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Xiaomi Mi Max (32GB/3GB) USD $171.13 / AUD $240.79 @Banggood


Happy holidays everyone!

For people that missed out on the Aliexpress deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/284158) or did not want to buy through Aliexpress or was put off by the comments, Banggood has the Mi Max for less than $20 more, but you can pay through Paypal instead of Alipay. If you ever had to dispute through Alipay, you know how much better/easier it is to deal with Paypal.

Oh, emphasis is this is the Mi MAX, not Mi MIX. :)

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  • -3 votes

    Ugh I thought it was the MIX.

  • +1 vote

    Incredible phone for the price. I use it and love it.

    Be warned, it doesn't allow you to select Australia as a locale, so you might encounter problems with daylight saving and news apps.


    If it is delivered in 3 to 6 days. That is a good deal.

  • +6 votes

    FAQ: Band 28 700mhz?
    A: No.

  • +1 vote

    Love this phone, using on Telstra. Don't even notice the no band 28! Works very well defaults to HSDPA when no band 28. Rest of time 4g 80per cent of the time. No regrets so far :D if I had the cash I'd buy another for back up!
    Plays games like a treat and screen is epic.
    Only minor consideration is when you get it to check the miui version is official and if the phone is a genuine xiaomi. Update the phone over the air and your winning.

  • +2 votes

    Remember this was ~$221 a few days ago, so can be had for cheaper at times.


    I love this phone, another thing is soon you will get nougat update on it.
    only thing i dont like is battery it wont last 2 days says big battery 4850mAh but i dont think it is.

    • +1 vote

      Maybe you've got rogue apps.


        Do you think default apps may be?


          I would start with non-system apps before anything else. Do you leave Bluetooth and GPS turned on when not in use. What is your screen timeout setting? Have you got heaps of instant messaging apps installed and syncing all the time? Is screen brightness maxed out even in dark environments? These are only a few points to note when trying to maximise battery longevity.

  • +1 vote

    Banggood is much more reputable to buy phones if issues occur.

    If your willing to take a risk buying this Chinese phone I recommend buying from these guys.

    My ulefone power had issues and banggood helped me out by offering me compensation for faulty phone, I was very happy with outcome and cut my loses. I am having similar issues with aliexpress but they keep sending me smart ass replies and don't help at all, as they don't care and their buyer protection/ disputes stink


    price says $280.96 AUD for me any ideas why?

    Also is it easy to buy cases for these?



    I saw in the reviews on the site that this comes with modified firmware.

    BG staff says it doesn't support OTA update so how difficult would it be to install the official firmware over it?


      I bought one which had crappy modified firmware on it which wouldn't OTA update.

      If it doesn't OTA update when you get it out of the box then I reccomend you reflash it straight away because there are more bugs and sometimes ads in the unofficial firmware and you may lose all your data when you reflash.

      There's an official way to reflash on the XiaoMi homepage using fastboot but they never approved my application to unlock the bootloader. I was able to reflash it to the official miui8 using the method which requires you to use EDL mode rather than fastboot.


        Thanks. I'm just gonna pay the extra $9 elsewhere to get factory sealed official global version and not have to mess around (or potentially brick my device)


    Is there decent rugged cases for this


      Do you drop often? Everyone is going for ring phone holders, double up if you want extra security. But if you drop by bumping off the couch, lap or table etc, worth to look for rugged case and screen protector


    Just bought! one been using my Nokia 930 since launch no apps was slowly killing me still use it as a camera though haha lets see how long shipping will take


    Anyone's order showing "Back Order"? I'm annoyed as it was in stock when I purchased it :(


    Has anyone received theirs yet?

    • +1 vote

      Nope last tracking info i got was
      2017-01-12 07:45 Genève 2 Letter Transit, The consignment has left the origin border point probably will be updated again tomorrow


    Mine just came today should i flash it?