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Acer Predator X34 34" G-SYNC Ultrawide IPS LED Gaming Monitor $1397.95 Docklands VIC Pickup Only ($1453.94 Shipped) @Warehouse1


This is the "Best 34-Inch Nvidia G-Sync Monitor" according to Tom's Hardware and most places are pretty much in agreement that it's a very nice piece of kit either way … aside from the price which is not pretty.


After some searching this was the best price[*] I found although *only* if you pick it up from Docklands VIC.

If you add the $55.99 shipping the price becomes $1453.94 BUT note that you can get $1449 pickup from:

Mwave (NSW) ($1493.54 shipped to Adelaide, YMMV)
PLE (VIC, WA) (1502.55 shipped to Adelaide, YMMV)

MSY and IJK also sell this for $1449 pickup but have no stock ATM, ETA next year.

BTW I'm am going to wait until the end of the year because I'm guessing there's going to be a 10, 15 or 20 percent site wide eBay sale like last year which would make my wallet feel better about this purchase :| But if anyone wants to buy now I think this is the best you can do ATM please post in comments if you know cheaper, I'd appreciate it!

[*]: There's one lower price but there is a lot of complaints about the vendor, certainly too much for me and Warehouse1 is not without it's complaints.

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  • https://www.mwave.com.au/product/acer-predator-xr341ck-34-ip...

    I thought this was the same one for $1129.00, but it shows freesync?

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      That uses exactly the same LG panel and as far as I know there's very little difference other than Freesync rather than G-sync and what that implies.

      The Asus PG348Q ROG Swift (G-SYNC) also uses the same panel and for some reason is ~$250 more expensve everywhere. As far as I can see the differences are it looks uglier flashier, has ambient lights that suck compared to the X34 - but it has a much nicer OSD and controls.

      I believe there's also an LG monitor with the same panel but no adaptive refresh function as well - although I might be getting confused with another model. Should be pretty easy to find it seeing as there's so few 34" displays.

  • Got myself the Asus, it's the best thing since well ever. Great price though.

  • Great monitor however prepare your wallet, at least my 970 stugling to drive this monitor, planning to grab 1080 once it go below 800

    • There are currently some deals for gtx 1080's under $800 atm.


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      i have 2 gtx 1080's running this mointor so i can play overwatch max out

      • I'm running mine on one 1080 with everything but aa maxed and it sticks to 90+ fps. Not that i wouldn't buy a 2nd if i had a few spare $ :).

    • Probably better of waiting 6 months for the tech to become more mainstream.

  • is this 4k or 1080 1440?

    • 1440p

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        • So that's pretty close to 4K right
          Anyone know the percentage off 4K it is so fps can be calculated
          The main reason I avoid 4K is it needs 3x980ti or 2x1080 for games
          I know standard 1440p is 70% higher res than 1080p

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          3840x2160 / 3440x1440 = 1.67

          UHD (3840 x 2160) has 67% more pixels than 3440 x 1440.

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    Please Santa.. I've been good.. well relatively good! Likewise if this came to $1200 after discounts I'd justify it - at least to myself. Thanks op.

  • Eh. Was deciding between X34 and XB271HU. Went for the 271. Whilst the X34 looks nice, you will forever be upgrading your video card to latest and greatest to drive the thing, and you'll need to play on low to medium settings.

    • No you don't need to play on low to medium, 1080 handles it easily, it's not 4k. Not to mention g-sync changes everything. It's precisely why I got the Asus equivalent over a 4k screen.

  • Comment from tons hardware

    May 2, 2016, 11:13 PM
    Interesting how you don't mention any of the issues this monitor has faced. I bought one of these in December in Australia for $1899. It had the color gradation problem and noisy gsync module. I sent it back and got the Asus PG279Q instead, awesome screen. The X34 was beautiful but I'm not playing that lottery again.

    • The Asus PG279Q was plagued with QC issues since release as it uses a AU Optronics Panel. To see how much of a major FAIL this was for ASUS see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mje_fmayu0k

      The X34 Predator actually uses a LG.Display LM340WU2-SSA1 AH-IPS panel

      So you actually played the lottery with worse odds than the X34 LOL

  • They were $1299 at PCgear recently

  • $1100 and I will buy one, until then waiting for 34" IPS Native 100hz, DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0 + GSync

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      That's FreeSync, this one is G-sync (for nVidia cards). G-sync costs more.

  • If you're in MEL and can wait - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/283170 ($1299)

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