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All Skype Gift Cards ½ Price @ Coles


All Skype Gift Cards ½ Price @ Coles (Starts Jan 18). Enjoy :)

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        • errrrrhm Still it shows in USD, is Google Voice available for us locally

        • @kamban:

          Google voice is free to use in USA to USA lines.

          Google voice paid service can be used anywhere in the world.

          Been using Google voice credits to dial from Vietnam to Australia and vice versa.

          And yes Skype rates are higher because they charge a connection fee per call, which stacks up the more you re-dial or try to connect.


          Google Voice Vietnam - Mobile 7¢
          Skype Voice Vietnam - Mobile 8.9¢ + A connection fee of 8.9¢ = 17.8¢

          However, in a fair comparison between the two services, Skype has slightly lower latency and clearer voice, so if your call are for business use, Skype is still superior. I do hope Google voice keep improving their services to match Skype quality or exceed it.

          Coming up from behind though is Whatsapp calling, which all you need is a fantastic internet connection for both the caller and receiver anywhere in the world, and you can chat as long as you want, or just drop mini voice messages.

          The only thing that is stopping from Whatsapp calling to reign superior besides landline calling, is the fact that the older generation people from 1920 to 1960 are too stubborn to learn how to use a smartphone, hence Skype/Google voice calls will reach their Nokia 3310. But it does get frustrating when they refuse to pick up because it says "Unknown Caller" or some other random number.

        • @annoynimous: thanks mate , never knew Google voice is available here , I'll have a look, cheers

        • @annoynimous:

          Huh, this made me think I should really start to learn/use Voice/Skype/WhatsApp…

          The reasons I don't are

          • I'm on a Moto G 2nd gen and there's just no room for apps, and it can be a little chuggy at times,
          • I'm on Prepaid with no data, so my bill is only $70/year,
          • Calling via public wifi while away from home seems unlikely to work reliably (given that often even browsing is throttled), so changing might not actually do anything!

          Is it really worth doing?

        • @nuchalis:
          if you buy data only with little to no text/voice credit, you'd save a lot more than 70 per year. best thing is that you can still pick up incoming calls and text.

          then just use the data to do voice call and/or text thru skype.

        • @hal9000:

          Thanks! Can you elaborate a bit? It sounds great, but I don't quite see how I can get cheaper than $70/year, let alone still keep my phone number for incoming calls… what exactly do I buy?

          (Currently I just buy $70 worth of Telstra credit on the "longlife" rates so it lasts a year, and never make calls… so yeah, $70 is my total bill)

        • @annoynimous: If you've set it up in your Skype account profile, your Skype calls to phones will show the caller ID of your mobile/landline number.

  • We use skype wifi when travelling and one doesn't have or doesn't want to use roaming data (or roaming passes) or needs large amount of data as it is time charged (this works well when only needing a few mins). The number of APs around seems reasonable (especially in Europe). So when purchased at 50% off + using discounted egift cards, it isn't too bad.

  • Just beware there is an expiry date on these skype cards, i lost $20 because I stupidly forget to redeem them

    • -ditto-

      Same thing happened to me.

    • Is there an expiry date on the credit after you have redeemed them?

      Folk below say contradictory things!

      • I don't think there is expiry on your credit once it is redeemed onto your account.

        Best thing to do is to do it straight away so you don't forget

  • skype credit is great if you dont do a lot of calls, like me. they also dont expire and you can transfer it to other skype accounts now.

    • No expiry? Is this true? A quick google search is saying 180 days.

      • No expiry, your account credit becomes inactive after 180 days of non use but you can reactivate within a minute easily.

        • Thanks for the reminder. Turns out I was a week away from having credit suspended. But it seems that a call, even to a non-responding number, is sufficient to renew the period.

      • once you buy those cards you can redeem them to credit, that way you get to keep the credit forever.

  • I get by with WhatsApp. Free and does the job

  • Guys, combine with 5% egift coles for an overall saving of 52.5% off!
    POTM is a reliable source of gift cards here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/276680
    Or you can use blatchy blues/work benefit programs to get it!

  • Can I buy gift card to pay for skype number fee?

  • Whatsapp or facebook are free

    • Skype is also free, if you call within their ecosystem.

      Whatsapp/Facebook/etc. are not suitable alternatives for people who want to call landlines.

    • what about when the internet doesn't work eh? Your whatspp/facebook (same company) won't work.

      Also some people prefer traditional landlines as its easier for them

  • I keep a few bucks Skype credit handy for times overseas when I need to call a local number but I don't have a local SIM but have access to WiFi.

  • I have been using Sudo, it's on IOS only and allows free calls to landlines. Sound quality not good at times but it does the job. Will try what's app as well now

  • Tips: you can buy office 365 personal by using Skype credit. Using 50% off gift card can buy you one year of office 365 personal for $45.9

    One year subscription of Office 365 personal + 60 minutes world mobile and landline minutes on office.com is $89

    However Australia 300 minutes mobile and landline with Office 365 personal from Skype.com is $91.8. Using gift card reduce it to $45.9. (Make sure you choose payment method "other -> Skype credit")

    If you don't want Austrlia minutes, you can subscribe unlimited North America, 400 minutes U.K. or minutes for other regions.

    Thanks TA, my next few years of Office 365 is sorted.

  • Anyone worked out how to pay for office with skype credit as described above no option I see other than paypal and cc