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Transcend 480GB SATA 2.5" SSD US $92.53 (~AU $128) Delivered @ Amazon

  • Max. Read 550MB/s, Max. Write 450MB/s
  • Powerful controller with high-quality flash chips
  • Supports DevSleep ultra low power state
  • Supports TRIM, NCQ and S.M.A.R.T. function.
  • Silent, low-power operation.
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Three-year limited warranty
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    very cheap

  • How does transcends warranty work from australia ?

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      Steps to a Smooth Product Return

      Please follow the applicable instructions below to begin your RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process.
      For end users to return product

      Please follow the return policy of the original seller.

      If you cannot get help from the original seller, feel free to further contact Transcend’s Global Partners nearest in your region.

  • Anyone used one? Any good?
    I kinda want the MX300 525GB M.2 for about $185 shipped, but this is a significantly better price.

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    How this compare to Samsung evo 840?

    Looking for upgrading my 250gb evo 840 for a bigger capacity.

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    Thank you OP, being waiting for 2 weeks for a good deal on SSD.

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    Considering the crappy exchange rate atm this is a good deal. Thanks OP.

  • I'm currently waiting for a bargain for a SSD to upgrade from my Samsung 830 256gb SSD. Is this a good deal??

    Is it more bang for buck to get a 1gb SSD? Sorry, I'm just totally out of date with the current PC hardware prices.

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    How do you get cashback

  • Has anyone used one of these with an xbox one?

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      I've seen a video where the HDD in a Xbox One was swapped out with a SSD and then speed-tested alongside a XB1 with a HDD and an elite XB1 with a SSHD. The performance gap between the SSHD-equipped one and the SSD-equipped one weren't as great as one would expect. Makes me wonder why.
      I reckon not a lot of people are willing to void their warranty in an attempt to tinker with their consoles. IIRC, it's also a pretty tedious process. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

  • How does one get free delivery?

    I'm getting this price including the bracket

    Items (2): AUD 136.27
    Shipping & handling: AUD 13.55
    Total before tax: AUD 149.82

    • The bracket pushes the shipping cost up.

      Buy a 2.5" to 3.5" metal bracket from Ebay AU for $4 delivered.

      That way your total outlay will be $132 ($128 for SDD, $4 for the bracket) instead of paying more for the bracket from Amazon and the increased shipping.

      • ahh ok thanks, it now comes down to $138.64

        Items: AUD 126.13
        Shipping & handling: AUD 12.51
        Total before tax: AUD 138.64

        How did OP get $128?? Is it better to use my 28 degrees card paid in USD or use the Amazon conversion rate?

        • Nevermind, all solved

          Got it for $92.53 USD. Using the 28 degrees conversion, it came in at $128.88

          Cheers OP :D

  • Good find for a great drive for the price.

    Cheapest in-stock local price is $175 pickup or +delivery :


  • What bracket ??

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    This will be my very first SSD, cheap and enough space to fit a bunch of my games. Thanks OP!

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    Ordered one cheers

  • back up to USD $113 now

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      Amazon is out of stock so its moved to the next cheapest seller, you can still get this price on back order, right of the page where it says "Other sellers on amazon" just add to cart, ships 1 to 3 weeks it says

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        You, Sir / Madam, are a gem. Thanks for that tip.

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          you're welcome! :)

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    Great deal, thank you "nocure". Bought two at this price with 2 sets of precision screwdrivers for home use.

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    Price: $121.99
    Only 2 left in stock.
    This item does not ship to Australia.

    Am I doing something wrong ?

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      From Trantor above -:

      "Amazon is out of stock so its moved to the next cheapest seller, you can still get this price on back order, right of the page where it says "Other sellers on amazon" just add to cart, ships 1 to 3 weeks it says"

      • Thanks mate.

  • Just checked Shopping Express Crucial MX300 525gb is $158 delivered

    • The deal to beat.

      • NOOOOOOO, I knew there was a better deal out there :'(

        750gb for $143 is around 19c per gb

        Transcend is 26c per gb

  • Does it have good compatibility with Ubuntu Linux?

  • I just found the 525GB MX300 is as low as 89 on Amazon now surprisingly. However it doesn't appear to ship here (wtf. They normally do)

    Anyone else seeing that?

    • I'm guessing it won't ship here because it "Ships from and sold by Cinematic Gems & Video Game Rarities". Sad :(

      • Yeah super frustrating, that's a heck of a damn price - it was only that low briefly too.

  • My SSD arrived today. I forgot the last time I bought from Amazon so I'm not sure if this is the norm, but my SSD arrived in a normal orange package bag similar to this http://www.mycopath.com/images/discrete_envelope.jpg

    For such a fragile device, I must say the protection for that is pretty poor. No extra bubble wrap was used in the package either. Now I'm hoping my ssd will work after I finish ghosting my old SSD.

    When I bought the 4TB hard drive from PLE computers, the HD came with so much bubble wrap that it was almost like a brick.

    • Lucky you, this is what I got. It doesn't even make sense. What the hell is going on? I'm new to amazon…


      We're contacting you about order #xxx-xxxxx-xxxx. Unfortunately, we're unable to deliver your order. We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

      To ensure you receive your item(s) as soon as possible, we've created a new order (#xxx-xxx-xxxx) which will be shipped to the same destination, at no additional charge to >you. You should receive confirmation of this shipment soon.

      There's no need to worry about your original shipment — we've contacted the carrier and they should be returning it to us instead of delivering it to you. If, however, you >should receive a duplicate shipment, please visit http://www.amazon.com/returns to print a postage-paid mailing label to return the extra shipment at our expense.

      We hope to see you again soon.


      Customer Service