expired Lenovo ZUK Z2 White USD$165.43 / AUD$227 from Banggood (SD 820, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, 5")

Lenovo ZUK Z2 White USD$165.43 / AUD$227 from Banggood (SD 820, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, 5")Affiliate

I know some have not even received their Christmas phone, but Banggood has sent out a coupon code that dropped the price again. Code zukz2new gets you 6% off ZUK Z2 and the white one is currently cheaper at USD $165.43 after the discount.

Basic specs:

  • Snapdragon 820
  • 4GB RAM / 64GB Flash / Dual 4G
  • 1.34um-pixel 13MP PDAF Camera
  • Double-faced 2.5D Glass
  • 3500mAh battery

No LTE B28. Comes with Android 6.0 but there's working Lineage OS / CM14.1 image.


Related Store: Banggood


  • +2 votes

    how are lenovo in regards to malware? remember these guys love their china spy chips

    • +2 votes

      Pretty sure this comes with Malware based on past posts.


        How do you define malware in this instance?

        • -3 votes

          i think the most visible is the forced "pushed" installatons of unwanted apps… usually china gambling porn and pay apps

          xiaomi are pretty famous for it and you can bet the vast majority of china phones have it

        • +1 vote

          @tonyjzx: So it's more adware than malware? Or is there an actual malicious component to it?

        • +1 vote

          @eug: Yep. It's mostly just bloatware for Chinese services and optimisers etc.

        • +10 votes

          @tonyjzx: i could be wrong but as I understand it, it's distributors loading Malware on Xiaomi phones and not Xiaomi themselves.

          I've purchased a Xiaomi phone in the past and was aware of this problem. The first thing I did was load the official Rom and all was good.

        • +2 votes


          Then Google apps are also known as Malwares in China since they don't used any Google apps there?

    • +5 votes

      Which is why I mentioned LineageOS…


        It's been so long since I've had a phone that actually worked well with LineageOS/CM. There's always some bug, instability, camera not working properly, lack of noise cancellation or hardware optimizations etc that has me going back to the stock rom.

        Thought I'd give it a crack on my Mi Max earlier and yeah….that was a waste of time. Ran beautifully but the camera was unusable in anything but google camera. Need to scan those barcodes in myfitnesspal lol.

  • +2 votes

    Sorry if it seems like I'm invading this post, but if anyone has the Zuk Z2 already, can you download Pokemon Go and tell me if you are able to run it? Pokemon Go has a safetynet check which has blocked some Xiaomi phones, so im just wondering if ZUI is fine. Thanks :)

  • +5 votes

    Also no NFC as expected, since Chinese are happy with AliPay, WeChat, JD and Bestpay.


    I'm thinking buying one of these and pay extra $15 for EMS express post, do you think it is worth it?

  • +5 votes

    $227 for Snapdragon 820 and LPTS screen is great value.

  • +1 vote

    Thinking about buying this phone for my 13yo daughter. Is it good to just turn on and use?

    • +4 votes

      Not really in all honesty…you'd need to flash the Indian ROM to get it to a state where it's usable as you expect.


      Yes it is turn on & use.
      If worried about Malware, run Malware bytes then up to you if you wanted to remove (a bit technical).
      I don't know if its still an issue or the full impact, I just removed it (without root).


    What Aussie pin chargers would be good for this?

    • +1 vote

      Any charger that can supply 2A will work fine…something with QC will work even faster.

      It has a USB-C port, so you might need to get some USB-C cables (or micro-USB to USB-C adaptors) as well

  • +3 votes

    Definitely would think twice about buying this phone. I just replaced my Lenovo K3 Note which was released to very positive reviews but the device is garbage and a month or two after release everyone started complaining en mass about lag/heating/camera issues. Camera is terrible. The phone is almost unusable with the amount of lag and sometimes experiences ghost touches. Despite the high specs the phone couldn't actually run games well at all. Much laggier than other lower spec phones. Yes I have the updated global ROM. Very widespread it is not just my particular device.

    If you look at forum posts around eg gsm arena similar problems of crashing and bad camera are starting to become common. Buyer beware. Don't just look at the specs. High specs are nothing if the phone doesn't actually work. Lots of people are having problems with the phone crashing while making calls. A phone that you can't use to call haha.


      Agree on your comment re. K3 note. Absolute rubbish phone.corners cut on every angle :) This is made by Zuk though.

      • +1 vote

        You mean it's made by Lenovo. Zuk is a brand name/model by Lenovo.

      • +1 vote

        Its a Lenovo phone. And this new one is already getting lots of complaints.


        The K3 was dogged by the MT6752 soc which was clocked too high by Mediate, resulting in overheating and slow downs, which is why the replacement soc (MT6753) was clocked at only around 1-1.2GHz instead. I think it's a bit unfair to put the blame on Lenovo as most phones with the 6752 had similar issues.

        The issues of the K3 don't appear to be directly related to how this phone would performance considering it is a completely different phone with a different platform to start with.


          Thank you for the explanation, I wasn't aware of this. Either way, the manufacturer of the phone has to take final responsibility for the performance of their phone as they should test the final product before releasing. Blaming the component manufacturers is not acceptable.

          Also the problems were never even acknowledged by Lenovo despite users complaining in the thousands.

          Even after your post I tried to google search the issue and was not easily able to find much on the topic.

          Although this is a different phone with a different platform, there are already complaints on the forums about how the phone hangs while making calls etc. If it is a hardware fault, don't expect any support from Lenovo.

          I am not saying this phone is bad. Just that Lenovo can't be trusted in terms of QC or to provide adequate support for their products if something goes wrong.


      Love this phone. It feels fast and works well. Not only nil lag, but feels so much faster than my previous 64 bit octacore. Definitely similar to my iPhone 7. Has restarted twice on me in 3 mths use. Havent upgraded ROM. Only miss the extra buttons really.

  • +2 votes

    Bought one a few weeks ago. The phone initially shipped with a custom ROM with no OTA update capability.

    I have since then flashed the firmware for the Lenovo Z2 plus which comes with native Google play service, Google Now launcher as default (without rooting) and reduced number of bloatware.

    Snappy and responsive device. The camera is great outdoors but struggles in low light due to lack of OIS and a rather small aperture at f2.2.

    BTW, the phone supports Qualcomm QC3.0 but the supplied charger doesn't. You may want to get something that support QC3.0 as well.

    Official Indian ROM can be downloaded here:

    Instructions on ROM flashing using WORST can be found here:

    PS: Chinese sources suggest that a Nougat ROM is in the pipeline.

    PS2: The back of this phone scratches easily, make sure you get a case.

  • -1 vote

    ZUK? More like YUK!!!!

    Not touching anything Lenovo after my K3 Note ill-experiences. Bought 5 into the family, all duds and in the bin now. Grrrrrrr………


      wow really?! was tempted to get the X3 vibe (for the audio DAC) and stereo speakers…then went on and got a PPTV King 7 instead…(still waiting for it)


      Why did you buy 5 of the same phones anyway? We're all the phones died at the same time?

    • +2 votes

      Almost every brand has it's lemons.

      The venerable Samsung had the disastrous Note 7 which had a self-incinerating feature
      LG had bootlooping G4's and even G5's
      HTC had the Desire 610 and 310
      Motorola had the Moto Flipout. Did not last long in the market.
      Sony had the Xperia Play (shudders) and a lot of Xperia Z1/ Z2 flagship phones which automatically crack screens by itself when it got too hot.


    I've been using mine for just over a week. Previous phone was a Nexus 5X.

    The Zuk has been great, super fast - noticeably quicker than the Nexus I would say. Screen is fine and the battery feels bottomless.

    Downsides are the camera - serviceable in good light but even then nothing to write home about. Also the antennae - I've got dual SIM Telstra and Optus and the Telstra drops out sometimes. I'm not sure if this is a dual SIM issue or not because I haven't tried it solo.

    Overall though great phone for the price and recommended.


      Out of curiousity where are you located? My biggest worry about Chinese phones is not having band 28. Have you tried using the Telstra SIM by itself ?

      • +1 vote

        It could have just been I was in a blackspot - it would occasionally drop out when I was in Newcastle last week, but it seems to be pretty good in metro Sydney and Adelaide.


    It's annoying that the black one is $15 extra just for a colour.

    These don't have Gorilla Glass so grab a tempered glass screen protector.


      I don't have a screen protector (have a generic flexible case) and the thing hasn't got a scratch on it after 2 months of rattling around a backpack with padlocks, keys etc. It clearly has some form of protective glass used, Gorilla or not.

      A screen protector wouldn't hurt, though.


    Sorry to butt in with this, but I'm still looking at the RedMi Pro here:


    (please tell me if it's cheaper elsewhere?) for my daughter. She uses Amaysim in WA, AU. All she needs is for it to make calls & get online, really.

    Is the reason for B28 for the paywave thing? I noticed that the B28 version seemed to be larger & therefore hard to get covers—-

    Is the Redmi Pro a decent phone in general & one thing she wants is a decent camera.

    Can anyone here give a bit of real-world info?

    Thank you for your help!


    *The ZUK has too many bad things said about it

    • +1 vote

      B28 is a new phone frequency band (700mHz for 4G), nothing to do with NFC (for Android Pay).
      You can use manual camera settings to help improve shots.
      The Xiaomi also runs a Mediatek SOC which is restrictive (less custom ROMs I imagine) unlike Zuk Z2's flagship Snapdragon.


    Any reason I should grab this over the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3?


    I told a friend about this & he says it's now more money ($374AUD)— deal might be dead?


    Code not working for me, is it dead?


    Got mine from Banggood before xmas, great phone when it works. After 2 weeks a quarter of the touch screen was dead and banggood said I would need to return it to them at my cost and they would assess it. So hoping I can get a refund from paypal. As others said, google maps will over heat this phone and the screen will start going weird. You basically cant use google maps for more than 10 mins

    tl;dr - do not buy from banggood


      I haven't heard anyone have this Google Maps issue before. Why it overheat the phone, does GPS + a bit of data burn it up?
      That means Pokémon Go would kill it too?


    so whats the ETA on shipping times for this ?

    10th of Jan

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