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GoPro Hero5 Black $431.20 @ The Good Guys eBay


Good Price for the Hero 5

Thanks to Satcher for the headsup.

Original 20% off at The Good Guys eBay Deal Post

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  • Only if they have enough stock/ didn't mark up the price once the deal is on!!!

  • Nice find. Been after one of these with the LCD screen.

  • I thought it wouldn't be available until 5pm AEST but just put in the code and it worked :)

  • Can confirm deal is live, just ordered. Thanks

  • Thanks! Black or Session? Hmmm decision2. Any input? Thanks

  • Same here, when I first saw the 20% off deal, the first thing came into my mind is Gopro Black5.
    Just ordered 2, thanks.

  • Just got one, hopefully can trs at airport

  • Anybody compared this to the Sony X3000 and care to share their thoughts?

    • Kai from DRTV recently compared them side by side.

      For me, the form factor of the GoPro was the deciding factor. I use the head strap and chest mount a lot. and the thin, long shape of the Sony's are just awkward when mounted in this fashion.

    • I own both. The gopro is a more convenient mounting system, whilst the sony has much better image Quality/stabilization. With the ability to do 4k in stabilized mode, the quality of the sony seems way better.
      But I have both for a reason! The sony will only be used in my hand and on my chest, whilst the gopro is for everything else. So, if you were to choose one, I think the gopro is a better all rounder. It's got the screen, and also waterproof with no case.. And at this price, you can't complain.
      Let me know if you have any more questions.
      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks end user and moe0050,

        Really helpful/useful replies. The better stabilisation on the Sony almost had me but then I thought about the Mrs using it and the screen and simple waterproof design won me over to the GoPro. If only the GoPro had OIS…. I hope the GoPro EIS is good enough for most purposes.

        • At this price, you can test and sell if you don't like without losing.. So go for your life.

      • The GoPro doesn't come with the better underwater case ($80). The Sony does.

        • To be honest, most don't need it. Unless you scuba dive, it's not really necessary. Gopro is waterproof to 10m, don't know about you but, I certainly can not swim down to 10 meters and stay there.

  • Thanks,OP. Ordered both black and the session. Just in time for TRS.

  • Nearly paid full price on the weekend. Thanks OP!

  • Bought this and the 3 way grip. Going off to NZ this weekend so right on time!!

  • Terms have been changed into in-store pickup only now.

  • got one thanks! been waiting since the last 20% off TGG.
    Im new to Gopros. Are the mounts sold by TGG competitively priced compared to other places?

    • Or you can find one from gumtree :)

    • I mostly bought my gopro mounts from amazon when they have sales. I've never bought them locally because they are just to expensive for what they are.

      My number 1 is the head strap for random things like snowboarding / RC helis. Second is the chest strap for downhill mountain biking.

      I havent really used the suction cup mount but its incredibly strong. Probably use that on my new kayak once i get confident in it.

      My number 1 hate is the battery life. I cross-country / downhill ride and i can only get about 30-40 minutes of it so i have to try and pick when to record (annoying if its your first and only run on a track)

  • Just out of curiosity, is there any point in getting a GoPro if you don't really play sports that will fully utilise a action cam's features?

    I don't think I need one but my inner OzBargainer is saying BUY IT

  • Thanks OP! :)

  • Thanks, just ordered one :-)

  • I got one, now need to sell my gopro 3 black, and gopro 4

  • What are some good accessories to get for it?

    Need replacment battery, sure Goodguys must have it for sale?

  • I literally bought a $329 phone from The Goodguys this afternoon, hours before this 20% off. Is it worth complaining about?

  • Time for TRS!


  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks Op just ordered one for my Son for Christmas.

  • Cheers!
    Finally got my first ever gopro!

  • Hi guys,
    Am I the only one locked with the error "We removed any vouchers you already applied. You can try using them on a future purchase" at checkout?


  • Thanks op! Didn't think I would be buying anything today and now I'm poor again haha

  • Does this offer better image quality than todays flagship phones?

    • Debatable from the reviews I've seen, but it has a better form factor for any running/hiking/biking/swimming/surfing/kyaking etc. Also easy to mount onto things with all the mounts out there.

  • Do they give you a tax invoice with GST on it so you can claim GST back when going overseas??

  • For someone who has never used gopro before is this a good deal? Or will I be better off with a cheaper, earlier version? Don't do extreme sports either.

    • No experience with GoPros but I know this one is waterproof and can shoot videos in 4K. All other GoPros require a special case if you're using it in water.

  • 522 sold in the last 24h!!!

  • Do yourself a favour and do some investigating of the numerous alternatives to these overpriced things.
    I recently got a gitup git2 for a 1/4 of this price; for 95% of its capabilities.

  • +4 votes

    Thanks OP ordered one as a Christmas present for the BF. Didn't realise I had his number on my profile and the store just called him to tell him his order would take atleast 2 weeks before they had stock. There goes the surprise.

  • It seems plenty of stocks at this sale, bit surprise.

  • Looks like they may be out of stock, but existing orders will still be honoured when new stock arrives. I ordered (with delivery, not instore pickup) and paid early this morning. This afternoon, I received this update from TGG:
    "Thank you for your recent order. We are just getting in touch with an update with your order. Upon processing your order, we have discovered we have exhausted all stock of the Go-Pro Hero 5. We have secured the stock from our next shipment however, which at this stage is expected within two weeks. Should there be any significant change to this time we will inform you. We sincerely regret this delay, and hope it won't inconvenience you too much and thank you for your patience."

  • Any recommendations for where to buy chest mounts? Last resort will be to wait for my Good Guys $25 catalogue code and buy one then.

  • Thank you just got one and was able to pickup sameday from TGG:) Just in time for Summer fun thanks OP.

  • Hope the price comes under 100$ in future because I don't do much underwater activities which is the sole reason why I would've bought it.

  • Great deal! Ordered yesterday and picked mine up today!

  • Hi did anyone buy it directly from TGG Brighton from the last sale? Someone bought it for $408 as he was buying 2! It was some sales guy with the name of Jordan.

  • Thanks OP got mine yesterday.

    Can any xiaomi phone users confirm if the gopro capture app works for them? Using MIUI8 8.0.3 stable and app won't open. Just stuck on loading screen. Reinstalling didn't help. I tried it with a Galaxy S6 and the app works fine.

    • OK reading recent reviews on Play Store it appears to be a common issue with Xiaomi phone users.

  • Seems like it's out of stock now

  • I managed get 2 pieces last night (close to midnight) at TGG Melton! Lucky me!