My next PC gaming build - opinions please most welcome.

Hi, I've just been browsing the Ebay 20% off sale and compiled the following list from PC Byte:

Corsair Air Series SP140 140mm Red LED PWM High Static Pressure Fan Twin Pack
Item price: AU $57.00

Gigabyte GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Premium Pack 8GB GDDR5X 4K UHD VR Ready Graphics
AU $1,159.00

Corsair Graphite 780T White Full Tower Desktop PC Case w/Side Window Panel
AU $289.00

Corsair H115i 280mm Extreme Gaming Performance CPU Liquid Cooler
AU $209.00

Corsair AX1500i 1500W 80 Plus Titanium Modular Ultra Silent ATX Power Supply PSU
AU $689.00

Western Digital 3.5" Internal HDD Hard Disk Drive Blue
Capacity: 2TB
AU $119.00

Samsung 850 Pro Solid State Drive SSD for Desktop PC
Capacity: 256GB
AU $209.00

Samsung 850 Pro Solid State Drive SSD for Desktop PC
Capacity: 512GB
AU $379.00

Corsair Vengeance Blue LED 64GB(16GBx4) 3000MHz DDR4 RAM CMU64GX4M4C3000C15B
AU $689.00

ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Z170 SLI WiFi AC M.2 USB3.1 Type-C Intel Motherboard
AU $779.00

Intel 6 Core i7 6850k Max 3.8GHz Desktop LGA2011-3 Broadwell-EProcessor
AU $1,079.95

Acer Predator X34 Curved 34" Ultra-Wide Curved IPS G-Sync 100Hz Gaming Monitor
AU $1,699.00

Total $7465
-20% = $5972

I am wanting to build a better PC than the one I did for my son recently :)

How does this look for a good machine ?





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    Overkill is an understatement.

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      I know. 1500w power supply for that is ridiculous.

      I have 1080's in sli and only have an 850w.

      • Agreed, I'd recommend the OP switch the power supply to the HXi series, they have the same features as the AX but cheaper and slightly different parts.

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    I'm a bit iffy about the monitor. What's the return policy like? Heard there were QC issues with the Acer Predator regarding backlight bleed and in some cases units not overclocking to 100hz.

    Rather hold out for a 100hz native monitor - maybe keep an eye out for the Omen X 35 release or for the Microboard M340CLZ to be restocked.

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      PS are you getting a Corsair keyboard, mouse and mousepad to go with all the other Corsair gear?

      • I forgot about keyboard and mouse :)

        I shall go add them…thanks for the links



    • I have no idea of monitors, I just picked what I thought looked nice :)

      What monitor would you suggest from the current Ebay sale ?


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      X34 is an awesome monitor, but veetor is right. Make sure you can return or get it replaced. I went through 2 of them before I got one that can do 100hz.

      Also price of the monitor is around $1449. You are paying way too much if its $1699 even before the discount….

      • That is 1449 from PCCG without shipping, which is an extra 150. Or free pickup

        • Standard shipping from PCCG for something like that is around $50 to Sydney. I have no idea where you get $150 from.

          In fact Mwave have it for the same price and he can pick it up for free or shipping for $35

        • @hondo:

          I'm in darwin atm, it goes up to $189. So the price could be anywhere in between.

        • @zhuang281:

          I was referring to OP and those are the prices are for shipping to Sydney where he lives. If you are looking for the same monitor as well, you should be able to source it locally.

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          Oh okay, didn't know he was in Sydney. And Darwin has nothing haha

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    Several issues you'd run into, several more prominent than others:

    ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Z170 SLI WiFi AC M.2 USB3.1 Type-C Intel Motherboard
    Intel 6 Core i7 6850k Max 3.8GHz Desktop LGA2011-3 Broadwell-EProcessor

    You've selected an LGA1151 motherboard paired with an LGA2011-3 CPU. You'd either have to change your CPU to an LGA1151 one (e.g. i7 6700K or 7700K) or change your motherboard to an LGA2011-3 one (i.e. an X99 motherboard).

    Intel 6 Core i7 6850k Max 3.8GHz Desktop LGA2011-3 Broadwell-EProcessor

    You're going for a 6850K whilst you're only using one PCIe slot. This is a complete waste and you should be going for the 6800K instead, the same number of cores, but just support for less PCIe lanes. You have no need for it (i.e. you're not running 3x SLI, capture cards and all that stuff).

    Samsung 850 Pro Solid State Drive SSD for Desktop PC

    If you're spending this much, be a man and get an M.2 SSD. Have a look at the Samsung 950 PRO if you're looking for the best. The Intel 600p is the best value high performance drive on the market at the moment, in my opinion.

    Gigabyte GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Premium Pack 8GB GDDR5X 4K UHD VR Ready Graphics

    Get a cheaper version, no difference between them.

    Western Digital 3.5" Internal HDD Hard Disk Drive Blue

    Don't get a mechanical drive and then a 512GB Samsung 850 Pro for a total of 119 + 379 = $500-ish, instead, get two Sandisk Ultra II 1TB drives and put them in RAID0. They usually go for around $265 on sale. This will completely smoke your drive setup.

    Corsair Graphite 780T White Full Tower Desktop PC Case w/Side Window Panel

    Go with something like the 560X. Tempered glass is far superior to perspex as a material.

    • Greatly appreciate you pointing out the issues in my list :)

      Which Motherboard should I get for the 6800K CPU you mentioned?

      What is a M.2 SSD ? Are they faster than a std SSD ? Will it plug straight into the motherboard?

      I just picked the 1080 graphics card at random, I don't know the diff between them…but I put a 1070 in my first build for my son, it goes quite well. But I want a 1080 :) Suggestion?

      What is a RAID0 ? Never heard of it?

      I don't really mind what tower I use, as long as everything fits in there. Unfortunately I found the mid tower I got for my son was 2cm short to fit the Air cooler I wanted :(

      Again, I really appreciate advice :)



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        Which Motherboard should I get for the 6800K CPU you mentioned?

        Any X99 motherboard will do. Look at what's on sale, most are basically the same.

        What is a M.2 SSD ? Are they faster than a std SSD ? Will it plug straight into the motherboard?

        Yes, they're faster than 'standard' SSDs. The M.2 SSDs which use NVMe and the PCIe interface are much (three or four times) faster than traditional SSDs which use the SATA interface. Also, yes, M.2 SSDs plug directly onto the motherboard and are much less hassle to install.

        What is a RAID0 ? Never heard of it?

        Allows two drives to work together to achieve better performance by striping data across both drives, theoretically doubling throughput at the expense of losing all data should one of the drives fail. Modern SSDs are very reliable and if you keep regular backups, should be no issue.

        • Ok, so can I use two Samsung 950 PRO M.2 SSD with the RAID0 thing ? Would that be a good way to go ?

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          @pookie: You will have to buy a motherboard with two M.2 slots. But no, I don't believe that would be a good way to go. I would suggest getting a 512GB Intel 600P M.2 SSD for the OS and then having 2 x 1TB Sandisk Ultra II SSDs (or similar) for storage and games and usage as a scratch drive.

          If you have the budget and just want to spend a lot of money, then sure, go for it. Might as well just get the best of everything. If not, then let us know how much you wish to spend and we can work to that budget. At the end of the day, that's what it really comes down to. That said, for the amount of money you're spending, I could spec out a much better system, but that'd require starting from the ground up.

        • Hmm ok.

          I have about 5k to spend. The build for my sons only cost me about half that and its a fairly good machine, so I am thinking I will get a better one for a little more money :)

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          Make sure that the SSD and the motherboard both support M.2 NVME as there are also M.2 SATA SSD's which are cheaper and slower.

          Specifically you want them to be M.2 NVME PCI-E x4 compatible.

          Also I would drop the Broadwell-E for the 6700K/6800K or the new Kaby Lake 7700K. You will see a negligible difference in gaming with Broadwell-E, it's only really useful for stuff like 4K+ encoding or if you're running 4 virtual machines at once. Use the money saved to get some studio monitors or a pair of headphones.

        • @pookie: I'm not trying to rain on your parade but I honestly don't see any difference between machines over $3k

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        M.2 refers to the connection the SSD is using, here:
        "Standard" SSD in this case, is using normal SATA connector:
        M.2 interface is built to be faster than SATA.
        You can compare the speed of the SSD by opening the individual SSD page, look for READ/WRITE speed in MB/s.

        Why do you want GTX 1080? 1080 is better than 1070, but 1070 is more than good enough unless budget is not a problem which I think is true.
        See GPU hierarchy table here:,4388.html

        RAID0 is a disk configuration for striping.
        Example, in this case you are recommended to get 2x 1TB SSD = total 2TB.
        With RAID0 setting, instead of having 2TB to play with on your computer, you are only given 1TB.
        The other 1TB being a "clone disk" in case the 1st 1TB is dead.
        This is done automatically by the computer. Theoretically it is slower, but in real-life you can't notice this.

        I'm actually more surprised that you managed to build your 1st PC without knowing all these terms…
        $6k for a PC? What a cool dad…so cool…

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          Ok so I'm starting to understand it now :)

          LOL my first build (for my son) was a case of getting a bunch of recommended bits and putting it together…not that hard really :)

          Only thing is it is probably not configured the best in terms of bios etc… but my son says it craps all over his mates PC's so its all good :)

          His GPU is a 1070 and he just plays games. I currently have a crappy Apple iMac thing and it struggles to convert videos from one format to another while I am playing a Steam I want to make sure I don't have the same problems in a new PC.

          And yes…I am a cool dad :) especially since he is my step-son…my real son who lives with his mother elsewhere has a shitty 3yr old PC LOL. Maybe I will give him my next build if all goes well ;)

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          With RAID0 setting, instead of having 2TB to play with on your computer, you are only given 1TB.
          The other 1TB being a "clone disk" in case the 1st 1TB is dead.

          That's RAID1 (Mirror) :)

          Raid0 (striping) means that both drives are accessed parallel to each other, 2x 1TB drives will still be 2TB. This makes it fast but if one of those drives fail, data is lost on both - bad for redundancy.

          Raid 1 (mirror) means that whatever happens to one drive, it automatically happens to the other. This is good for redundancy, but not built for speed. I doubt you'd see any speed problems if you're running evo pro's anyway..

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          @rompastompa: lol, you're right…i even said it myself, but idk why i wrote about mirrorring

          RAID0 is a disk configuration for striping.

          omg, i need to go to bed…

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    All I can say is… the amount of money you spend on your PC? You might as well give up the Ozbargain lifestyle and live your life like a sultan. Go buy a beach house in Gold Coast, smoke some cuban cigars, smack some sexy booty all while enjoying Doom in 4K while wearing a HTC Vive.

    Ok — serious advice time:

    There's unfortunately a very ugly law when it comes to computing… the law of diminishing returns.

    Computers are not like say… bank accounts or term deposits.. you can't throw more money at it and expect the same returns on the amount of processing power you can get from it. The curve sort of goes up at around the $3000-4000 mark, but at some point it peters out and any more money you sink into the machine just makes it look sort of ridiculous, like Salim Mehajer's wedding.

    Diminishing returns are kinda subjective and they also scale with resolution.

    If you want to game at 4K resolution, you might be looking at spending most of your money on graphics cards (e.g two-way GTX 1080, and also a HUGE chunk of money on the best 4K gaming LCD's money can buy. Like the Acer Predator series ($800 dollars).

    If you are playing at normal 1080p like most of us do, you might want to just stick with a single GTX 1070 and go with probably a Core i5-K and a $200 ish motherboard, with some decent air cooling.

    The 1.5 Kilowatt Power supply is also unneeded unless you want chain up to 4 GTX 1080 graphics cards. That's $4400 worth of graphics cards, by the way. A single GTX 1080 only requires a good 550~600 watt PSU.

  • That power supply is overkill for a start. The price your paying for the two adds would be better spent on a 1 tb Evo as you won't see much speed difference in day to day use. At a quick glance a lot of your prices seem to be inflated for the sale so your not getting that much of a bargain. One last point is that your spending a fortune on a monitor that isn't even 4k when your buying a 4k video card.

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    It's like the OP is a mystery shopper trying to test us all.

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      Mystery shopper ?

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        in retail, a mystery shopper is like a random inspection under the guise of an ordinary customer. The mystery shopper shops the same as any other customer but then provides feedback to the employer so they can get an insight into the standard of service for 'regular' customers.

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          :) sounds fun..

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    Hi, wow, ok well I'm glad I asked for advice because this would be only my 2nd PC build and although I am (and so is my son) very happy with my first build I wanted to just go one better :)

    But I don't want to be throwing money away for no real benefit.

    I think I will now take heed of the advice of you good people and go amend my shopping cart :)

    I'll post my amended list here shortly …



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      I sympathize with the idea of wanting to build a killer PC, but the reality is most of this build is simply throwing money away for no real benefit. Luckily there has been some really good advice shared already!

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        Yep, Im am seeing the waste of money. This is why I posted here, I know the advice is genuine and it certainly is much appreciated :)

    • Jesus buy a Kaby Lake four core i7 for half the price you have there.

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    This is a gaming PC? Money down the toilet, no offence. Like literally thousands down the toilet. You could build a dual GTX 1080 build (if uneccessary overkill is what you're going for) for about $2800 that would wipe the floor with that.

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      No offence taken…I'm after opinions and advice :)

      I'm amending my parts list right now…and the price is coming down alot :)

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        Cool. For the record I built my GTX 1080 based PC for $1800 and it would get almost identical performance as the one in your OP when it comes to gaming, if not better. The best bet is to look at whats inside a high end pre-built from a company like PC Case Gear and copying what they've done and building it yourself for cheaper.

        Something like this $4600 gaming rig would utterly destroy the one in your OP, so you'd save over a grand even just by buying it outright.
        Or about the same with a top end monitor. But if you do itself yuou'll save a bit.

        Or this $2600 one which is about the same as the one in your OP, but a bit better due to a more gaming suitable CPU.

        • Nice :)

          Just wondering, my son is using 2 monitors now, what's the benefit of that ?

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          He uses both for gaming? That's interesting. Some people use three monitors, one being the centre and two showing the sides, good for things like flight sims. I'm not sure how he uses two, unless he uses one for gaming and keeps the other open on the desktop for playing videos or using the internet while gaming.

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          Yep, I just asked him, and he does use the good one for gaming, and his older one for a desktop with browser and Facebook etc… :)

        • Nice :)

        • you wouldn't use two monitors for gaming, as this places the center of your FOV in the middle of the two displays. But it's nice to have a second monitor in the desktop environment! Three monitors is considered the minimum for an actual multi-monitor gaming setup. The GTX 1080 could probably handle 3x 1080p or 1440p displays, and three 27" 1080p monitors would probably cost less than one 28" 4k. It probably requires at least two GTX 1080s to do a 3x 4k gaming setup, though.

        • can you post your specs?

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    More money than sense, if coming from a value perspective.

    The best bang for buck proposition still is:
    Core i7-3770K, 8GB-2100 DDR3 RAM, 256GB SSD, R9 290
    60% of performance, for about 17% of the cost.

    And the best value proposition still is:
    Core i5-6500, 16GB-3000 DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD, RX 480 (8GB)
    70% of performance, for about 36% of the cost.

    ….not sure why you're not getting a Kaby Lake processor if you're going to pay that kinda money.
    Also know that the 6 core/12 thread processors are more powerful than the 4 core/8 thread Core i7's.
    But they can't clock as high, use more power, and heat up more.
    And in terms of gaming, they will actually perform a little worse… because of the lower clockspeeds.
    So keep this in mind when choosing between the 6600K, 7600K, 6700K, 7700K, 6800K, 7800K.

    • So would a i7-6700k or 6800k be fine ?

      • What are you going to use it for?

        Just gaming?
        Or gaming and streaming to an audience?
        Or some heavy 3D modelling and rendering?

        Is this a case of "money is no object" scenario?

        (PS, you should/might have to change your motherboard)

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        The 6700K is perfect. Way better for gaming than the 6800K because it has a higher clock rate and that's what gaming wants.

        • About 50/50 gaming/video conversions from one format to another.

        • the 6800k would be better for video editing,

          The thing is that the 6700k is the current faster Intel generation chip, while the 6800K is actually last gen and slower, but has more cores. Gaming needs speed, more cores are useless, but video editing will take advantage of the extra cores.

      • +1


        Recently, due to motherboard failure I replaced a 4 year old i5 3550 and 16GB DDR3 RAM with a new i5 6500 and 16GB DDR4 RAM. The graphics card and SSD had been upgraded in the interim, so I held onto them. The new system may be faster in benchmarks, but it doesn't feel any faster to me.

        Also, I had bought 16GB RAM to account for future needs, but I can't recall a single time in the last 4 years when I needed more than 8GB.

        As long as the system is decent the main determinant of performance is the graphics card. Benchmarking sites show this over and over again - go up a level in CPU and you typically improvement of about 1-3%. Go up a level in graphics card and you can get a 10-30% improvement.

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    Short answer - while the current spec is absolutely awesome, in my view the graphics card, CPU, motherboard, RAM, second SSD and (debatably) monitor are all overkill, and the extra fans unnecessary when you're using water cooling. You could downgrade all of these and still have a very powerful machine.

    Long answer - I will address these in order. Assuming you're looking for a gaming machine, as you haven't stated otherwise.

    GPU: It looks like you'll be using a decent monitor, so a GTX 1080 is warranted. However, for your money the Xtreme gaming edition isn't going to get you much over the Windforce edition which is $130 less ($1029). The Xtreme card is also triple slot, which will make life more difficult if you add a second card in down the track.

    CPU: The core i7 6700K is overkill for most gaming machines, let alone the 6850K on the Broadwell-E platform. This CPU also requires a socket 2011-3 motherboard which immediately puts you into more expensive territory. I would recommend an i5 6600K ($309 MSY) but PC Byte doesn't seem to have them available, so the best you can do here is an i5 6500 ($300.95) - saving ~$450. The only reason to really consider a Broadwell-E cpu is for highly threaded processor dependent applications like video encoding, or if you want to do quad SLI or X-fire, which is probably not required in the current GPU environment.

    Motherboard: if you're swapping to a socket 1151 CPU, the Asus Maximus VIII Hero ($369) should be more than sufficient for your needs, including M.2 slots and USB 3.1c. if you really need WiFi and Bluetooth as well, grab the Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha ($469) instead. For me, these options still seem like overkill.

    PSU: You need many more hard drives and video cards before 1500w of power is going to be relevant. A Corsair RM850X ($259) should do just fine here, or grab the RM1000x ($299) if you think you might add another GPU down the track.

    RAM: Corsair Vengeance is definitely the best looking ram kits on the market at the moment, but there's just no way 64 GB of DDR4 is going to be relevant until around the time the rest of the build will need to be replaced. Grab a 3200 MHz 32 GB Kit instead ($409) - which is still overkill, IMO.

    SSD/HDD: The one area of the build I would say you've skimped on. Samsung has made substantial improvements to their SSD tech from the 850 to the 950 and then 960 series, and you're not not leveraging new NVMe tech in going for the 850 (see here for more info). And why two SSDs? I'd get a Samsung 500B 960 Evo M.2 ($389) as your system drive with room for a few games, and a 6TB Western Digital Red drive ($429) for anything that doesn't fit. I'd recommend a WD Black instead as these use a larger cache and run 7200 rpm compared to the Red's 5400 rpm, but they don't seem to have any of those above 2TB capacity.

    Monitor/Case: Something of a matter of personal taste. The X34 is IPS, 1440p, uses G-SYNC and runs at 100 Hz which are all good characteristics, but on the downside it has a 4ms response time and ultra-wide isn't necessarily the most convenient format. Overall I think it's a good choice, but keep in mind you could run three Samsung 28" 4K 1ms TN monitors for less than the cost of this one (LU28E85KRS, $545 each, MSY). For the case, the 780T is a good option for what they have available, but consider alternatives like the Corsair 460X which has full tempered glass side panels and is equipped with RGB LED fans as stock.

    Taking the most expensive options presented, this brings you to a total of $5522, or $4418 after discount (if I did my math right). It's still going to be a kick-ass system, certainly one more impressive than I would consider for myself, and will have more storage to boot. Hope the feedback has been helpful :)

    • Wow, good reply..thanks. I am just about finished my revised parts list :) and yes, it's considerably cheaper than my original post.

      I like the i7-6700k , it's what I put in my sons PC…but it's not available at pcBytes eBay sale :(

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        PC byte and futu online are both in the 20% off sale and a reliable source for computer parts… don't just use pc byte.

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    I've been doing some comparing..and it seems PCCaseGear standard prices is cheaper for most of the items in my list …now Im totally confused :/ arghhhhh…

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      When choosing enthusiast grade parts, you are going to get a lot more variation on pricing, coz stores know they can practically charge whatever they want. Use a search engine like to check that the 20% off price is actually the lowest current price available :P

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    I always buy intel, but depending on your time frame, you may want to wait until the AMD Zen's get released. You may get similar specs to the 6850 (cache size), for a much cheaper price.

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    Got to be trolling. Seriously that psu has no business being in a pc. It could power an entire city.

    • I would genuinely be interested to know what the appropriate use case for a PSU like that is

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        4 titanx sli for that sweet 8k gaming.


  • So is the Intel 600P M.2 SSD a better buy than the Samsung 950/960 pro ?

    • +1

      Personally I'd go with the 960 Pro

    • Speeds are better with the samsung, but intel is better for price to performance. It near matches the samsung in a few things.

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    Build ur sons pc and slap in the 1080.
    Check for maybe sli 1080 in future.

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    Why is no one suggesting the recently released 7th gen Kaby Lake processors and intel 200 series chipset motherboardS? If he's got the money to spend isnt he best going for new gen components with whatever newer features they have?

    I would recommend an Intel i7-7700K
    paired with a Z270 motherboard… plenty of options to choose from that are in the sale… You want to make sure it has at least one, or preferably 2 M.2 slots, and you want to make sure it has USB 3.1 gen 2 with type C ports to allow for future proofing… Something like this looks the goods, or this if you like RGB for pretty colours. May also want to pair it with a case that has front panel USB type C ports… I'm guessing these are going to be the port everything is using in the future…

    RAM is fine, got the cash, might as well max it out.

    PSU you should get one that actually suits the power draw of your system, from memory a lot of Power supplies actually are LESS efficient if they are under utilised. There was a video on linus tech tips about it… anyway 650w would be enough to power it with 1 gtx 1080, if you want it with 2 then maybe go 850-1000W to allow for future upgrades, but should be no need to go higher than 1000.

    Graphics card like others have mentioned a 1080 is good… if you want better 4k Gaming then get 2 and pair it with a top end 4k monitor with all the features, otherwise just get one 1080.

    Storage is very important for overall performance. If you are spending this much then dont stuff around with slow HDDs… have your system drive on an NVMe M.2 SSD like the Samsung 960 Pro 512GB or 1TB or 2TB
    NVMe SSDs are up to 5x faster than normal SSDs.
    Then if you want a second drive for extra storage just get a big cheap SSD or a couple of mechanical hard drives depending on your storage needs.

    I don't know much about the top end components but if I had a 5k budget thats what I would be doing with it… Well no thats a lie… I would spend 2.5-3k coz thats where the price to performance ratio sort of tails out and diminishing returns kick in…. but hey, if you want the best of the best, go for it :)

  • It would be great if someone with some knowledge of this end of the market could actually put together a $5k budget system part list that actually makes sense and gets the best bang for buck for the OP… I would but I just don't have the experience at this end of the market sorry.

  • +1

    Have a read here op to get a better understanding of what you need and get more help.

  • Holy smokes batman!

  • Corsair AX1500i 1500W 80 Plus Titanium Modular Ultra Silent ATX Power Supply PSU
    AU $689.00

    You didnt mention there would be 4 x GTX1080s….. because that PSU is only necessary for quad SLI.

    You only need a 500w PSU for that system.

  • -1

    Alot of money to spend on something that sits at the desk. You should consider spending a little less and investing into a hobby just for health reasons.

  • Ok thanks everyone for your input and advice. I'm thinking the best thing to do is to build another like my sons , but with a bigger PSU (750 ?) and slap in a 1080 or two, and do the RAID0 thing with a couple of SSDs.

    Unless someone wants to be bothered putting together a list of recommended parts for me :)

    As for monitor…I'm still a bit lost…some more research may be warranted.

    LOL I got bored today and went out and bought a new Fiio DAC/AMP + extra Fiio Amp and new ATH-M50x headphones for my (about to be built) PC…I was going to buy another pair of Sennheisers (HD800) but for some reason I prefer the sound and feel of the much cheaper Auto-Technica



    • For PSU go for eVGA Supernova G2 750w, 10 years warranty.

  • +3

    You forgot to include the $1000 to send to me

  • Hey guys a question. Should I go for i5 6500 or i7 7500? If price isn't a difference (maybe $10 or $20)….

    Any compatibility issues to consider? Not sure on my mobo yet but I'm guessing 1151 socket will be compatible with both.

    • +1

      7th is marginally better than 6th gen but not by a lot.
      1151 mobo would be compatible with 7th Gen, but if it's been made before Kaby Lake came out it will need a BIOS update (i.e. H110/B150/Q150/H170/Q170/Z170)… and to do the BIOS update you first need to stick a Skylake CPU into the board.

      • Thanks mate. Will look into that.

        What would be a way to check if the mobo requires a bios update or not? Do they say kaby lake ready?

        Seems like cheaper and easier to go for 6th gen.

        I will be putting in a RX 480 gb.

        What would you do?

        • Depends if you can get access to someone with a skylake processor to do the BIOS upgrade. MSY charges $10 to do a BIOS update to a Skylake board to accept Kaby Lake and they do it for you, I think that's fair (not sure if they only offer it for boards purchased through them or not).

          If I could do it, I would go Kaby Lake, but if it's too much trouble then I wouldn't bother or wait until Kaby Lake ready boards come out

        • @The Land of Smeg:

          Cool. thanks again.

          Will keep that in mind. Most likely will go with a gen 6 to be honest if i can pick it up < $270.

          futu doing the gen 7 for $280.

  • If money was no issue and I was limiting myself to pc.byte, this is almost as good and a bit more reasonable… (upgradable to more when prices come down, but you probably won't even need more than this huge amount)

  • -1
  • Just wondering if anyone is into Macs and can tell me if there is an Apple computer just as good for gaming as a high-end spec Windows based PC ?

    Only reason I ask is that I moved from Windows to Apple a few years ago and found it heaps better for my work stuff and easier to use once I got use to it.

    Anyway, just wondering ;)


    • +6


    • Short answer: no

      Long answer: this video

      • LOL ok, I get the point. My 5 year old Mac will now just be for business stuff. :)


  • +5

    hi, its me your son. please send me computer, thanks!

    • LOL very funny…. :)

  • -1

    7k for a pc build, unless you're a pro gamer who makea million playing games. I say this is way overkill. But then if you got too much cash to burn good on ya then

  • How about this build for roughly $4k? These are all non-Ebay prices so you can have a better idea of how much you are actually saving by buying from Ebay. You are definitely not saving 20% on Ebay (more like 10-15%)

  • +1

    I have just purchased the following for a new gaming PC build.

    i7 7700k cpu $470.20 futu eBay

    Asus maximus IX Hero z270 m/b $391.20 futu ebay

    EVGA Supernova 750w power supply $151.20 futu eBay

    64gb Corsair vengeance led 3200 ddr4 ram $579 umart

    M.2 1tb Intel 600p ssd $391.20 futu eBay

    Corsair h115i cooler $168 umart

    Asus 24x dvd burner $18 umart

    Total $2177.80 + case if u need + gpu

    Just waiting on a decent deal on a gtx 1080

    It's all going in an Axiom S2 Inovation dust free case

    • Now thats a build that makes sense :) except the RAM, i would've only gone 32GB, unless you have a need for it. But otherwise nice choices :)

  • Don't bother with any additional fans/coolers unless you're planning to OC (which I'm assuming not, judging by your posts).

  • +3

    Op is having a wet dream. Won't happen. Also I thought that discount was capped at 1k

    You could spend 33% and still get 66% as good system.

    • +1

      I love your maths

  • Wait for the X34P.

  • Suggestions below -

    • Why 2 separate SSD's? For the combined price of the 2 you've listed you're almost at the price of a 1TB SSD, or even better use the m.2 slot on the board you've linked, you can pick up a 1tb 960 Evo m.2 for around $650.
    • 1500W Power Supply is massive overkill, 850W max
    • CPU is overpriced by $200, you can easily find it for around $850
    • Gigabyte G1 Gaming will offer near identical performance for $200 less
    • Motherboard is overkill - even if you were going to run SLI that board has 3x PCIe x16 lanes, you'll be able to use at most 2 of those.

    The 20% discount only seems to bring the parts down into the 'normal' price range, from what you've posted their standard prices are quite inflated.

  • I have built my gaming PC about one year ago. This is what I put together and I don't regret it one bit:

    Case: Corsair Obsidian 450D Mid Tower Case with Window
    CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K
    Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H110i GTX 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler
    MB: ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard
    VC: EVGA GTX980TI Classified
    Mem: G.Skill Trident Z F4-3200C16D-16GTZB 16GB DDR4
    Storage: Samsung 950 Pro Series 512GB M.2 SSD
    WD 2TB 3.5 Inch Caviar Black Internal Hard WD2003FZEX
    WD 3TB 3.5 Inch Caviar Black
    512GB SSD reused from older PC
    PSU: Corsair HX850i 850W 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply
    Monitor: ASUS PG278Q ROG Swift 27in 144Hz G-Sync Eyecare Gaming Monitor

    CPU is overclocked to 4.6GHz @1.254V, the memory OCed to 3500 and installed a custom BIOS on the graphics card and overclocked it. It plays everything like a charm on the 2k monitor. Temperatures are kept very low and it is dead silent under normal use. The only thing I would update from the above list is the storage (go for 960 pro and 850 EVO) and the graphics card to a GTX1080.
    Hope this helps to make up your parts list.

  • 1080ti is likely to be announced soon which will likely have 30% over the 1080 if they utilize the full chip. That or buy the Titan pascal if money isn't an issue (doesn't seem to be).

    The case is good, I have the same one and can fit 2 watercooled gpus and a h100i cpu cooler.

    I would wait for the new Acer predator model which was announced recently, it does 100hz native or wait for a similar monitor that has HDR this year if it takes off.

    Also correct me if I am wrong but you won't see a massive difference in gaming between say a 7600k vs a 6850 (presuming its mostly a gaming build).

    I would grab an samsung m.2. 960 for the SSD and have a large 4tb+ western digital red/black instead.

    PSU is overkill, go with a 1200W corsair instead, even if you go sli it is more than enough.

    Still a monster machine if you go through with it.

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