This was posted 3 years 7 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Overwatch ARS 300 (~ $26 AUD) from Argentina (No VPN Required)


This is a global version of Overwatch, so you can play in any region

You need to create an account with Argentina set as the country, you can than purchase it from the webstore or from the laucher

Unfortunately you can not gift the game from this region onto another account

Origins edition is also available for 400 ARS


If you register with a mexico account instead, for ~$33.50 AUD, you will then able to purchase a giftable version which can then be used on an existing account

If you have any difficulty paying by card, add the card to your account first

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  • Damn. Good price. paid 35 a week or two ago using ARS

  • I have it on PS4 got it a week ago. Should I consider getting it on PC aswell/instead of?

    33$ is quite cheap for what appears (at this stage) to be quite fun when you have the right team

    • PC version is objectively better, but if your friends are on console that's important too

      Just remember your stats / loot will be completely reset if you change version.

    • as someone who plays on both (and have friends on both) the main advantage of PC is fine control. The issue with using a controller is the sensitivity isn't as smooth and is objectively harder on console.

      On a personal note I prefer it on pc as it's an FPS but each to their own

  • Alright buying this now.
    Held off for so long as I have a large backlog to complete.

  • So you then have to have a separate 2nd (Argentina) account? That's not useful.

  • Spent $50 around black Friday. Sick game. Worth

  • Good game on PC ;)

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    Thanks for this post. Bought it for $35 AUD with the mexico account so I could gift it to my main account. Added my paypal details to the mexico account first before purchasing and it worked without any problems.

    • How did you do it? I made a mexico account but it says it's on sale from 999 down to 699 MXN. But that translates to 46 AUD, not 35 or whatever?

  • How alive are the australian servers? Do you know how many people still play it online? Last time I bought a PC game it was Starwars Battlefront and it was dead after a few months. Couldn't find a game to play for hours.

    • still very live, although in the late nights around 3am - 8am no one really plays but the community is quite large. it's a good game would recommend
      you'll find a game within 3 minutes depending on the mode you play

    • Alive and kicking and doesn't show any signs of slowing down yet. Absolutely massive player base.

    • Australia actually plays in the same region as the US even though we have servers here in AUS so you should get really good ping and still have the player pool of the American population from how I understand it.

    • The playerbase is gigantic. Even at 2am you won't struggle to find games

    • Very alive.

      Even at very high rated games it doesn't take long to find a match.

    • probably the biggest online pc game in Aus for people with capable PC's, I guess LoL would be more popular with people on lower tier systems

    • Been playing since end of June till now with over ~250hours logged. Located in Brisbane and 95% of matches get hooked up to local Aussie servers with ~35ms ping (I heard its 15-20ms if you on NBN). Wait time on quickplay (casual mode) varies but usually between 30-90secs. Recently started playing competitive hitting mid gold level and wait time is quite variable sitting betwen 10-180secs. Would definitely recommend you give it a ago at this price, especially if you have friends playing. As with other online games you will run into toxic players every now and then but just ignore them.

  • this game is soooo good! totally worth it.
    stopped playing bf1 and cod after this.

  • A lot of reviews state that this game isn't very fun to play without friends. Does anyone have any thoughts on that? (none of my friends play video games so I'd be playing solo).

    • Make new friends while playing online.

    • I play solo 90% of the time. When you find a good group you find yourself quickly being invited to stay with them - so you make friends as you go. The community is (mostly) pretty good.

    • Pretty much what grizz_li and maxxpowa said. Don't be afraid to solo queue your games especially at first, you will meet and make many friends while playing. If you perform well alot of people will even invite you to join their group. Just remember to ignore toxic players, don't let them drag you down, mute them if they irritate you.


    Giftable version is saying 699 MXN now :(

    Update, that was for Origins edition. Standard is still 499.

  • How do you guys pay for it? I don't want to pay foreign transaction fee on my credit card

    • 28 degrees card. Or Citibank visa debt. Both good free cards to have. The citi is also great travelling.

      • Just FYI, they're changing the Citibank Visa debt to charge you on international transactions - i think it comes into play in March.

        • S.O.B's!!!!

          So a 2.5% fee on international transactions makes this card useless for online shopping from then? Do you know if changes using it in foreign ATM's? Is a foreign ATM withdrawal classified as an international transaction?


      My ANZ Travel Adventures card has no foreign fee.

  • Cheers OP was meaning to buy this, just nabbed the giftable version.

  • Easily GOTY for me.

  • Was about to buy this yesterday for $50, got the Mexican version - much appreciated.

  • I got the mexican gift version but my payment status is queued? anyone else?

    • +3 votes

      Yeah but have you enjoyed the time you played it in those three months? Then it is worth it.

  • ARS 300 sounds like a new robot character for the game.

  • Got the boxed origins version from jb recently for $49 but this seems like a great price. Probably gonna get 100's of hours out of it, currently trying to collect as many christmas skins as i can while they are up.

  • wow thats cheap

  • I paid $27.43 AUD on Bankwest Plat. Mastercard but they may included Foreign Currency Fee. Either way great bargain regardless.

  • paid full price for this game no regrets whatsoever worth every $. Servers are still very much alive even at 4am

  • I tried purchasing the Mexican version however it constantly comes up with "Your payment has not been authorised." I'm using a commonwealth bank mastercard and yes, I have tried linking it to the account first, doesn't work. Help?

  • Anyone else still waiting for their code?

    • My one came around 4 hours later thru mexican battlenet as gift applied and playing had it on xone grabbed it for PC asswell cheers op awesome game

  • Seems like it keeps on saying my credit card details are wrong (even if i save a card to the mexican account first). Triple checked and all, can't seem to figure out how to pay. My billing details can't be on Mexico right? I'd have to say billing to Australia

  • Doesn't seem to work with Paypal if you try to buy a gift with a Mexican account with Paypal. I tested my AUS account and Paypal successfully goes to the buy page. It just says there's an error if I try with an Mexican account if I try to pay via Paypal.

    EDIT: I added Paypal as my default payment method on the account instead of choosing at checkout. It seems to be processing now.

    • EDIT 2: Took 1-2 hours but it finally went through and worked. Just make sure to add your Paypal as a payment method rather than directly at the checkout

  • I've got all my games on one account so if I wanna play overwatch I gotta switch?

    • Nah, no need to switch, you can do it as per post:


      If you register with a mexico account instead, for ~$33.50 AUD, you will then able to purchase a giftable version which can then be used on an existing account

  • Went to purchase this as a giftable version from mexican account to my aus account. It was in queued and then it disappeared from order history.

    The response from a GM was "Chulholut 14:33:23 Likely due to your account being set to Mexico but your being in Australia. So paying in Pesos wouldn't work there."

  • Ok, I did the Mexico thing and the system says my order is taking longer than usual. Looks like the transaction has hit my credit card, so we'll see what happens.

    • Got the same message and then the response I posted above ^, I used paypal though. I'm trying for a second time and its coming up to 4 hours waiting in 'queued'. Will probably try using my card instead of paypal if it fails again. Keep me updated on your progress if you could please, want to know if its still working

      • Mine is still Queued.. hopefully this doesn't happen to me.

        EDIT: Just received my code from using Mexico after about 7 hours of 'Queued' status. (Used Paypal).

      • Yeah will do :) Still queued and I used my card because PayPal wouldn't work for some reason.

      • Greetings,

        We were unable to complete your recent purchase

        Product: Overwatch
        Order ID:

        Due to this, your payment authorization has been reversed. Since we were unable to complete this purchase, the product has been removed from your account.

        Your game account may be locked until the transaction can be reprocessed. For assistance with reprocessing this transaction, please submit a support ticket:


        Customer Service

        • Sorry to hear, just checked and mine was successful. As I posted above it didn't work the first time im pretty sure I put my paypal as payment method before I went to purchase but I did it again when I retried and that was the only thing differently I did. So consider trying to add your payment method to your account and then try gift it? Hope this helps

          Settings -> Payment Options -> Add payment method button

        • @aaronza: I'll give it a burl :)

        • @aaronza:

          this worked thanks!!! Received a confirmation today 02/01/17

  • Tried purchasing it last night only to get an e-mail 12 hours later saying:


    We were unable to complete your recent purchase.

    Due to this, your payment authorization has been reversed.
    Since we were unable to complete this purchase, the product has been removed from your account.

    Your game account may be locked until the transaction can be reprocessed.

  • Anyone know how long it takes to receive the gift? Paid with paypal and the order status is stuck on 'queued' at the moment.

  • Can anyone confirm this? When you're purchasing a giftable version of Overwatch on a Mexican account via paypal, it doesn't give you the option to send it to an email, while paying the game with an international credit card gives you that option. Can anyone confirm that paying a giftable version of Overwatch via paypal actually gives you the option to send the activation code (or however you receive the game) to an email? Sounds stupid I know, but I want to be safe. Thanks.