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Seagate 3TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive $115 Instore / Online @ Officeworks


I bought a Xbox One S 500GB two weeks ago and it is full, 500GB is useless.
Bought a 2TB Seagate Expansion portable last night from a shop (not Officeworks), Xbox One S happy now with the space. I was looking online for specs etc, found this one. Bugger could of got the 3TB for the same price as the 2TB I bought hours ago, too late used already. Was going to rush in this morning an buy one before I unleashed the deal to ozbargin but this morning realised I have already spent too much money and changed my mind. Need to spend my money on a gaming monitor, damn xbox one s making me spend so much money.

The saving appears to be about $50 or so.

They seem to have plenty of stock every where. (Not like my last post sorry).

Of course you can plug it in a computer and use it as a normal drive.

Just some info
Seagate Make the Official Game Drive

Reading online
These are basically Seagate Expansion Portable Drives with a different green case (so save your money). As you can see below the models are similar.

Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable STEA2000400 $119 (Officeworks)
Seagate Expansion 3TB Portable STEA3000400 $115 (Officeworks)
2TB Seagate Game Drive STEA2000403 $169 or less (low as $139 I have seen)
4TB Seagate Game Drive STEA4000402 $200+ (Not worth it I think)

Also note, my 2TB is made in China, the 3TB says it is made in Thailand. Not sure if it makes any difference.

Happy Gaming, and Backups if you choose.

20/12: Sold out online for most but still available in store at selected locations.

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  • i do remember people were talking how unreliable these 3tb portable drives are..

  • So these ones don't have issues with reliability?
    But this is a good price!

    • after some googling, appears only 3TB ST3000DM001 internal HDD has the issues. No one mentioned the faults of this product.

      • +2 votes

        I disagree, it's the external ones that are the problem.

        Seagate’s Barracuda 3TB Hard Disk Drive, Desktop Expansion HDD 3TB, Backup Plus 3TB External Hard Disk Drive, GoFlex 3TB External Hard Disk Drive, or other Seagate hard drive with model number ST3000DM001 exist.

        The few internal ones that were sold are pretty reliable from the anecdotes. I wonder if the one zealmax is talking about is internal. I suspect it might be.

        Backblaze was farming out the ST3000DM001 from the external kits…


        There is even a lawsuit going on about how they incorrectly used the drives.

        • That made for a good read, thanks for linking. I didn't even know there was a crisis at that time, musnt have been on the PC much.

  • Are these good for the normal xbox one? Tech noob sorry! 🙁

  • Same problem. Halo1-4 + BF1 + GOW4 + Odyssey + Few Demos -> Storage full.
    Ordered just now. Thanks OP. Good Price.

    All I need now is an XBox Controller Deal. Damn, I am spending a lot of money on this.

    • same here, will pickup a drive today ……
      yes also after a good controller deal…… feel ripped paying $80 for a controller when the whole unit was $299 with a game.
      these xbox one S are just sooo cheap and they are a 4K video player

  • Western digital more reliable


    Can I use this to replace the 500GB one in my PS4?

    • No. Only the 2TB is 9.5mm thick.


        Thank you.

      • Is it even worth replacing the 500gb hard drive, when you can just use the 2tb externally? I guess it must be easy to open up an xbox

        • You'd void your warranty opening up the Xbox and I don't believe there'd be much or any performance benefit over USB.

          PS4 is another matter given they don't support externals.

      • Does the 2tb one for into a xbox one s as well or just the regular one? Also, is there an idiots guide to replacing the harddrive?

        • I'd say it's a bad idea to be honest. You void your warranty doing so and you won't see any performance benefit from what I've seen in the past. You should have almost 20 months of warranty at worst case on a One S given it only launched recently.

          That and using USB would give you 2.5TB, where replacing the drive you'll only have 2.0TB.

    • If you want to physically replace the HDD inside your PS.. don't buy a drive from officeworks. Get one from a PC shop. You only need a naked hard drive (or SSD if you want to spend more money/get less storage/but make it fast as hell) - not one of these things in a pre-fab case.
      1-2TB 2.5" HDDs are from around $100 upwards. SSD is more expensive but a lot faster.

      • What about the PS3? Like if I buy a miracle 3.55 firmware ps3 and swap out the internal drive then will I lose that firmware? I guess what I'm really asking is where does the firmware get placed

        • I have a PS3 with the firmware that you can load emulators into and all that with a 3k3y installed, I got it just before I moved house, never set it up in the new house because I was going to use it as a Blu-Ray player but scored a good one in the Dick Smith closing down sales, it's just in a box brand new and chipped somewhere with an extra controller and Blu-ray remote, is it something you'd be interested in, I have been thinking about selling it, it's going to waste :/

  • Awesome price! I got the drives from the previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/268795 that I use for my low power server that downloads and seeds Linux distos and they perform great!

    I am not sure if you can use them for the XBone as these drives are thicker than the regular 2TB versions, unless you connect it up via the USB cable.

    • usb is the way to go …… to swap the existing drive and format it isn't a DIY job on an xbox ….. easy on ps4 though. The xbox one S doesn't have enough built in boot code to rebuild a drives, the PS4 does, and it just reinstalls after it sees a new drive.

    • This is a fantastic find. Cheaper than Amazon and can return to officeworks if I have issues.
      Thank you

  • i did the same, had to buy an external 2tb hdd for the xbox one, 500gb lasted about a month, and with the 4 free games with gold games per moth, it goes quick!

  • Has anyone pulled these apart for a cheap internal hdd?

    • I think from recollection these use a nonstandard connector internally

      • The 3tb portable uses a standard 15mm thick 2.5" Samsung sata drive so can be easily removed and used in another device if they can fit. Normal 2tb portables are 9.5mm thick and are the largest internal supported by game consoles PS4/XB1.

        Check out this YouTube video showing one of the Seagate 3tb portables being pulled apart.

  • I missed the TGG 20%off Ebay deal last time for Seagate Portable 4TB and I think this is a good deal.
    But I'm just wondering which one is better or reliable, desktop or portable HDD? I'm planning to plug in the HDD to my router for streaming.


    • depends if your router will keep checking the drive or not …….the portable drives aren't meant to spin 24x7 …… need a NAS drive for that …….. my android box used to keep spinning the drive up all the time …..

      • I can't imagine most low cost desktop drives are designed to spin 24x7 either. You'd be looking at NAS ones probably which do appear in some more exy enclosures.

        Desktop might be the safer buy in that you won't hit any issues with the router struggling to power the HDD if it's an older USB 2.0 port (USB 3.0 would be ok mind).

  • How easy/possible is it to remove this from the cover and use as an internal HDD?

    I am in need of a new storage drive but this looks to be fairly cheap.

  • Yeah I'd rather get this than a Xbox with 2tb which works out like $100 more expensive and u get 1.5tb less!

  • Thanks OP. I picked up a 4TB desktop drive for my XB1 but definitely need another portable drive.

    Saw this deal and yelled out to my partner "we're going to officeworks!"

    Thankfully she understands the ozbargainer in me..

  • I actually just want a 1TB. Any good deals on those?

  • Thanks OP..picked up 1 in Hobart, think there might be 4 left

    • Nice. I got a click and collect there

      • probably don't need to know for C&C, but wasn't on the shelves or in the cashier compactus, but they found them in a side cupboard after 5 mins :)

      • Cheers, pleasing to see comments being helpful.
        I appreciate those that take the time to value add comments on stock levels and experiences
        Always try to do the same

  • I am now up to date on the life of Fredk1000. That was a thorough write up.

  • I've been using one of these with Xbox One for the past few months, I have around 50 games installed and it's only at 30% full. Never missed a beat and been waiting for it to come back down to grab another one, thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, just picked one up at North Sydney - they were behind the counter rather than in general shelving, if anyone is going in for one.

  • Thanks OP, waiting for the3TB to come down to this price for a while now.

    You should add FREE delivery also. Although it was free delivery for me I am so close to my OW that i will walk to it once I'm notified it's ready to pick up.

    With all the recent first choice deals and this plus Sennheiser headphones, my Credit Card is feeling like as slapped around as a strippers arse on a hens night!

    • ozf1…..FREE delivery only within metropolitan area.
      $5.95 regional delivery for me but the nice guy in the service dept overrode my delivery fee(as a one-off) when I placed my order by phone. He was unable to override the fee online….

  • no stock had to order online for click and collect at my local store in 2 days :) all good thanks op.. great price!

  • I only have 4 Xbox One and a couple of 360 games installed and my 500GB drive is full, which is an absolute joke. Pretty tempting.

    I imagine installing everything on this, then plugging it into the Scorpio later next year when I trade in should be fine yeah?

  • Is this fit in xbox so? :)

  • Good work OP !

  • Took the plunge. Might help me to upgrade from XP to windows 7. I guess portable HD prices are finally surpassing what they were before the floods in Thailand years ago. Bought a 500GB Seagate around 2010 for only $70.

  • Awww yeah just picked up my drive from Officeworks Yarraville.. thanks op :)

  • Didn't need one. Bought one anyway.

  • Cheers, picked one up.

  • Grabbed one from Airport West, Vic. Sounds like they had a few left. (They're behind the counter, shelf has placeholders and old price ($135).

    • Give it up please. Why are you still looking at this deal, since Seagate is obviously not for you.
      All hard drives have a failure rate, some models more than others.
      You had an isolated hard drive failure just after warranty expiration - it's upsetting, I know, but it happens,
      You were just unlucky.
      I've had WD drives fail - still buy them……..

  • I also don't understand after many years why the prices are almost the same and why 2 or 3 TB is not the norm? Are manufactures all going by the Apple method and still having almost the same capacity and using old hardware yet still charging the same prices? 5400rpm in the IMac is a disgrace in 2017 terms!

  • Thanks just picked one up

  • Went down to Office Works this afternoon and got the 2TB drive since they had none of the 3TB ones. The fact the connector actually fits into the drive unlike my old Toshiba 1TB HDD makes this much better.

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