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Mad Max PC $5.49 @ cdkeys.com


Another open world game just went on sale.

Descend into the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Mad Max, where ammo is sparse and the key to survival is the possession of a car. Take control of Mad Max and stay alive amongst the savage gangs of bandits who roam the desolate desert. Use using vicious on-ground and vehicular combat to ensure your own survival.

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  • Wow no brainer at this price. Its $10 more on steam too.

  • Instabuy - cheers OP :)

  • Is CDKeys one of the Dodgy sites, or one of the Legit ones?

    • I've used it several times and have never had a problem

    • During last seven months I bought six steam keys and one origin key from them and all working~

    • I've never had a problem.

    • 100% legit - really good deals from them over a long period!

    • +1 for me. Purchased Black Ops III and DOOM on release with no issues at all.

    • i just bought this and can confirm i got the game and steam activation key instantly after paying with paypal.

      which is day and night compared to my experience with square enix (waited 2 hrs for the key to come through) when I bought life is strange from the other deal.

    • Can confirm I got and activated my steam key for Mad Max instantly after buying with PayPal. I did have to do a SMS verification of my phone number before getting the key, but it was painless.

      AU$ 4.94 in total with CDKEYSCYBER10 code, sweet!

  • Snapped it up at this price! Thanks Jordan23140 👍

  • thanks OP building an arsenal of games on steam i'll probably never play.

  • This is a great game for those that are hesitant about buying!

  • Thanks OP. Just bought it but I forgot to use the discount code. I just wasted 56 cents :(

  • Just finished this on PS4. Epic game. Really enjoyed it. 2nd game ever that I've completed to 100%, The first being the Tomb Raider (reboot).
    Buy this if you haven't already.

    • This game totally took me by surprise. I never thought an open world desert would have so much environmental diversity

  • Doom is also a good price at $19.88 with the discount code.

    • damn, just bought this through GMG for about $24. I did get a free game though, "corporate lifestyle simulator". Which, being an accountant, I assume is basically the same as going to work every day. Woohoo!

  • holla at me if any planet coaster deals

  • This game is great, enjoyed it a lot more than JC3.

  • just bought it instant key been meaning to get it ages ago on xone
    but didnt think it was good enough $5 cant go wrong these games are driving me insane with these black friday deals
    spent over $100 0n my steam dont no went to stop burning out how i missed out on that 750 ssd sandisk for $150
    getting all these games with no hard drive space:(

    • Or full stops.

    • +1 vote

      I still considered getting the 750GB SSD despite recently buying a 6TB Toshiba 7200RPM HDD for all my games. Would've been quieter with faster loading times :'(

  • Worked a treat. Thanks !

  • Is this better with controller as in PS4?

    • I have it on PC and it works with a PS4 controller. It seems to identify that its a DS4 and use the appropriate icons rather than treat it like a generic HID controller or an Xbox one.

  • Thanks for the share OP, purchased and activated with no problems!

  • Damn. I bought it for a good price at AU$7.21.

    This is even cheaper. I've only seen the intro sequence! My Ozbargain skills are proving weak.

  • No brainer.
    This is a really great game, even if you're not into Mad Max lore.
    But if you are this game nails it and it's so much fun to be immersed in it.

  • Batman: Arkham Knight is a great price from these guys as well, just hit under $10, its got the season pass but I think it's missing some of the exclusive DLC's that are in the au released deluxe or special edition? but I'm yet to see that available on PC just console.

  • Thanks! For 5 bucks, why not. Always had a passing interest

  • Crap I forgot to use the code!
    There goes 46c down the drain…

  • Coupon code "CDKEYSCYBER10" is not valid.

    Expired deal?

  • I just tried to enter coupon and recieved

    "Coupon code "CDKEYSCYBER10" is not valid."