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Microsoft Store - Boxing Day Sale - $100 off 1TB Xbox One Bundles + Forza 6 Free, 15% off Surface Range

  • $100 off + Forza 6 on select Xbox One S 1TB bundles - $399
  • 15% off Surface Book + free dock
  • 15% off Surface Pro + free sleeve
  • New low price for entry level Surface Pro 4 128GB with Intel Core M processor (no pen) - $899
  • Deals for Xbox One games, Laptops, Phones and accessories

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  • Much like Target and JB Hi Fi's Boxing Day sale, the 1TB Xbone is finally on sale!

    The main difference with the Microsoft Store is you can get the 1TB Battlefield Limited Edition (Military Green) on this deal :)
    Happy Boxing Day shopping!

    • wish they still had gears of war 4 bundles….:-(

      don't regard $499 starting price as enticing as the other bundles …..

  • Looks like forza 6 is included as well

  • You should change the title of the post to say "Xbox One" rather than the slang "Xbone" so that people can find it via search easier. Parents who may be doing a search for a child may not know what an Xbone is.

  • Argh all these xbox s deals… Idk if I should upgrade to a s or not…

    • Have a 4K TV with or without HDR? Need a Blu-ray player? Sick of the power brick that comes with the original Xbox One? Have limited room in your entertainment system cabinet? Wish to own the latest? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you should absolutely get the One S.

      • Just got 4k TV lol

      • except that they are white and "really standout" in an entertainment cabinet, even behind smoked glass …. you but skins for $6 on Ebay. But yes, the smaller size does make then nicer than the old ones. Problem was transffreing games via external hard disk, couldn't just copy across, I think it has to do with some games using extra software or higher res for the S units. Gears of War4, Halo5.

  • The $899 M3 model comes with no pen.

  • Has anyone gone from an iPad to a surface pro?
    If so how do they compare?

    • Very differently.

      One's a mobile OS, the other is a desktop/laptop OS that runs any Windows app.

  • Games on sale is pretty shit,got these less many months ago.

  • Was just about to post this as a new thread when I saw this post covers the Surface Book is 15% off with free Surface Dock.