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Hungry Jack's Vouchers [e.g. 2 x Small Onion Rings $1.95, Chicken Fries + Sml Fries $5) (November to January)


The New Hungry Jack's vouchers.

New vouchers I noticed
- 2 x small onion ring - $1.95
- Chicken fries and small chips - $4.95


Mobile Vouchers (thanks to koalafied)

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    Been waiting for this

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      I ordered last night and said will you still accept the old vouchers. They advised we have new ones, gave me the deal and handed me the vouchers at the window :)

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        I kept using they old ones after they expired never asked or questioned them.

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          Maybe they don't care that much since it's served it's purpose of getting your wallet out for more food.

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          I accidentally - and succesfully - used HJ's coupons that were a year old

        • Most of the coupons deals are repeated, and some stores even post the coupons on the wall, you just order it direct.

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        Here's a tip.

        Never ask if you accept the coupons/vouchers or not. Just be firm and say you want this deal. Even if the employee knows it's expired, most likely they will still accept it.

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          but if they say no - don't be an ass about it, they're likely saying no because their boss will slam them

        • @TheJoshy: Never happened to me but if someone says no, I'll just accept it.

          It's better to not ask because even though if they are meant to say no, most likely they would not care. However if you ask, they may say no.

          People get ripped off asking through this way. By asking that, it shows that you feel unsure about something and can be taken advantage of in certain situations, like buying something in a market for example.

        • @cheapisgood: very true, just like asking for an airline upgrade ;) lowers your chances

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          @TheJoshy: I never understand people like you. I'm giving people a tip about the vouchers, yet it seems you are trying to be negative about it, almost seems like you prefer not to get specials.

          Of course my tip isn't a blanket rule. You have to have common sense.

          Of course for airline, thats different, its better to ask.

          By all means, go ask after the vouchers expires, if they still accept it, if they don't accept it don't be an ass about it.

          You cannot think so direct. You have to use common sense for each situation, it seems like you can only think one way or another, you need to adapt for each situation.

          Airline = ask
          Expired vouchers = don't ask

        • @cheapisgood: I think you need some Valium

          I was supporting your comment

          I'm saying it's just like airline upgrades, if you ask, the person is less likely to do that for you, just like trying to use expired vouchers

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    Nice! Btw, the Xtra long + chips was in the last lot too.

    • Updated thanks :)

  • Why give us extra fries when you have chicken fries?

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      What's the same between a chicken and a potato?

      • Neither games on a PC.

    • +2

      Because their normal fries are great!

      • -3

        Not the new thicker ones.

  • Can I print the posted voucher pic? Or where can I pick up the voucher?

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      Just show the photo on your phone or to be honest just say u have it and they never ask.

      Mobile phones are acceptable in all the stores I have been to.

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        Yeah, in that vein, FYI for WA OzBargainers: this tight arse has used their phone for HJ's vouchers at like 10+ different stores around Perth and country WA and all have accepted phone vouchers…. except the one in Belmont (Great Eastern Highway near the Perth Airport). Unfortunately, they were adamant it was "not OK" but they do appear in the minority and most HJ's restaurants don't worry about whether the voucher is physical or digital, it still has the same effect.

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      Phone is fine.


      • Thanks

    • There's a button on the screen, once they press it after you say it the whole thing is forgotten about on their end. They are way too overworked to worry about looking at your voucher, and they make too much money off you to stop you doing it anyway.

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    Phone is fine.

    • -4

      You're 23 seconds late mate

      • +20

        He didnt laugh unnecessarily though

    • Thanks


    Edit: Waaaaaaittttt… one voucher per transaction?

    • Just say multiple when you order. I always do and they never say no.

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      The lakers beat the supersonics.

    • I've never had problems using two or three at a time.

      • Neither! But I'm also sure the vouchers didn't stipulate this before… and my local HJs are real sticklers for fine print :(

        • HJ need one of their PR guys to pop in here every now and then and sort some of these renegade stickler stores out.

  • Do they actually accept copies?

    • Just go through the drive thru, they never ask to see it

      • Just wondering, so how do they know what price to charge you at the drive thru? (Normal price vs voucher price)
        Or do you just say I want 2 whoppers on the voucher and they take your word?

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          Or do you just say I want 2 whoppers on the voucher and they take your word?


          I usually say "hey I have a voucher for 2 xyz burgers for $$$"

          No evidence required at the drive thru, not sure if they ask if you go inside

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          @montorola: What if you say you have a voucher for 100 whoppers for $1

        • +10


          It has to match what's on their system. Trust me, I tried saying $5.95 for 2 grilled chicken but they corrected me to $6.95 lol.

        • @montorola: haha

        • @alexhng: I had printouts of vouchers that were different from the ones they had hanging up, and they wouldn't accept them. They were legit vouchers, but probably either australia wide or from another state, and the local ones override the national ones.

          The price could only go through as the vouchers they have hanging up.

        • @alexhng: i got a voucher that says you owe me a hundred bucks and it's legit. PayPal is fine ty.

  • +1

    10 nuggets and large fries under $5 is pretty good.
    Shame I don't rate their nuggets too well.

    • Have you tried the new ones? I hated the old ones but the new ones are… passable

      • +4

        IMO it's more "chicken-y" than Maccas

        • +1

          Thanks for the tip on the new nuggets.
          Went to the cinemas in George St Sydney store today and got some.
          Everyone in the queue ahead of me had their phones out to show vouchers, lol.
          The nuggets are pretty good. They are a mix of dark and white meat like McDonalds used to be before they went 100% breast.
          The coating is the consistency of KFC nugget's batter, but much less seasoning.
          All in all, quite good, and great for the price.
          It has been over a year since I have been to a HJ's so was impressed they have the online survey on the docket for a free burger with any purchase.
          If I go back next week for another 10 nuggets, large fries and a burger for $4.95 I will be really living.

          Sadly, I no longer have the metabolism to have fast food more than a couple of times a year, or I would be onto a staple meal!

        • @mskeggs: Haha they aren't bad, huh! I was very apprehensive based solely on how disgusting the old ones were.

    • +2

      Their nuggets have improved.

      Btw their breakfast toasties are nice too

    • yeah i feel the same, the batter they use on their nuggets dont taste that good.

    • +1

      As has been mentioned, only very recently they changed their nuggets and chips (chips temporarily?), but now I rate HJ nugs better than KFC, and equal to macca's, and the chips are nice also. But most of HJ's sauces are bleh, the only good one is the spicy sauce.

      • Haven't tried the new ones, so I'll give them a whirl.

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    i actually found out that these offers do not expire.

    Just ask for the voucher offer and they will give it to you. I've been using the ones that expired on 14th November

    • +1

      Only if the store is nice. It just stays in their POS :(

    • +2

      I got rejected at Melbourne Central last week by a girl saying coupons had expired on 14th.

      Never happened before and I was outraged! (Never actually had a voucher that or the other times lol)

      • She was expecting you to ask her out instead

  • One voucher per customer, per transaction only is a new condition

    • Crap balls

      • per transaction, so line up multiple times?

        it's the 'per day' vouchers that really suck

        • Anyone had problems ordering using more than one or multiple of the same voucher?

    • Ooh per transaction is a newie!
      Tbh we won't care. If they do insist on one per transaction just do multiple!

      • Hey food, do you guys have any grilled chicken vouchers showing in your system? Lol

        • +1

          Yeah i was hoping for grilled chicken vouchers too. Its only in the mega deal, and i think thats a little bit too much for a single lunch sitting by myself >_<

        • We did but they got rid of it I think

  • +3

    Wow the two small rings deal is a good one! Rrp at $3 for one small so $1.95 for two small is pretty good!

    • I got so excited when I saw the onion rings deal!!!

      • Yeah they're normally expensive.

  • Will I be able to get this voucher printout from a Hungry Jacks store ?

    • +1

      You don't need a print out . Just ask for the voucher meal

  • The HJ nearby has closed. So sad

  • +2

    I love these HJ vouchers, the prices haven't changed since the 90s. However I do notice how thin the patties have become on the whoppers. It is as sad as how thin Domino's are able to slice their pepperonis.

    • +1

      Well you must be mistaken. we complained a while back where they up the voucher price by some items by 50cents, and then they did it again after a few months.

      • +1

        and they took away the grilled chicken offers :(

        • I have always wondered, why there is a price premium on chicken. It is the cheapest meat you can buy. However burger chains charge more for it and pizza chains have surcharge for chicken. I would of thought beef was more expensive.

        • @zealmax:
          true but i think grinded meat is cheaper.

        • @godofpizza:

  • Those chicken fries are heaven!!

  • Superlike

  • +1

    Anyone could find a link to the official image?

  • Oh no. I'm still trying to lose the weight I gained from last time hah

    • Just incorporate this as part of your weight loss plan

  • -1

    Phone is fine.

  • Pretty sure angry onions are free as part of the free salad upgrade to a burger

    • +1

      Not any more unfortunately

  • +1

    I always go to the hungry jack's to order two Whoppers and sustain the whole day with them. It's just amazing how cheap they are, and I seriously and sincerely think they taste good. Not sure if my body thinks alike.

    P.S. I believe you don't even need to show them the voucher on your phone. I always politely ask to have two whoppers by voucher without any issue.

    P.S.S. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the 2 x bacon deluxe for $7 was on the previous vouchers.

    • +2

      The 2x Bacon Deluxe was on the previous, I used it a couple of times. And will again! :)

      • +2

        best burger on the menu imo :)

    • +1

      Agree - the Whoppers do taste good!

      • Sh!ts all over maccas

  • +4

    HJ has the best priced fast food!

  • Is there a version of this hosted on the Hungry Jacks website? There was a nicely formatted version available last time which actually said at the top "show on your phone in-store to redeem". Made a nice shortcut on phone screen :)

    • +2

      There will be soon when they feel like releasing them

  • +3

    I miss the chicken crunch :(

  • Dem dirty dirty gainz!

  • +22
    • Thanks dude.

    • Was waiting for someone to do that. Thanks

  • +2

    Bummer, the Wynyard (Sydney) store has closed with the renovations to the station

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