.

    • Got the same call about 30 minutes ago! Yay us!

  • Anyone willing to sell it? I am in Victoria.


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