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Parrot Minidrone Hydrofoil $49 (Was $149) @ JB Hi-Fi (with Coupon)


This was a popular deal last time and its back.

Black: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/cameras/parrot/parrot-minidrone-ai...

White: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/cameras/parrot/parrot-minidrone-ai...


Note: Coupon code is generic

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  • Never knew parrot minidrone hydrofoil was shaped like a turntable :O defies physics

    Edit: nvm you fixed the link haha

    • haha yeah I realised the link originally was to their deals page sorry!

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    Beat me to it. I have 3 codes available if needed. PM me
    Edit: All used.

  • Purchase with gift card from Coles with this deal for extra 5% off

    • 10%?

      • Correct. Apologies was thinking $5 I think. Thanks

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      Thanks :)

  • JB keep trying to sell these on discount, is there a problem with them that stops them selling?

    5min battery life after a 30-90min charge doesn't sound appealing, but is there something else wrong with them?

  • 92596906339

  • 92596906339

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    code is generic, OP might want to add that in OP…

  • Basically a boat with 5 minute runtime, however it's still a great price but I'll pass on this one

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      And it seems like a range of less than 20m, so don't use it in a decent sized pond, unless you want to go swimming ;-)

  • Sorry wrong comment

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    I regret mine from the last sale.

    Save your money and get something with substance, or spend $10 and get a better one on eBay that has a physical controller rather than using hideous touchscreen phone controls.

    • I actually prefer the phone controls, never worrying about carrying/not finding the controller or broken controller that cost as much to replace. Worked just fine for 5-7 mins and pretty fun for $49 (less if you buy that 10% gift card first or using ur Westfield gift card that I supposed everyone already have :))

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      Totally agree! If you've ever flown any other drone with actual controller you will hate this drone. It's a shame because it's decent quality but even at $50 it's not worth it!!

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    I want a Sub for the pool

  • anyone have a spare code that they are not going to use?

    • yes


      • Thanks mate I didn't realise that one works :)

        • it is generic :)

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    Here you go. I have two coupon.


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      Here you go. I have two coupon.

      Don't be so frugal. Here is ten coupons.


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        so generous!

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          Happy to share my coupon, they sent me thousands by mistake.

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        I've just used the fourth one down, not sure if the others are still valid tho

        /dead horse

  • These aren't too bad for $50. I haven't successfully used mine on water because my pool is too small and it just hit the sides. but the drone itself is fun and flies reasonably well detached from the ship part

  • I would not bother with this. Bought this about two months ago from JB World Square.
    Straight out of box, had issues with connecting. All charged up, just didnt connect.

    Tried it with an iphone, ipad, and android.
    It looks like Parrot has released new version of App, the app name in the user manual is different to what's available in the app store, and upon researching,
    apparently Parrot has updated its apps, so its a completly new app to be used as the control of the drone.

    Every device i could get my hands on, be it andorid of IOS, wouldnt budge (App could not detect drone).
    I even did a firmware update, not sure why i wasted the time to.

    Attempted to get an exchange with JB, even though i assumed it was to do with the software. They had no stock so didnt pursuit further.
    Refunded my $49.

    • Seems like a 101 example of a rare DOA issue. JB did what they needed to do in refunding you.
      Go on, buy another. You know you want to.

  • Anyone know, given the poor battery life , can you strap on a powerbank e.g 2600mah and play while charging ( obviously only for the water and not flying ) to extend play time beyond the 6/7 minutes ?

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      As I have no experience with using a strap on i'll leave it to an expert to give their opinion.

      • As I have no experience with using a strap on i'll leave it to an expert to give their opinion.

        From the description of his problem a tablet or maybe a pump is all that is needed to prolong his activities.

    • It's super light and fairly fast so I'm not sure how it would handle extra weight.

    • No you can't, it's too light for that.

      Also, most mid to low price drones have low flight times and it's not always the battery that is the problem. The motors overheat and get damaged if they run too long.

      Not saying that will happen with this drone, I bought this one last time it was on special and I love it.

  • my code if anyone still needs: 92596906339

    oops, just read code is generic :P

  • Not bad for 50. Not sure how it compares to the no name chinese ones at similar costs.
    Bought during the last sale. One of the motors went crazy, wouldn't stop spinning. Had to pull the battery out. Put the battery in and it starts spinning straight away. Lots of issues of this on the net. Supposedly something shorts if the blade is caught, in my case tangled on long grass. Had to get it exchanged. The person at counter said I was the 2nd one that day to exchange due to the motor still spinning. Also seems to lose control pretty easily. Once mine flew right over a small lake at the park even though I kept pressing it to land when I saw it going in that direction. Luckily it got caught in a tree on the far side, which tool a bit of wading and climbing to get to. Havent even tried the boat yet on the lake, as Im pressuming if it loses signal with the phone it will just keep going

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    Wow… a quick google search shows these selling at Supercheap and Harveys for well over $150.

    $58.95 delivered is a bargain! I don't need it, but I bought it anyway. Damn you OzBargain. I sometimes wonder how many thousands of dollars extra I'd have in bank account over the years I've been here ;).

    Video of one working: http://www.harveynorman.com.au/parrot-minidrone-hydrofoil-or...

    • +1

      Like you, I bought one for the savings to get a bargain fix.

      Pity it's not worth even $10 IMO.

  • I only click on the link, because it looked like a tablet hold on a remote controlled boat, I got a bit old man mad while it was loading. muttering "dumb rich kids taking their ipads for a little boat ride"

  • Bought one :(
    For my kid's birthday :)

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    No as good as the previous deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/266182). That was 80% off. This is only 67% off.

    • +1

      if people just bother to click your link and read carefully, you will get 30+ votes.

    • -1

      Also in-store pick up is not available this time. Need to pay extra $9.95 for delivery.

  • The correct app to download is Free Flight Mini.

  • lol it seems you can buy as many as you want. I just got this in-store with the ultimate children gift card.

  • Bought one on last deal
    Took some time to get the app working but finally did!
    Quiet fun. Never used the water version. Bent a blade on the 3rd run inside the house… still goes straight after bending back
    Passed it to dad as a present and told him I checked to make sure it worked!

    Spoke to the guy at jb he said nobody bought any full priced.

    • +1

      Quiet fun.

      Are the fans silent or something?

  • +1

    If anyone is looking for an RC boat, I came across this one. Combine with the Amex statement credit:
    -15% newsletter signup
    -$30 Amex deal
    = $37.95 (free del.)

    …and in action https://youtu.be/fgaiAFJk2SU Looks fun… if you have dogs.

  • Where on the site do you put the code ????

    • on payment page. All white drones gone now, only black left

  • Can confirm I used the code at register (showed them on phone screen) in store and it worked. JB Galleries Victoria. Can't reserve stock online but they had loads there. Worth trying code in other stores

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