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Xbox One S 500GB Console with Either Minecraft or Battlefield 1 $279 @ Target


2 Day Sale on XBOX ONE 500GB S Consoles starting Wednesday 21/12 at Target:

XB1 S 500GB Minecraft Console - $279
XB1 S 500GB Console with Battlefield 1 (full game download token) - $279

With both the above bundles you will be able to get Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of The Shadows 4K UHD Blu Ray for an additional $20 (total bundle price is $299).

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • It's a race to the bottom on these prices but someone forgot to tell Sony.

    • The PS4 was $299 not that long ago.

        • You do realise the base PS4 is considerably more powerful than the X1S?

        • @baratta:
          Its not about the specs these days, its the games and content.
          Unless you have a 4k tv

        • @baratta:

          I'm fairly sure that isn't the case.

          Yeah just checked. It's def somewhere above the PS4 slim but not the same level as the pro (noting Xbox was saving their version of the pro for 4K gaming - which I'll believe when I see it)

        • @baratta: I wouldn't say considerably. (FWIW, I don't have a horse in this race.)

        • @RI4V4N: The new form factor has led to a lot of confusion with the X1S. Yes it plays 4K movies, but the console has a 1.4 TF GPU vs the 1.8 TF GPU in the original and slim PS4s. Most games run at lower resolution than PS4 - Battlefield One for example. *Owner of original PS4, PS4Pro and X1S here.

        • @baratta:

          Of course a GPU isn't the only thing to go off. Especially in a console where the hardware and software integration is so close. From the benchmarks I'm seeing on the internet and I checked three. It's above the PS4 slim but not close to the pro .

          Also. Just to be clear. Terraflops are what people who know nothing about computers compare (or marketers use to sell it) Just look at actual benchmarks. It's much better.

        • @baratta: Arguing about power between consoles is pretty insignificant. You would make a good addition to pc master race if you want to argue power. I own all the consoles and care very little about the 'power'. If it turns on and plays the games to a good standard, great!

        • @RI4V4N: Go and watch some Digital Foundry vids- the X1S is simply not putting out the same power as the base PS4. Quote from Microsoft's Albert Penello :

          "When we made changes to the box we unlocked a little bit more processing power to enable HDR. That’s it. It’s exactly the same architecture as the existing one. I promise, (the difference) won’t even show up. It will have no impact on games at all."

          We can be sure Scorpio next year will be a beast, but to pretend that the X1S has magically bridged the power gap to base PS4 is naive.

        • @brendanAUS: Strawman argument. You're not allowed to care about visual quality unless you're on PC? Silly. PS4 Pro has been great (no more sub res games) and I'm sure Scorpio next year will give a massive bang for the buck too. Playerbase on PC is just too small to sustain online communities in Oz.

        • @baratta: You really care a lot about the power of a console. To each their own I suppose.. if this is what you find interesting and like to argue with people about on the internet thats your provocative. I find it pretty meaningless.

        • @brendanAUS: You're welcome to find it meaningless - trying to make people aware of misinformation. Go through my posts and you'll see that I game on Nintendo, Xbox and PS.

        • @baratta: "Playerbase on PC is just too small to sustain online communities in Oz."

          Errrrrrr wat? The current PC player base is larger than the player base of every single console ever created & all it's players, if they were all still playing. Hearthstone has 50mil active players, Overwatch on the PC has 15 million players (compared to a combined 4.5mil on all consoles) and WOW still has 12 million active players on any given day.

          You'd have to be unhinged to ever think the PC playerbase couldn't support an online community. Besides, it's not like their forced into paying a yearly stipend just to access the online content, or anything ridiculous like that. PC gamers get online gameplay at no added cost & they get dedicated servers too, not shite P2P online gaming.

        • @infinite: Depends on the games that you play. I play shooters - for Battlefield, COD, Battlefront I can only find the game types that I want with the larger base on consoles. I play on PC too.

        • @baratta: Yeah, second tier FPS games like that have a much smaller player base. No denying that.

        • @baratta: Aware of your misinformation? It's not so black and white with the performance between the two consoles as you let on. The Xbox One theoretically has a less powerful GPU, but has a very high speed, low-latency memory pool on the die unlike the PS4. Furthermore, it's CPU is clocked 150MHz higher per core which helps in scenarios with post-processing, physics and AI. Pair those with an arguably better online experience, UWP, and 4K bluray, and you've got yourself a very neat setup for only $280. Besides, both consoles are grossly under-powered for this day an age in my opinion (s'pose the price makes up for it). The PS4 Pro is a step in the right direction, but Xbox 'Scorpio' will better it.

        • @IIMurphaII: We could argue specs all day (GDDR5 etc). The simple fact is the X1S (whilst being a superior media box) does not hit base PS4 performance in the —vast— majority of games. To claim otherwise smacks of fanboy.

          Yes, Scorpio will be more powerful than Pro - I'm looking forward to having it under my tele too. I'm guessing unlike you, I game on all platforms, and can call it how it is. If you have $300 odd, the PS4 original or Slim will outperform the X1S in the vast majority of games. X1S is better for media, and has the great added bonus of backwards compat. Horses for courses.

        • @baratta: They basically do exactly the same thing. The experience offered is pretty much identical to the vast majority. Most people wouldn't even be able to tell a difference between the two consoles when playing a game.

          They are both under powered, and both not really great at 1080p. That is why more game developers are using dynamic resolution scaling. Both consoles are based off a low end Radeon from several years ago, so who really cares about a p1ssing contest. It is like arguing over what's better out of a Hyundai I30 and a Kia Cerato.

        • @baratta:
          MFW watching peasants arguing over whos potato is better on my PC

        • @sallan75: Ahh, the old bury the info 'cause they're all weak. If a consumer can only afford one machine (and isn't waiting on Scorpio or willing to pay for PS4P) then the PS4 is objectively better than the X1S for running games. It's not a pissing contest - they both have strengths and weaknesses - it depends on what one values. But to pretend that the X1 (which runs games like Battlefront @ 720P) is on par with the base PS4 is false.

        • @baratta: The PS4 doesn't hit 1080p in any of the Battlefield games either. But there are plenty of games that are 1080P on both platforms where you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

        • @sallan75: So? I have BF4, BFH and Battlefront for both systems. The 1600x900 on PS4 is much easier on the eyes than the blurry & jagged 1280x720 served up on Xbox. Better performance too.

          From 2013 to 2017, the PS4 platforms offer objectively the best image quality on consoles. Come late 2017, that'll no doubt change with XB2. Then the old "people can't tell the difference" arguments will suddenly evaporate when xbox has superior hardware on the market.

        • @baratta: Maybe, PS4 people are now happy with upscaling since the Pro isn't a true 4K console.

        • @brendanAUS: prerogative*

        • @sallan75: Ahh, yes. Power of the X1 doesn't matter (they're the same!), but power of the Scorpio does (true 4K!). Gotta love small minded tribalism.

        • @baratta: I rarely game at all these days. My Xbox One is primarily used for media consumption and the 30 odd games collect dust. Even my PC is rarely turned on these days. At the end of the day, most people just want something they can power on, kick back and jump straight into a game - not scrutinize every pixel rendered. I enjoy crispy visuals as much as the next guy, but at a couple of meters or so from a 40"+ TV, no one is really going to notice - perhaps not even side-by-side.

          Just on a side note, I've owned at least one version of each PlayStation released from the PSX to the PS3. Microsoft just has a better ecosystem for me - Groove Music, Windows Store, OneDrive, Office 365, Cortana, and so on. The TV Tuner is a handy addition too.

        • @IIMurphaII: That's all well and good - but I'm not arguing the ecosystem or value proposition - I like em both. Most of the sheep on this site are completely unaware that the base PS4 is graphically more capable than the X1S.
          I generally prefer the Xbox ecosystem too, and I'm looking forward to the Scorpio for next year. In the meantime (as someone who cares about visuals on console) I have favoured the PS4 for multiplats, and greatly enjoy what the PS4P brings to the table. That doesn't stop me from booting up the X1 for Halo, BC etc.

        • @baratta: Your original point was that the PS4 is "considerably more powerful". It may be graphically more capable, but not to the degree you let on. My point was that most people won't notice or care. It's not like say the difference between a Wii U and a Xbox One.

        • @IIMurphaII: I was responding to the guy who wanted a PS4 Pro for X1S money with that first post. My point being that the base Slim is the comparable model to the X1S (objectively graphically more capable to boot.) The reality is that Xbox (under Don Mattrick) spent our graphics card money on Kinect at launch. You may not care, some may not see a difference, but that decision making resulted in a power deficit. It's been good seeing Phil Spencer turning things around, but 4K bluray and new form factor don't suddenly bring the X1 up to parity with base PS4 hardware.

        • @baratta:r u sure?
          I play bf4 and bf1 on both Xbox and pc. Pc had way more players on au servers compared to Xbox.
          Resolution wise pc blows away Xbox or ps.
          Send me ur ganerid if u wanna play on pc together ☺

        • @RI4V4N: >Terraflops are what people who know nothing about computers compare (or marketers use to sell it) Just look at actual benchmarks. It's much better.

          The thing about comparing teraflops is that it's a benchmark.

        • @baratta: You are the one acting all butt hurt. I had a x360 and PS3 last gen and barely touched the PS3. Xbox Live is a far better service and I prefer MS ecosystem. The PS4 is slightly more powerful, but pretty much all games look and play the same. You list a few Frostbite games like they are the norm when it comes to showing the difference between consoles, which they aren't. BTW BF1 at 900P on the XBO looks pretty good to me. You are the one arguing as hard as you can for the PS4 and accuse others of small minded tribalism. I am sure most people would be happy with either console. Most decisions will be based on price, exclusives and what friends have. Not petty arguments over resolution.

        • @sallan75: You're missing the point Sallan. I'm not arguing value proposition - unlike you I own them both. I'm addressing the widespread misconception that the XB1S is a powerhouse that has bridged the power gap to the PS4, competes with the PS4Pro, and greatly overshadows the original XB1. Simple as that.

      • No idea why people are negging you for that comment.

    • Someone always forget to tell Sony.

      • +19 votes

        Someone forgot to tell them to put a UHD drive in their new console too…

        • The amount of things I've asked for you to do when you go back in time to correct has to be in the dozens now! Maybe stop by Shuhei Yoshida's office next time you rev up the Dolorean!

        • @Zylam Marex: Sorry (looking down at shuffling feet)

        • +1 vote

          Personally I don't see it as an issue.
          I'm not about to go out and buy $20 4k blurays just to watch a single movie.
          Especially when I can stream a 4k show for free…or something like netflix for $10 a month.

    • They're only doing it to catch up to Sony, this is the only way. They're selling the S at a loss at this point. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    • It's a race to the bottom on these prices but someone forgot to tell Sony.

      Sony have sold approximately 20 million more Playstation 4's than Microsoft's Xbox One since launch, if this is to be believed: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/playstation-4-sales-2016-1...

      The market leader might feel less inclined to discount.

    • Microsoft has a cloud, Azure, office365 and Windows …. Sony is bit more limited in how to generate cash flow from software.

      Some games are even pre-processed in the Azure cloud to keep the frame rates up on an older platform….. if Sony pre-processed, they would need to pay AWS or build their own cloud.

      We own PS4 and Xbox One, and I'm loving the games that once we buy, we can play on Xbox or our Windows 10 PCs for a once off purchase.

      It's a great time to be alive.

    • Sony doesn't need to race to the bottom they are kicking XB1's ass, even 3DS Is kicking XB1's ass

  • Nice one!

    Borat, do you know if there's anything else on sale at the same time as the console?

  • Damn! How much cheaper will the price of this console get? Have hardly used the one I bought from JB Hi-Fi a couple of weeks ago.

  • Agreed, someone forgot to tell Sony…
    A new XB1S deal every few days lol, at this rate they might as well give them away free of charge.

    I will finally budge and grab this, cheers. Any other deals on the day?

    • None. The download tokens aren't worth as much as physical copy.

      • but you can play on PC or Xbox, so the flexibility is the trade off fro disc resale …..and resale on discs isn't great anyway, and you get discount codes on G2A, CDkeys, etc ………….and you don't need to insert disc to play ….love the convenience vs resale.

    • Since Minecraft doesnt go for much. Id choose the BF1, doesnt get it down to $199 but you could make around $30-40 for the token.

      Just my two cents

    • The current sell price on Battlefield 1 download is $35, or $30 if you want to sell it quickly. You can be sure that the value will drop with the flood of them after everyone grabs these console deals before and after Christmas.

  • Bf1 would likely have higher resale value but you aren't going to get anywhere near $80 for it.

    • Considering its selling for like sixty dollars in the sales around the same time new and there's going to be hundreds of these tokens floating around. Yeah. It isn't.

  • Will EB price match this? Might trade in old 500GB one

  • 229 by boxing day?

  • I'm a bit behind the times with gaming, apparently these new consoles can't be chipped like the PS2 and Xbox could. Sounds like a return to the days of having no choice but to have a factory-made copy, like in the cartridge days… I wonder if any video stores still exist to hire the games out.

    • I get them from the library for free…

      • wish my library carried video games..

        • Just rock up to the front counter and fill in a request form. It's pretty much all you need to do to get anything at libraries these days.

    • Hiring games is as rare as a hens tooth.. With prices like these they are trying to get people on board, the ones that stopped at Ps2 and Original Xboxes

      • yep im one of those ones :) however im not too impressed by the latest gen as it seems waaay to many shooters and driving games. Gonna get a chipped ps3 and DL everything thats good =)

        • Ps3 aren't chipped unless you get a new model which are useless

        • @stussy: Sorry, have a habit of using outdated/incorrect terminology to cut corners. Should have said I'll be looking for a 2nd hand 3.55 firmware ps3

        • glad I'm not the only one getting sick of shooters …. same routine, different theme … I also have chipped ps3, box360, and the chipped wii can't be beat for under 12 yr old kids games.

        • @garage sale: i hear ya. Im playing my chipped ps2 way more than the xbone lol. Its just the sheer variety of games

    • no, but games are more complex anyway … so if you buy a game now, it's more than a weekend play .halo master chief collection is $8 now as a code and includes halo 1,2,3,4…… yeah, loved my chipped PS3, Xbox360, and Wii ………oops still have them.

  • Wow that's a deal.

  • I already have Day 1 Xbone, got rid of the PS4 to upgrade to PRO but Stubborn Sony want an arm and a leg for it.
    I might end up with 2 XBoxes with these sort of prices

  • Perhaps the cheapest 4k blue ray player in market.

  • ok now this is just silly. I paid a good $80 more not just a few weeks ago…clearly i pulled the plug wayyyyy to early on this one.

    wonder if there is a way i can block all xb1s deals from being visible to me

    • On the flip side i cant see it going any lower so you are only $80 worse off.. - For now


        How is that a flipside? $80 is $80. What are you doing on OzBargain?

    • yeah i think you're in a world of hurt, prices are going to be competitive, and prices are going to drop.

    • You are right, it is silly how much this console has dropped considering it is only a few months old. I paid $379 with FIFA 17.

    • Im even envious after buying from microsoft on black friday the minecraft pack with tombraider for $329.. Would rather save $60 and forget tomb raider (sure its a great game but never been into TR)

  • How much space does Battlefield take up?


  • Online possible, or in store only?

  • How can the mindcraft offer end on the 15th of December?

  • Target, prepare to be Ozbargained into Oblivion. I have absolutely no need for this but am soooooooo tempted.
    I live in hope that there will be an equivalent PS4 Pro deal sooooooooooon.