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Xiaomi Mi5 32GB White USD $217.99 (~AUD $300.15) @ GeekBuying


Xiaomi Mi5 32GB White Only

This is a really good phone for the price. The lowest it has gone before is AUD 290$. Still a bargain for the price.

I will highly advice to use the DHL shipping for additional AUD 11.47$. I bought the phone last month and with DHL shipping it reached within 8 days.


OS Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow)
ROM Global ROM with OTA Updates
CHIPSET Snapdragon 820
CAMERA 16MP Main/4MP Front

No SD Card Support

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  • Does anyone know how to reflash to Global ROM? Recently purchased one of these with Chinese ROM and not sure because i'm unfamiliar with phones

    • try miui

      which includes the rom & flashing guide

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      I have the 64gb model and no issues with reception or data speed without band 28 (Vodafone)

      Quick unlock \ flash global rom \ relock guide.
      * Open a Mi account online.
      * Log on to the mi account phone with SIM card. (Having SIM already installed speeds up the unlock request)
      * Apply for unlock http://en.miui.com/unlock/ - (you may need to wait for the phone to register online)
      * Unlock using official Mi tool (can take a day or two to be active) -> http://bigota.d.miui.com/miflashunlock/MiFlashUnlock_1.1.031...
      * Download Fastboot ROM and flash tool http://en.miui.com/a-234.html - you can Select “Clean All and lock” if you want to re-lock the phone.

      Hope this helps

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        Very helpful!

        spludgey - please note.

    • The other links these guys gave, while useful, are quite advanced, and from what I understand Xiaomi have now locked their boot loaders. So the official way to flash the global ROM is as follows:

      Honestly, Xiaomi have made it really easy to officially flash your phone. Download the ROM to your phone, run the flashing tool (that's already on there), wait. That's it.

  • Is the mi5 missing band 5 for Vodafone?

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      There is no 4G B5 in this phone.

      • So does that mean this phone isn't reaching its potential speeds/coverage on the Vodafone network?

        • Correct.

  • Would this be a good replacement for an Oppo F1f? The Oppo's going fine but I want a nice camera and faster Chrome experience.

    • I haven't used Oppo F1s. As for performance, Mi5 is blistering fast. And pictures when there is enough light are pretty good. Low light photography is below par though

      • Seems to be a common thing with Xiaomi unfortunately. But in saying that, their cameras are good enough if you just want to capture memories.

  • guys, I bought this phone (white 32 gb) from geekbuying last month, if you plan to get it by X-mass, dont think about it. Aside from that, thats really a good phone, the cpu and camera is great for the value. So happy with my decision, instead of buying htc 10, I got similar phone with 30% price.

    Give it a go

    • It works great with optus and I have 4G, and what you get is Global Eu version pre-installed so no drama

  • I bought one of the 64GB version from http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/191938368565. It is now $310.

    I bought it on Sunday and arrived by DHL on Wednesday. Really happy with it.

    It said it is local warranty, but the item is posted from HK.

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      Thats a different phone.

      • My bad.

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    Mh maybe a good deal if geekbuy delivers the item. I'm waiting for my phone redmi note 4 since 3.5 weeks and got meanwhile provided with a tracking number. Status didn't change so i contacted DHL. Great that i even used the DH express delivery….

    GOt now feedback from DHL: Turned out that just an express delivery order was placed, but DHL is still waiting for Geekbuy to provide the item or article. Right now can't recommend to buy anything at all at that shop.

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      It happened to me as well. The way all these Chinese stores works is funny. What they do is, they generate the shipping label, mark it on the item and drop it in the warehouse which has thousands of items to be shipped. DHL ships them first come first served basis. Meaning, your item might be ready to be shipped, but DHL hasn't picked it from the heap yet. I got the item within 8 days instead of the promised 5 days.

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        yeah but the initially delay of 3 weeks and just giving feedback by asking and asking over time ist still some issue. I get the feeling the item was never on stock.

        But generally, I hope you're right and looking forward to it. The shipment has been placed at the 7th December….
        If nothing is happening at beginning of next week(shipping or return of money) than I just gonna make sure that not any other person falls for Geekbuy.

        • Fair enough. May be I was one of the lucky ones

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