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Alienware 15 R3 Laptop GTX1070 / i7 6700HQ / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD / 1TB HDD/ Win 10 Home - $2639 ($660/20% off) Delivered @Dell


Dell has started a sale on 6th gen cpu pascal alienwares since 7th gen is taking over.
Kaby lake cpus are almost identical to last gen Sky lake so I thought this would be a great buy for anyone looking for a high end gaming laptop.

the GTX 1060 version is also avalible for $560 off

Don't forget a further 4% cashback ($105.56)

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  • Welcome, good job!

    • thx, I couldn't help sharing it since i just bought one myself and it's a pretty decent deal imo.

  • I got excited when I saw $660

  • This is a better deal:
    16GB 2400MHz RAM
    8GB GTX 1070
    256GB SSD
    1TB 7,200 RPM HDD
    15.6" 1920x1080 120Hz 400 nits screen
    99Wh battery
    Killer 1535 Wifi
    Windows 10 Home 64 bit

    Total: $2,760.62

  • Is this a brick?

    • size wise, its kinda slim
      but weight wise, yes it's a brick compared to similar laptops

      • It's a brick with 1070 graphics which is mighty impressive.

        • Somewhat. Gigabyte have the p35x which is a 15" laptop with the same specs that is 2.3kg, substantially lighter than the Alienware model here. Even the p37x, the 17" version of the same laptop is lighter than the 15" alienware laptop. So it's not that impressive.

        • @kanigget: Cool running, low fan noise, lighter. You can only have two of those three. Your choice.

  • No deals on 17 inch with G-Sync and 120Hz refresh rate.
    15 inch deal is pretty good offer if you happy with 15 inch though.

    • i think the new 17 inch and 13 inch have all been replaced by Kaby lake, thus no deals
      15 inch is a nice balance between portability and screensize

  • +3 votes

    The screen on this thing is absolutely terrible. Poor colour accuracy and looks very washed out. Fine if you are planning to play on an external monitor however.

    • Not sure if you're talking about the IPS panel or the TN 4K or 120hz panel. But the former is supposed to be better than the latter.

    • it's decent after calibration, but no where near razer or a macbook for sure

      • Yeah but razer make no rewl gaming laptops. I'm sure the IPS option would be similar but it's not an option for serious gamers.

    • Sounds like My Metabox P670RP's IPS display, is terrible as well. Hope this isn't a trend for gaming laptops in 2017…

    • Which screen? There are many options.

  • man.. could never justify that much money on a laptop. ive been considering spending about 1.5-2k and even that is hard. But i keep them for a long time and like a high res screen, and it will be a desktop replacement for me.

    • tbh the new gpus are truely desktop grade, if you have a set of monitor keyboard and mouse, it can very well be a desktop replacement

      • Yeah true. I am quite interested in ultrabooks though for their light weight and portability, and the XPS 13 with the thunderbolt port looks to be a good one as you can use an external GPU in the future.

        • I got the alienware r2 15inch, wouldn't regret it for the world. Great air circulation and having the ability to connect an external desktop gpu is the best

  • So $2K salary packaged….think this beats a non packaged aldi desktop machine ;)

  • +1 vote

    I want to buy it… but I have PS4 and Xbox one already …

    • Then this laptop will blow away the 30fps experience that you're used to.

      It is however a good 10 times more expensive than those consoles…

  • Good laptop but it's a big brick - 3.5kg

    • A pretty standard brick actually:

      Solid dry pressed bricks weigh 4 kg each and extruded bricks 3 kg each.

  • I bought this Asus ROG laptop for $1996 from Harvey Norman http://www.harveynorman.com.au/asus-rog-strix-gl502vm-fy022t...

    Impressed by the performance. A lighter alternative also only 8gb ram (spare port supports another 16gb), 128gb SSD, 1tb 7200rpm had, and gtx1060

  • Strange you cant get the G-Sync screen with the better processor. Seems like a strange omission.

    Good deal otherwise

  • Why do they have to make these laptops so damn ugly

  • As a heads up - there have been issues with inconsistent core temperatures with these. Note that Dell have said they do not consider this to be an issue if the cores are below 110 degrees however this may contribute to a shorter life span on the device.

    No disrespect OP, just want to make sure everyone is informed :)

    • Yes thanks for pointing that out, although it seems like the more recent models has been fixed with changed thermal pads and actual thermal pasting instead stamp.

    • Sounds like poor thermal interface material is being used? That or inconsistent application.

      Did they really use thermal pads rather than thermal paste?

  • That is an expensive laptop! But worth it if you are a pc gamer, I suppose.

  • Damn that's a lot of coconuts for a game player machine

  • The build quality I had on previous Alienware laptops I've purchased have been rubbish. They seemed good on paper (specs wise) but things such as glare on screen, hinge which creaks (then eventually cracked), terrible trackpad and the base/body warped within a month.

    And because of the weight it was more of a desktop replacement than a laptop (not comfortable to use on lap in front of TV). This has nothing to do with Alienware, but gaming laptops in general.

    After this I gave up on the idea of a decent gaming laptop and bought a Macbook Pro.

    Granted this was a few years ago. How is the build of Alienware nowadays?

    • I bought a refurbished last year and it's the best laptop I've ever owned.

      Saying that I've only ever owned $1K Acer level laptops in the past.

    • Alienware build is excellent, but Macbook Pro is better. Once you put them back in their cases you quickly find out that Alienware, as opposed to Mackbook, can actually play games. Trackpad for gaming… seriously? Warped casing and cracked hinges… possible, I guess, but it would require some serious mistreatment. No sports car can take the same abuse as a Mack track, even if both cost about the same.

      • Agreed the Alienware I had was very good for a laptop when it came to running a game well.

        Also agree that trackpad for gaming is a terrible idea ahhah. There are times which a mouse is also not viable though, such as on the couch, and being able to do most things on a computer becomes annoying when your pointer moving device doesn't respond well. This meant that even if I wanted to quickly open the lid to respond to email or browse the web I would have to find some table space and plug in a mouse.

        I can guarantee you there was no mistreatment to the laptop. Because of the aforementioned issues I ended up docking it and leaving it on my desktop 95% of the time. A friend of mine also bought the same laptop and eventually had the same issues. Sounds like we may be edge cases though.

        Good to hear Alienware laptops are working well. I will consider one when my gaming desktop gets too old to play the games I want.

  • Any idea why the Malaysia Dell site is selling at least $600 cheaper for the R13 version? Their specs are identical.



  • I'm so tempted given the price difference with the 7700… but my current laptop is the Inspiron 15 7559 with the 6700 and only 960M… just debating if it's really worth the upgrade or not :(

    And with 4% cashrewards…

  • Am considering this deal or a Razer Blade - can anyone provide a bit of guidance as to whether this discounted deal is better or not? I was looking at spending around the $3000 mark. cheers.

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