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Crest -Powerboard - 4 Plug + 2 USB + Surge Protector $17.60 @ Coles


inexpensive 4 plug power board with 2 USB ports - $17.60

At Coles - so it must meet Aus standards to be sold there.

• 4 socket surge protection board
• 2 USB ports to fast charge 2 devices at once
• Ideal for home office use
• Includes easy grip plug
• Includes non-slip pads to hold it firmly on surfaces
• Surge protected: 175 Joules
• Response time: Less than 1 nanosecond
• 2 x USB outlets: 5V DC 2.4A maximum total output
• 1.2m cable with easy grip plug
• Designed and certified to Australian standards
RRP: $22

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    Goodguys sell one with individual switches for $29 though.. Same brand - Crest



    Whats the price of the multiswitch next to it?


      a little cheaper from memory. but didn't have the USB ports.


    I'm using the one that bought from COTD, the powerboard comes with 4 USB charging port. Its brand is seem Sansai. It was good. I am quite happy with it.

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    Don't waste money on those with built in usb port because most of them has very low output, 1Amp is the lucky end, some even 500mah. Pretty much useless nowadays, especially for tablets and top end Android.

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      Did you read this deal or just respond to the title ? Deal Description states 2 x USB outlets: 2.4A maximum total output

      Plenty of lower powered USB devices in use to be handy for some.

      If you have an expensive top end device requiring lots of power or specialised charging - why would you be wanting to save by using this basic charger??


      You can always get the Chinese type Xiaomi or the Orico with QC ;)


      This deal is for a "surge protected" power board, with USB outlets. It is not a deal primarily aimed at charging higher powered phones & tablets. It still supplies far more USB power than you claim.

      So again - I think you missed the point when saying "Don't waste money" on this deal. You were discussing a different powerboard for a different use to the one in this deal.

      "Pretty much useless nowadays" - it could be of use to many…

      "Surge protected" power boards are usually permantly in use protecting electronics like TVs, home entertainment, computers, etc. The board is usually inaccessible down the back. (There has been much debate on OzBargain about the effectiveness or need for surge protection.)

      So adding USB outlets there to power devices located there makes sense, rather than for charging more power hungry tablets & phones which need better access to USB power. Just checking my USB powered devices from behind the TV, they included Chromecast, HDMI switcher, DAB+ radio, etc.

      The stated 2.4A over 2 sockets will meet those power needs & release at least 1 power point from a powerboard otherwise used for the charger(s).

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    These currently get you 800 BONUS POINTS FlyBuys when you purchase Crest Power Board & Adaptor products at Coles between Thu 8 Dec and Mon 26 Dec 2016. Only if you have received and activated it in My Offers.


      Heh. That's what I get for giving them my spam email that I never check. I'm never clued in on their deals.


        Didn't receive this offer. Often differs by State.

        I only have the card for the special offers. Rarely use my FlyBuys card, so get lots of $50 off 4 x $50 shops (earnt $50 this week), etc. Wouldn't want to miss those😯

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