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Bose QuietComfort 35 for $389 at COTD, $379 with MasterPass (Club Catch Member Only)


Bose QuietComfort 35 is $399 at COTD today at 4pm.

  • Use CATCHMAS for $10 off.
  • $10 off if you pay with Masterpass.
  • Free shipping with Club Catch.
  • AND 8% cashback with CashRewards.

No idea how many available.

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    Probably only have 5 pairs. Better not to deal with their rubbish, and get for basically the same price on eBay with C10YAY.

    • +1

      People said the same thing during their last sale two weeks ago. The sale came, plenty of people snagged a set, and those people who made noise earlier conveniently disappeared.

      Maybe that'll happen again?

      • those people who made noise earlier conveniently disappeared.

        Because there's no point continually whining about their deceptive advertising once you've been bitten. Just ignore them.

      • Last sale was for $339. This time is $399 which is the same as Microsoft Store so you probably have a better chance of getting one.

  • +1

    Are QC35's the new Eneloop?

  • If you try and use masterpass it will be sold out before you complete payment.

  • I wish it's half price

  • where is it? Cant find it..

  • cant find it

  • The product has disappeared entirely from COTD - and like others in this thread, saw the Bose QC35s promoted in the flyer up until 3:59PM

  • Looks like it's not live yet. No idea when it's going to appear.
    I guess you could keep refreshing https://www.catchoftheday.com.au/brand/bose/

  • I had a chat with the Agent…they said another set of products will go live at 7……… as usual COTD…no prior notifications!

  • My wife is a COTD ninja! 4 clicks and 10 seconds later… got'em!

  • I thought they might try to sneak in early

  • got one

  • 8% cash back + 10% TRS refund… sounds goooddd

  • Got one!

  • Wow they have lasted a long time,15 mins in and still some left

    • -1

      I wonder where the anti-COTD brigade went…

  • got two QC35 for xmas flights.

    COTD suck puss.

  • and its sold out

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