expired Shoei GT-Air Motorbike Helmets (Limited Sizes) from $699.95 @ The Helmet Warehouse


They still have a few medium sizes left which tend to go first during sales. This was the cheapest deal I could manage to find without going overseas.

It's the best fitting helmet that I tried on but more expensive than my usual budget.

Covered by the ECE22.05 standards that were brought in this year. You'll find an E6 label sewn into the chin strap rather than an AS1698 sticker on the back of the helmet.

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    Great helmet but I'm curious to see how the after sales support is with these grey imports all to save $100.


      I'm curious to know how the OP knows the tendency of how the sizes in these sales run, and if they have any association with the store.


        Generally whenever I check out a helmet sale they only have S or XL left for their clearout similar to shoe sales.

        I went to MCAS yesterday in Auburn and tried on a heap of helmets. I prefer Shark due to their safety ratings and price but they had hardly any in stock they're waiting for new models of the Vision-R replacement.

        MCAS wanted $890 for a helmet with graphics and I checked online and tried to price match but they don't budge on Shoei. I also wanted something lighter colored and MCAS didn't have the Expanse in stock so I got the last medium at these guys.


          Wouldn't buy shark if I was you, my shark speed r carbon quality wasn't great after a year the top part where you drop the tinted visor just fall out and had to glue it back. My friend who has the normal speed r also had issues but his he couldn't even drop the Visor down.


    I think you'll find way cheaper prices and range of sizes shopping around in stores, if your not so fussy about colours.


    Or for less than half the price get an RPHA10 on eBay for $300ish. Lighter and just as quiet and comfy.


      Is HJC as safe as shoei?


        The shells are made the withstand an impact to least an Australian minimum standard
        What this means, and whether shoei or anyone else goes above this minimum standard, I don't know
        I would research racing helmets like shoei's xr1200 or similar and go down from there til you get to something affordable for you
        Hjc , who knows , try on their top of range lid and see if it's comfy for you and have good vision out, and tinted visor

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          Having known a few people who do a bit of racing and work in bike shops, they all swear by Shoei. I wear them and have had a pretty bad fall where I went head first into a rock, not even a headache wearing my Shoei.

          Only started wearing them due to how impressed all the people who should be in the know were with them. Apparently at the Rep events they pull the helmets apart and the level of protection they offer is next to none. After my accident I went and grabbed a new one the next morning and haven't even considered another brand. Price isn't something I worry about when it comes to bike protection. I would recommend trying the helmets on in person before buying them. Some people just don't have the right heads for them and all the protection in the world is useless if you aren't comfortable and get distracted in it.



          the level of protection they offer is next to none



          As in the top level of protection. I can see how my choice of wording was pretty bad. How about second to no other brand?


          Thank you. I'm not good in English and that part was very confusing.


    You will find with the shoei, it will be better quality out of the box.
    What I mean,
    1: the operation of placing it on and strap and locking mechinism easier, faster and safer then most other brands, but not all brands. Thread and clip and I'm ready, what are my mates doing? oh their not wearing shoei.
    2: the wind factor, the shoei handles very well, turbulence, sheer wind speed, cross winds. But it depends on other brands and the biker and the bike.
    3: comfort and fit, the shoei is smooth around your chin and cheeks, and ultimately your noggin. but the foam will break down over time.
    4: crash performance, don't know and wish not to find out. though mine has bonced twice and survived. ouch! replace.
    5: each rider is different, try it on, most important, especially in the digital world. After two hours you'll be wishing you had a better helmet, so try a shoei, avg, shark, etc to see what is best for you.

    Oh and thank you OP, Ozbargin has too much digital devices on it. Having guys like you posting motorbike items is a welcome change. Thank you.


      No worries, the Shoei is definitely the best fitting and comfortable helmet I've tried. I checked out the SHARP and crash.org.au ratings first to make a more informed safety based decision.

      At least with the new ECE regulations hopefully we'll see some cheaper and wider variety of helmets.

      I won't be replacing my helmet for a while now though.

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