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Huawei P9 $598 @ Harvey Norman


This was a relatively popular deal recently when $599 at JB Hifi, now available for $1 less at Harvey Norman.

Previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/huawei-p9

Edit: It seems the sale starts 3 Jan so have altered the start date. I couldn't see a start date anywhere in the catalogue Now online

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    The price on their internal system is $596.2 not sure thos is the cost price or lowest price to sell

    • how do you know that?

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        They look it up on their computer in front of me but they try to do it in a very fast way but i still saw it.

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          lol .. 'try to do it a very fast way' … the cost price deal is just a sales tactic.

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      I'm sure their 'cost price' is not actually what HN are paying the distributor.

      The 'cost price' will include a large component of HN overhead.

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        FYI: cost price on their system is supplier invoice (inc. GST) + freight (around $1-$2 for an item like that).

        It does not even include their warehouse cost.

        Anything below cost + warehouse cost and the salesman will be paying some of his own money to sell you the item.

        • So that is to say HN earn northing from this deal? Or few dollars

        • Do you work in the finance department at HN?

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          Correct. The franchises still sitting on some P9 stock did not sell it at a profitable price so head-office is pushing a promo-price to all franchises to help and clear it at cost price.

    • I doubt that would be the cost price, The cost price plus tag (% to keep the store running) is down the bottom left BACKWARDS when they look the item up on their POS system. ie. 87584 would be $485.78

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    I saw one today. They are nice. If s8 fails ill get one of these.

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    I love my P9. Replaced my LG G4 after the bootloop fiasco. You have to work to get the camera settings correct, but once you do, amazing camera!

    • my g4 has been replaced by p9 very recently too. is it true that p9 actually is more powerful than g4?

      • Nope, G4 is a better camera but this one does come close.

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        As a phone - the P9 is more powerful by a long long way. The camera on the G4 is ever so slightly better than on the P9 camera, but the P9 camera has some really great settings to play with, including using the monochrome sensor, depth of field from the 2 sensors, night mode, flowing water mode. As well as the manual settings to play with.

        • Yeah the monochrome sensor is really nice.

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      Just my 2 cents worth… The camera in Auto mode is perfectly adequate as is, plus there are several filters and settings you can select from if you want to 'jazz up' your photos.

      As for myself, being an old school photog, I find the Pro mode very very good for a mobile phone, particularly with the dedicated monochrome sensor.

      The ability to adjust Shutter Speed, ISO Sensitivity and Exposure Values (EV), as well as several other features, was one of the key reasons I bought the P9.

      • Most Android phones(especially flagships) that came out in 2014-2016 have manual/pro mode, in case you thought that was a P9 only thing. A lot of them support RAW output as well.

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          Nope, knew it wasn't a P9 thing. The monochrome sensor was probably top of the list for me, that and Huawei's 'association' with Leica as well. The other factor was price, I had a budget of $600, so when the P9 was on sale at JB for $599, the P9 fit the bill perfectly. Orginally was looking at the Moto Z Play and the Hasselblad Mod, but even if I had waited for that to drop below $600, the mod itself is around $150, so would have been over my budget.

        • @mrsecrecy: nice phone but the leica badge is just all smoke and mirrors.

        • @mrbillions: except that they have built an R&D centre in Germany to focus on mobile image capture. So it turns out the relationship is actually real. The Mate 9 furthering the development and taking it to the next level shows that Leica and Huawei are indeed actually up to something together.

        • @bunnybash: not disputing this but as far as I know the optics have nothing to do with leica on this phone. They were just part of the software design, which is not even leica's fortė. I'm not knocking the phone, it is a good phone, just the fact that the camera is really not leica, despite the badge.

  • s6 or P9? Which one is more powerful?

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    • s7 or s7 edge.

      • You have honest opinion and people neg you that's just how ozbargain is like these days

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      This might help (but it's only one benchmark of many).


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      The Kirin 955 chip in the P9 is crazy powerful. The S6 is definitely slower and TouchWizz doesn't help out by being a terribly coded bugfest of nasty. The P9 flies along and the update to the P9 which is coming in late Jan/early Feb to Android 7.0 is supposed to bring some pretty sweet machine learning to the system which helps to preload your most frequently used apps and keep the system running as fast as the day you purchased the phone even after 18 months.

      I highly highly recommend the P9.

      Here is a comparison of the latest chipsets - http://www.androidauthority.com/soc-showdown-2016-732870/

      • For raw power yes. But the user experience is also to be considered. P9 interface is pretty crap you can try installing another launcher but still doesn't get away from its design

  • My brother has a P9 Lite, really nice phone.

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    Why does Australia not stock any of the other colours? Stupid Huawei we want options damnit!

  • Under rated phone this. But the s6 you can buy extra accessories (genuine and non-genuine). How valuable are these options? Depends on your own preference. The VR for example, some people might find useful. Maybe evenlink this to one of the Samsung smartwatches too.

  • Damn….Did my studies during the break and was deciding to get the Mate 9 when they release it early next year, but now this deal comes around again not sure if I can resist…

    • u mean 2018?

      • ooops, still in 2016 mode :) I read that it's due in Aust early 2017

  • good one, thx

  • Better off buying from Mobile citi on ebay at $655.80 and using code cau10 - $590.22

    Free shipping

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      Coupon can't be used on mobiles category.

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        My bad, please disregard then. Sorry OP

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    Rather not buy from Gerry Harvy, love to see the smart arse go broke

    • Agree. I have never spent a cent in HN

  • Really wish to support Huawei but Huawei made it really difficult for me. Was looking forward to see a 4G+64GB P9 or P9 Plus with dual SIM Card —- not a chance at all!
    Now with MATE 9 and MATE 9 PRO, no idea when they are coming to AU market and God knows which features will be cut off when importing to AU, apparently Huawei does not think AU market and end users deserve their full offer.. so, I will just go for other brands…

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      You wouldn't benefit the dual sim card model at all. As you know, 2G networks are closing down, Vodafone being the last in September 2017. This phone uses 4G/3G on one sim and another on 2G. I bought my import with 64gb and luckily sold it before this deal came along.

  • I got P9 for my daughter on Optus $40 plan which gets u unlimited phone & text nationally & I pay extra $5 for phone. This may suit few who won't mind moving from prepaid to post paid. This plan gets u 'triple data' from current 1gb so good value..

    • talking about good value, my p9 costs me only $2 per month for 24 months.

      • +4

        and what about the plan, how much is that?

        • the "plan" is just for the phone $2/month and i am using kogan's plan.

        • @aec: cool, what do you get with it

    • Hi, how do you get the triple data? I could only see 1gb data from their website.

      • If you move from prepaid to postpaid, you can use Optus's current offer Tripple your data which is valid till 5th Feb'17. I bought $2 sim card and activated the new plan on that. In the process, had to let go old number. It is an online only offer.

    • +1

      Also available on Virgin mobile (Optus network). $40 per month, unlimited calls and text, 2GB data, 24 month contract. Plus I think there's a $50 cash back available via Cashrewards.

    • Where did you get the 'triple data' from current 1gb? I just checked and it doesn't mention any bonus data..

      • Link above in comments

  • anywhere locally to buy phone cases for this ? mate is looking for a phone so i recommended this but he wants a phone case as hes a clutz

    • +1

      Have a look on Gadgets4Geeks. https://www.gadgets4geeks.com.au/epages/shop.mobile/en_AU/?V...

      I bought a case and glass screen protector from them a few weeks ago and chose express delivery with tracking and received it 2 days later.

      Ordered 20/12 & delivered 22/12.

      Very happy with the case, but haven't installed the screen protector yet as the P9 had a basic one already on it, so will wait until that's done its job before replacing it.

  • is this dual sim ?

    • No, not this one. You need to order online if you want the dual SIM version.

  • +3

    Just been to HN Moore Park. Sale starts tomorrow. But manager sold me one today for reduced price. 3 left in stock.

  • +1

    My G4 just died and I am considering the ZTE Axon 7 which I think looks better than the P9. I believe JB Hifi may be selling the Axon7 later this month for $699 but you can also buy from Aus ZTE site now. I would like at LG V20 but too expensive at around $1000

    • I got the P9 as a G4 replacement and I'm reasonably happy with it.
      I considered the V20 too but I just can't trust LG at the moment.

  • What? When did we get the Moto X Force here? That's cool.

  • Just went into Ballarat HN. As previously stated it's still on their system at $799 and that's all they'll do today. Spoke to two staff about the promo and showed them the catalogue pic. The one that seemed to be in charge said a sale starts tomorrow but claimed to have not seen any of the POS material or the catalogue. Dont really believe that, but we'll see what happens tomorrow

    • I'm in Ballarat too, the catalogue was delivered here yesterday would have thought the price would be on here tomorrow.

  • Just went to HN in Broadway, Sydney, but they did not give that price. I will try again tomorrow.

    • please let us know

      also anyone else in Sydney!

      • See my comment above. I bought one today.

      • +1

        Just bought my P9 from HN in Broadway, Sydney for $598 =)

  • +1

    I just went to [email protected], they don't know this Promotion price.

    I have 3 different Huawei devices(Honor 6, Honor 6+, and Mate 7). I've them for more than 3 years. They work reliable always. Huawei's a big company in China. They update the Firmware as long as they found any bug or they want to add some new functions, but some other company not. Huawei device use metal frame but other company plastic. Huawei never heard about explosion news but others have.

    So I trust Huawei.

  • P9 is the perfect phone under $600 mark!

    • Even with the Axom 7 for <$500?

  • +1

    Just signed up to say thanks! Have been in the market for a new android phone for a while and this looks on paper to be a decent fit for me. I went to Sunshine VIC store and showed the post and the sales rep was happy to sell me the phone at $598 on the spot even though it wasn't in their system yet.

    Edit: also, I first went to the Preston HN when I was still in two minds and saw the Sony Z5 Premium for sale at $548 or close to that, thought that was a decent deal too but have a Sony Z2 already so wanted to try something different.

    • I can't see the Z5 for anything near that price. Was it in-store only maybe?

    • From a Z5 premium user, I wont touch that phone for $548.
      Bad lens coating, issue with headphone jack, waterproof that does not even work in a lazy river and random overheating.

  • I'll be getting one tomorrow, Thanks OP. What is the best available in people's opinion. I like the grey or blue.

    My daughter has a gold one and my mom has a white one.


    • which colour you got? i assume only grey was available?

      • +1

        Unfortunately yes, only grey, but ir was one of my choices anyway!

  • I think this review is more helpful, because it's writen by the owner after he used Huawei P9 two months.

  • Picked one up this morning from the Ballarat store at the $598 special price. The UI is a bit different after being a long term Nexus user, but very happy so far.

  • is this a decent upgrade from an s6 edge?

    • Yes

    • +1

      Likely yes. But so be aware Huawei's skin had no app drawer and you'll need a fair bit of customisation.

  • -2

    But 32GB is symply not enough - I'm using 64Gb iphone and it's just fine

    • +2

      typical comment from an iphone user, did you know this phone has a sd card slot in which you can up to 256 GB (uses SIM 2 slot)

      Huawei’s also loaded the P9 with a decent portfolio of connectivity. At its bottom you’ll find a USB Type-C port, and along its long right-hand side you’ll find a Nano SIM and microSD card slot.

      also it has a headphone jack.

      • Arh. I see that's great. No headphone jack that is exactly the reason I was looking android btw.

        How does the sd card work as external storage though? Can I set it up so all photos will be stored into the SD card directly? Or I need to move manually?

        • +2

          It's pretty much seamless.
          The camera can be set to save to SD card.

        • +1

          you can choose your default storage in settings, most apps install on phone storage but some can be moved or directly installed onto sd card.

          and about the comment before, sorry if i sounded offensive.

          google photos is the best option for photo management, as it uploads your photos(same quality if less than 16mp) onto cloud(free unlimited storage) and for photos larger than 16mp, you can choose to upload it onto your drive or have them reduced in pixels.

          after uploading the photos onto cloud, it will identify the ones that are uploaded and they can be removed with a few taps.

        • +1

          @yummycoot: No worries mate. Very helpful thanks!